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#310 : Affaires de Famille

Scénario : Carolina Paiz - Réalisation : Seith Mann 
Guest stars : George Dzundza, Mare Winningham, Kate Burton, Linda Klein, Tim Griffin, Brooke Smith (I), Debra Monk, Jennifer Aspen, Greg Pitts, Mandy Siegfried, Jason Sklar, Randy Sklar

Cristina, Burke, Derek et Miranda sont réunis dans le bureau du chef suite aux aveux de l'interne. Izzie, George et Alex sont furieux qu'il n'y ait pas de sanctions prises. Meredith fait tout ce qu'elle peut pour défendre Cristina devant les autres. Bailey charge Cristina de rester avec le Dr Hahn pour l'opération de Mr O'Malley alors que Meredith s'occupe avec Addison de sa demi-soeur, Molly, admise aux urgences pour une césarienne. Alex, George, Izzie et tous les autres médecins se mobilisent pour réaliser l'opération dangereuse qui consiste à séparer deux frères siamois reliés par la colonne vertébrale.



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Titre VO
Don't Stand So Close to Me

Titre VF
Affaires de Famille

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Bailey et les internes

Bailey et les internes

Les docteurs avec les frères siamois

Les docteurs avec les frères siamois

Les docteurs avec les frères siamois

Les docteurs avec les frères siamois

Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson)

Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson)

Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr)

Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr)

Les docteurs avec des frères siamois

Les docteurs avec des frères siamois

Les docteurs avec des frères siamois

Les docteurs avec des frères siamois

Bailey et ses patients

Bailey et ses patients

Bailey et ses patients

Bailey et ses patients

Addison Montgomery

Addison Montgomery

Meredith, Addison et Susan

Meredith, Addison et Susan

Susan et sa fille

Susan et sa fille

Susan et sa fille

Susan et sa fille

Susan et sa fille

Susan et sa fille

Plus de détails

ELLIS: He's with her. He's with that woman. His wife.

MEREDITH: I don't think he is. Not any more.

ELLIS: He is. Why would he do that? He loves me. I mean, why would he go back to her? I gave up everything for him.

MEREDITH: Mom. Mom, look at me. This happened a very long time ago. This is not happening now.

ELLIS: It's because I have a daughter isn't it? He always said he didn't want kids. I should never have had a kid.


BAILEY: What's going to happen to them?

CHIEF: What?

BAILEY: Dr. Burke, and Dr. Yang... what are you going to do to them? Their punishment?

CHIEF: Dr. Bailey...

BAILEY: There's a need for justice here.

DEREK: Justice?

CHIEF: Justice has no definition within the four walls of this hospital, Dr. Bailey. This isn't a court of law.

BAILEY: I just want to know what's going to be done.

CHIEF: Technically, they've done nothing wrong. Nobody died, there was no malpractice. I haven't made a decision.

BAILEY: Excuse me, he-

CHIEF: He what?

BAILEY: Nothin'.

CHIEF: Dr. Yang, go back on the floor with Dr. Bailey.


CHIEF: Am I not understanding this? Does this situation directly harm you in some way?

BAILEY: No sir. I am fine.

CHIEF: Then get back to work.

(Christina and Bailey leave.)

CHIEF: Burke, you and Shepherd need to come together on this tremor as soon as possible.

DEREK: He doesn't want my help.

BURKE: I don't want his help.

CHIEF: That hand is worth $2 million. I want it fixed, and I want it fixed yesterday. Figure it out!


MR. O'MALLEY: Listen, your brothers are good boys, but they're not that responsible.

GEORGE: It's a standard procedure.

MR. O'MALLEY: It's just that if things go wrong...

GEORGE: Dad...

MR. O'MALLEY: IF things go wrong, my life insurance papers are in the second drawer in my nightstand. And my magazines are in the garage with the truck manuals.

GEORGE: Your magazines....

MR. O'MALLEY: Get them out of there...so your Ma doesn't see them.

GEORGE: Your Magazines!?

(Callie clears her throat from the doorway.)

CALLIE: Morning, Mr. O'Malley. Just wanted to stop by and see how that collar bone is healing.

(George goes to leave.)

MR. O'MALLEY: Georgie, you're not going to say hello to Dr. Torres?

GEORGE: I'll see you for rounds dad.


DEREK: If you would have told me that you were developing a tremor, I could have run some tests. The likelihood is that there's just some compression of the structures around the injury. I can...

BURKE: I don't want another surgery.

DEREK: It could be a small clot. I could go in and....

BURKE: Shepherd, I don't want another surgery. The first one caused enough damage.

DEREK: I can do this.

BURKE: That's what you said last time. And now I have a tremor.


IZZIE: Maybe she'll be on "look but don't touch" patrol too. At least I'll have some company.

ALEX: Whatever she gets I hope its bad. Really bad.

MEREDITH: She made a mistake, we all make....

GEORGE: A mistake? She was going to let Burke, Burke with the shaky hand operate on my father.

(Christina walks in.)

CHRISTINA: Could you stop looking at me like that? It's creepy,and makes you look like you haven't been fed.

(Everyone leaves except Meredith and Christina.)

MEREDITH: So how's it going?

CHRISTINA: How's what going?

MEREDITH: You and Burke? Are you okay?

CHRISTINA: We're existing in total silence.

MEREDITH: He's not speaking to you?

CHRISTINA: Well I'm not speaking to him either.

MEREDITH: I'm sorry. Are you okay?

CHRISTINA: Stop asking okay?

MEREDITH: Making an effort here.

CHRISTINA: Well don't.

BAILEY: Rounds started 30 seconds ago. The chief may be confused about punishment for you but I'm not. You late again, you will find yourself another resident.


ADDISON: Dr. Bailey, can I have Grey?

BAILEY: You can have them all.

MEREDITH: Something you needed Dr. Montgomery?

ADDISON: This is none of my business but I just thought you might want to be warned.

MEREDITH: I"m sorry what?

ADDISON: Your sister Molly has just been admitted for an emergency c-section.

MEREDITH: Molly's not my sister.

ADDISON: Okay, but technically she is. You have the same father. And Susan...

MEREDITH: Susan Grey is definately not my mother. I appretiate you trying to be nice and everything but I really don't even need to know this.

ADDISON: Actually, you do.

SUSAN: Hello, Meredith.


GEORGE: Hi mom.

MRS. O'MALLEY: Honey...oh. I put out some breakfast in case you kids were hungry.

ALEX: Score!

BAILEY: Karev.

RONNIE: Hey, ready for the big day pops?

JERRY: Food!

(They lunge for the food.)

HAHN: Alright lets make this fast people. I have a day. Which one of the interns is mine?

ALEX: It's mine. He's family and she's a candy striper.

IZZIE: I'm ready.

GEORGE: What if you did pick me. What if you picked me?

Ronny and JERRY: OHH Pick me!!

GEORGE: Guys, this is serious.


ALL: What?

BAILEY: Dr. Hahn, Christina is very good with cardio. I'm sure you could use her for the day. What are you waiting for Yang, present the case.

CHRISTINA: Harold O?Malley, sixty three, diagnosed with oesophagial cancer and severe aortic regurge. Is scheduled for aortic valve replacement this afternoon.


ALEX: Dude that case was mine and she gives it to yang. I haven't had a cardiac case in ages.

GEORGE: It's not a case it's my father.

IZZIE: So there's a double standard. Yang does something wrong, and she gets rewarded. That's fair.

BAILEY: If you three thumb suckers don't stop whining I swear I will not show you what's behind this door. And trust me. You want to see what's behind this door.

PETE: Excuse me doctors, you're going to have to wait a few minutes.

JAKE: He's go to pee! Every five minutes he's got to pee!

PETE: I have always had a small bladder. Oh I can't live like this any longer

JAKE: You? I'm the one who has to put up with your whining!

PETE: Like the whining you're doing right now? If you don't move it's going to go all over your leg

JAKE: So what else is new?

BAILEY: So who thinks Yang got the better case? That's what I thought.


BAILEY: Jake and Pete Weitzman. 35 year old adult pygopagus conjoined twins. Attatched at the lumbar sacral junction.

JAKE: But not for long, right Dr. Webber?

CHIEF: The Weitzman brothers came in about 6 months ago for a separation procedure. They opted out because of the risk.

JAKE: Pete chickened out.

PETE: Well forgive me for wanting to live longer, even if it meant living with you.

JAKE: Yeah, well you wasted 6 months of our lives thank you very much.

ALEX: You guys came back at the right time. We just scored New York's top plastic surgeon.

CHIEF: Mark Sloan, plastics. And you remember Dr. Shepherd, your neurosurgeon.

MARK: We used to work together, as a team actually.

DEREK: We worked together. We were never actually a team.

GEORGE: Mr. Weitzman?

JAKE: Call me Jake.

PETE: Call me Pete.

GEORGE: Jake, Pete... do you mind me asking why now when you thought the procedure was too risky 6 months ago?

(Elena enters the room.)

ELENA: Guys? Woah, that's a lot of doctors. I'm going to come back...

JAKE: No Elena, come in. You want to know why now? This is why. The love of my life Elena.

ELENA: Jake... I told him not to do this for me, cause that's just crazy. Pete said they could end up paralyzed? They could end up dead?

JAKE: Why do you tell her things like that?

PETE: I wasn't telling her, I was telling you. She just happens to be the only one who listens to me.

DEREK: She happens to be right.

JAKE: Do you know what it's like to be stuck to the same person...

PETE: Here we go...

JAKE: Yes here we go....to be stuck to the same person every minute of every day? To not have anything that's just yours? To never be on your own? Well no one should have to live like that.

DEREK: What do you think Pete?

PETE: I think why would I want to be attached to someone who doesn't want to be attached to me.


ALEX: I'm calling it. It's mine.

GEORGE: I have two brothers. I feel their pain.

IZZIE: I would be great at watching this.

BAILEY: Quiet, all of you.

ALEX: We're all on the case right?

BAILEY: Right.

ALEX: Yes!

BAILEY: Stephens you are to-

IZZIE: Look and not speak or touch or breathe. I got it.

MARK: So this is the crack team?

BAILEY: Feel free to take one.

MARK: I think I'll take the one who doesn't speak or touch or breathe.

ALEX: Damn it.


IZZIE: Thank you...for picking me. Even just observing...

MARK: I thought you might be fun to look at while I work.

IZZIE: Will you be working on both the skin graft and the nerve reconstruction?

MARK: Yes. And I think I'll handle both better with a little caffeine in my system. Get me a blueberry scone, a bone dry cappuccino, and a little something for yourself.

IZZIE: There's a cafeteria on the second floor, and a coffee cart in the lobby.

MARK: Feisty. Cappuccino.

IZZIE: You can kick me back to Bailey if you want. I don't do coffee. So how will you be handling the skin graft and nerve reconstruction?


CHIEF: Conjoined twins, Derek.

DEREK: I know Chief.

CHIEF: Conjoined adult twins. I mean it's rare enough to separate infants, but adults? Can you imagine the press? What a surgery like this could do for this hospital.

DEREK: I know. That's why I don't think we should do it. Their spines are connected from the L4 down. Their blood flow is intricately connected. They could end up paralyzed or even dead.

CHIEF: Your patients want this surgery Derek. Why are you backing out. This isn't like you. Unless there's incontrovertible evidence that this surgery can't be done, then we're moving forward.


SUSAN: Your father's not here. He's at Harvard Med visiting Lexie. We thought we had a lot of time I mean, Molly's only 36 weeks along, and Dr. Montgomery has been trying to stop the contractions but I guess the baby's ready to come.

MEREDITH: Well do you need anything else or...

ADDISON: Actually I could use an intern for this case. Can you ask Dr. Bailey for someone?

MEREDITH: I'll do it.

ADDISON: You sure?

MEREDITH: I'm fine.

SUSAN: It'll be so nice to have a familiar face in the operating room. Thank you... for being here.

MEREDITH: It's my job.....to be here. Does Molly know who I am?

SUSAN: She doesn't. I wanted to tell her but your father....

MEREDITH: No..it's better this way, it's good.

ADDISON: So I think Molly should be ready in the OR. Susan, you'll need scrubs and a cap.

SUSAN: I'm going to be a grandmother.

ADDISON: Yes, in about half an hour you will be a grandmother.

SUSAN: Okay...here we go.

ADDISON: Here we go.

MEREDITH: Here we go....


CHRISTINA: We're going to be replacing your valve with a porcine valve.

MRS. O'MALLEY: Georgie says it's going to be okay. He says they know what they're doing. Besides if you die, I'll kill you.

CHRISTINA: Well it's a good thing we're doing this today, we noticed you had a lot of irregular heart rhythms this morning.

GEORGE: Did you check his DIG level? (He steals the chart.)

CHRISTINA: What are you doing?

GEORGE: His potassium was a borderline low this morning.

HAHN: Okay, we've got a handle on things.

GEORGE: Oh I'm sure you do.

CHRISTINA: George, I think maybe you should step outside.

GEORGE: You don't talk to me like that.

RONNIE: Uh oh, she's woken up the baby.

GEORGE: Ronnie!

JERRY: Careful Dr. Hahn, he might cry.

GEORGE: I said shut up!

HAHN: Alright, you are out of here.

GEORGE: No, I'm not.

MRS. O'MALLEY: Georgie...

GEORGE: No she can't kick me out. I hired her. I'm staying.


ADDISON: How are you doing there Molly?

Molly: Okay...just excited to see my girl.

ADDISON: Well you're going to get to take a look at her in just a few minutes. Dr. Grey can you give me a little more traction please?

NURSE: Vitals are holding steady.

Molly: Can you see her yet?

SUSAN: No, I'm not looking until all the blood is gone.

ADDISON: You want to cut the cord Dr. Grey?

NURSE: The warmer is ready when you need it.

ADDISON: Dr. Grey can you follow me? Dr. Knox, can you close for me?

(They bring the baby over to a cubicle and try to get it to breathe.)

ADDISON: Bag Valve Mask. We need to stabilize this baby and get it into surgery.

Molly: What's happening?

SUSAN: What's wrong with her?

ADDISON: Susan I need you to stay with Molly.

SUSAN: What's wrong with her?

NURSE: No response to stimulation.

ADDISON: You want to talk her through this? (Meredith just stares.) Dr. Grey I need your help here.

MEREDITH: The baby is not breathing.

Molly: What? What did she say?


ADDISON: You left me hanging in there Grey.

MEREDITH: I'm sorry....I'm just...sorry. Do you need me to scrub in on the baby?

ADDISON: No I need you to keep Molly and her mother apprised of the baby's condition while I operate.

MEREDITH: I'm sure they'd rather talk to you.

ADDISON: The baby has Jujenal Atresia. She may die. I got consent but I don't have time for updates.

MEREDITH: I think I would really learn a lot from observing this.

ADDISON: It was a mistake to let you in the OR with your family in the first place. It's not going to happen again. Check in with me every hour.


BAILEY: How many valve replacement have you preformed in your life Dr. O'Malley?


BAILEY: None. And how many do you think Dr. Hahn has done?

GEORGE: He's my father.

BAILEY: And you are in that room as his son. You interns think you can do whatever you want. Well not any more. Not with me. Which is why you are going to stay away. 50 feet away to be precise. You are going to stay 50 feet away from your father at all times today. And Dr. O'Malley, do not make me tell you again.


BURKE: Everything okay with the O'Malley's?

HAHN: Kid's a pain in the ass. But Dr. Yang here is proving to be an extremely capable asset. I hear she studied under you.

BURKE: Yes. Why she's very....professional.


BURKE: What do you know about Dr. Lavine?

CHIEF: Pretty good.

BURKE: Better or worse than Dr. Korsikov?

CHIEF: Why are you researching Neurosurgeons when you and I know Derek's better than anybody?

BURKE: I don't want Shepherd.

CHIEF: You blame this on him. You know up until now, I have not yelled. I have not yelled because you were a guy in trouble, and I was supporting you. But now, I'm YELLING.

BURKE: Chief...

CHIEF: I am yelling very loudly. I want to retire Burke! I want my wife back. I'm passing the torch to you! I passed the torch to you, and you blew it out!

BURKE: I know I let you down.

CHIEF: Burke, I'm tired. I'm tired of you men acting like boys. You let me down. And if you don't let Derek fix that hand, you're letting yourself down.


IZZIE: 22 surgeons. It takes 22 surgeons to do this.

(Derek is working on a model of the twins.)

CHIEF: Where are we?

DEREK: I'm to the clauda equina.

BAILEY: I'll be working on the musculature of the perineal floor.

MARK: I'll be harvesting the sural nerve for transfer.

DEREK: Once in resect this artery, we're going to have less than two minutes before all sensation to these nerves is gone.

MARK: I'm pretty sure we're going to have enough nerve to transfer and cover the defacits. We can do this.

(Derek breaks something inside the model.)

DEREK: Damn it. It's going to be a lot more fragile in the body. It's one thing if this is a life and death situation where this is all we can do to save them. But these people are fine. This isn't worth the risk. (He throws down his tools and leaves.)


SUSAN: How is our baby?

MEREDITH: She has an intestinal obstruction which is why she couldn't breathe. Dr. Montgomery is operating on her now.

Molly: I can't do this. I can't do this.

SUSAN: Yes you can, baby. I'm right here and dad's on the way.

Molly: I have to call Eric. I don't know what to tell him.

SUSAN: It's her husband. He's in Iraq.

Molly: I can't tell him. He's going to want to name her, and I don't want to name her 'cause I don't know how long she's going to be ours.

SUSAN: We'll call him together. He's just going to be happy to hear your voice. The baby's okay, you hear me?


ALEX: I thought you were Sloan's right hand.

IZZIE: Yeah well Sloan can kiss my....


ALEX: I haven't even put the needle in yet.

PETE: Sorry, I'm just not a big fan of pain.

IZZIE: Well you're about to have a fairly extensive and painful operation.

JAKE: You think that this is an elective procedure? That we're just coming in here cause we get on each others nerves? You want to know the real reason?

PETE: Come on Jake, she doesn't want...

JAKE: It's because we have rules.

ALEX: Rules?

JAKE: Yeah. Say one of us is on a dinner date. According to the rules, the other is just supposed to sit there quietly, eat his falafel and shut up.

PETE: I try. But the way you talk to her sometimes.

JAKE: Is none of your business.

PETE: How is it none of my business?

ELENA: He stands up for me. I think that's kind of nice.

JAKE: Okay, you? don't talk to him any more.

ELENA: What? Now we can't even be friends?

JAKE: We have other rules too. Like for when we're with someone.

ALEX: Got it. Sort of.

JAKE: No looking. No talking. No touching!

PETE: It was an accident!

IZZIE: Oh this is going to end badly.

ELENA: I told you, I'm completely fine with it.

JAKE: How are you okay with him touching you while your naked?

ELENA: Cause it was no big deal. It was kind of sweet and....it just wasnt a big deal.

JAKE: You liked it. You enjoyed it.

ELENA: I"m completely in love with you that's not even.....you're a great guy and .......when we make love it's great. It's really great. And I've never had that before. It's just that....when you fall asleep..Pete and i......we just talk. And I really love that too.

JAKE: No you have to choose.

ELENA: What?

JAKE: Him or me. We're going to have this surgery, and you can't have us both. So choose. Him or me. This is the part where you're supposed to say "you Jake, I choose you."

ELENA: I'm so sorry Jake. I'm so sorry.

PETE: Elena!

(Jake turns over and tackles Pete.)


IZZIE: I think it's romantic. Two brothers fighting over the same woman.

ALEX: You know what's freaky though? Conjoined twins having sex in front of the other one. How do you do that?

MEREDITH: Family is complicated.

ALEX: You're still here. You haven't been kicked out of the program yet.


CHRISTINA: No not yet. I'm still here.

ALEX: How'd you do it? I mean did you have some sort of secret signal in surgery so that the nurses wouldn't know?

MEREDITH: Alex....

ALEX: What? I'm just wondering how to get ahead around here. Me, I fetch coffee for Sloan. Yang she gets surgeries none of us would get.

GEORGE: Got a head count on how many patients you two have lied to in the past month?

MEREDITH: George....

IZZIE: Leave her alone. Her patients lived so she gets to scrub in.


CHRISTINA: Meredith... could you stop defending me?


(George walks in on Callie and his father talking. He goes to leave.)

CALLIE: No, I'll go.

MR. O'MALLEY: Georgie, you should make nice with her.

CALLIE: No really Mr. O'Malley it's fine.

MR. O'MALLEY: It's not fine. George, you're so angry.

GEORGE: No I'm not.

MR. O'MALLEY: You're picking fights every chance you get, and that's not like you.

GEORGE: Dad, you don't know what's been going on.

MR. O'MALLEY: Ok then tell me. Why are you so angry at Dr. Torres?

CALLIE: I should go. I have patients to see.

GEORGE: You know what I'm gonna go.

MR. O'MALLEY: No. Everyone stays. You're angry george. At Callie, at your brothers. At Dr. Hahn, at Dr. Bailey, at Dr. Yang at Dr. Burke. That's a long list of people to be angry at. Especially when the person you're really angry at... is me.


MR. O'MALLEY: I drink and I smoke and I don't exercise. I eat all the wrong things, and now I have cancer. You have to take care of everything. You have to take care of me.

GEORGE: I don't mind.

MR. O'MALLEY: You do. You're mad at me. And that's okay, cause I'm mad at me too. You think I wanna die and leave my boy in charge?

GEORGE: You are not going to die.

MRS. O'MALLEY: What's going on?

RONNIE: You're not supposed to be in here Georgie.

JERRY: Yeah, you're going to get in trouble Georgie.

GEORGE: Georgie doesn't work here in this hospital! My name is Dr. O'Malley!

(Mr. O'Malley starts having trouble breathing, and his monitors go off.)

GEORGE: Dad? Dad?


GEORGE: Dad! Don't fight it!

MRS. O'MALLEY: He's having a heart attack.

RONNIE: Why don't you pump his chest?

JERRY: What about the paddles? Get the paddles!

GEORGE: He's not having a heart attack. Dad dad stop. Your heart is going to fast.

CALLIE: Recycle his BP.

GEORGE: Pull Verapamile. 5 mg. Dad, stop fighting the mask.

BURKE: O'Malley what's going on?

GEORGE: You should have paged Hahn.

CALLIE: I paged anyone from Cardio.

GEORGE: He's got A-fib with rapid ventricle response. I ordered verapamile.

BURKE: He's in v-tac. The verapamile will cause more problems than it solves. 100 Lidocane.

GEORGE: But on his O2 mask.

(Burke goes to give the injection. But he gives it to George.)

HAHN: Alright what happened?

BURKE: He went in to v-tac. O'Malley has given him lidocane. It's already put him back into normal sinus.

HAHN: Alright I need everyone out of here.


IZZIE: I got your page.

MARK: I need another cappuccino.

IZZIE: Did you think I was kidding before?

MARK: I am your attending. And if you want in on my surgery, you're going to learn to fetch, and stay... and heel.

IZZIE: Fine.

MARK: Don't fetch angry.

IZZIE: If you think this means I respect you... If you want me to respect you, you have to do something worth respecting.


DEREK: Look at this cable of nerves. I can't do this surgery Miranda. It's.... nuh uh.

BAILEY: I started to think I shouldn't be operating after the Duquette M&M. All the whispers and talk. I let that in. I started to question myself. I believed it when I was told I was no longer of use in the OR.

DEREK: You said you wanted justice. you were talking about...

BAILEY: I'm a surgeon. I hold lives in my hand. To make me question that....No that's to put a life at stake every time I hold a scalpel.

DEREK: Well I told Burke I would fix his hand.

BAILEY: Well you did. He is not paralyzed or disabled in any way. He has a tremor, and if he'd been honest about that... well there's no telling what you could have done to prevent it. You can do this.


MR. O'MALLEY: Hold onto my wedding ring honey. Hospital rules. Georgie, will you be there in the operation?

GEORGE: They don't allow family in. But you'll be fine.

MR. O'MALLEY: Oh, I'll be fine.

CHRISTINA: We'll take good care of you.

MRS. O'MALLEY: What am I going to do? What am I going to do if he dies?


(The twins are being wheeled into the Or.)

JAKE: I changed my mind.

PETE: Oh no you didn't.

GEORGE: Dr. Bailey, I'd like to be excused from the twins if that's alright. I'd like to be with my mom.

BAILEY: That's the right call O'Malley. Go.

JAKE: Promise me something? When you separate us, can you make sure that his ass is bigger than mine?

PETE: I can hear you!


MEREDITH: You're still here. I went to NICU I thought you'd be done.

ADDISON: I'm having trouble with the anastomosis and I still have to take a look at the distal bowel.

MEREDITH: What should I tell Molly?

ADDISON: I don't know. Tell her I'm doing the best I can. I don't know.


MARK: Dr. Bailey, I'd like my intern to observe from a better vantage point.

BAILEY: Dr. Stephens?

MARK: Yes, she is my intern today. And I'd like her nearby not up in the gallery if that's okay with you.

BAILEY: No problem

CHIEF: Dr. Bailey, Stephens is without privileges.

BAILEY: Oh cause she messed up? Yang messed up and she's over in OR two right now. (She goes to the intercom.) Hit that for me will you? Stephens, I take it you remember how to scrub in? Come on.

DEREK: This vessel's even more fragile than in the biomodel.

MARK: Let's do a microvascular bypass graft. I can harvest the saphenous vein while I'm down there.

DEREK: I don't know. I don't know if that's a good idea.

CHIEF: Gentlemen we need to make a decision, and we need to make it now. Derek, it's your call. Do you or don't you want to proceed?

DEREK: Alright, give me a 10-blade.

CHIEF: Let's get some suction in here please. Thank you.


(George is in the scrub room watching his father's surgery. Burke walks in.)

GEORGE: I'm not supposed to be here.

BURKE: Me either. How's it going?

GEORGE: They just started.

HAHN: The skin incision is done. Let's go.

(George can't watch. But Burke narrates.)

BURKE: She's through the sternum. There's a bit of bleeding. She stopping it with bone wax. Inserting the retractor. She's opening the pericardial sac. Taking a look at the echo. She's nodding. Looks good. They're looking at your dad's heart now. She's preparing to put in the stay sutures.


DEREK: The saphenous vein in place?

MARK: Yeah I'm ready.

DEREK: Bailey?

BAILEY: I'm good.

DEREK: Chief?

CHIEF: I'm ready when you are.

DEREK: Alright. Moment of truth. Removing the clamps.

CHIEF: Dr. Bailey, check the nerve stimulator.

BAILEY: SAP's are falling.

DEREK: Alright, pump up the blood pressure. We need as much blood through the area as possible.

BAILEY: I'm going up to 2 milliamps. Up to 3.

CHIEF: I see something. A flicker on the hamstring of twin A. Pump it up.

BAILEY: Up to 4.

DEREK: I've got a twitch. A twitch in twin B's gastric.

CHIEF: It's small but it's there.

BAILEY: We have a signal.

DEREK: Congratuations ladies and gentlemen, we have 4 functioning legs.

(Everyone claps.)

CHIEF: Ladies and Gentlemen, on three. One. Two Three.

(The two tables holding Pete and Jake are separated. Surgeons move in and begin to work on the now separated twins.)

DEREK: It'd be nice if every love triangle could be fixed with a scalpel.

MARK: If so you'd have stabbed me with a 10-blade a long time ago.


SUSAN: How is she? Please tell me good news, cause I have to go in and tell Molly and I don't want to tell her anything bad.

MEREDITH: Dr. Montgomery is on her way and she will explain everything. But the baby....

SUSAN: Laura. Molly named her Laura.

MEREDITH: Laura, will need some recovery time, but she should be just fine.

SUSAN: Oh thank you! I was so scared. Oh thank you! (she hugs Meredith.) She's going to be so happy to hear that. Hey this is your niece you know?

MEREDITH: I'm sorry. You're very nice. You both seem so nice. But I don't know you. And you are not my family.


HAHN: Closing the aortotomy. What's next?

CHRISTINA: Place the needle in the ascending aorta to remove air, and then release the aorta valve clamp.

HAHN: You remind me of myself when I was an intern.


HAHN: Focused. Intense. And cold. And I don't mean that as a bad thing. Cold is good. The dating the friends the family...if you ask me, it's all overrated. Alright tubes are out.

CHRISTINA: Oh the ascending aorta is looking dilated.

HAHN: There's too much bleeding around the suture line.

NURSE: BP 60/42. Brady down.

HAHN: Get me another TEE and an echo STAT. Let's move it people this doesn't look good.


HAHN: There's too much bleeding. Alright, lets get him back on bypass.

CHRISTINA: I can put the aortic cannula into his right atrium.

HAHN: By yourself?


HAHN: Alright, do it.

BURKE: Replace the 2-stage venus cannula.

GEORGE: Why is she doing that? Why is Hahn letting her do that?

BURKE: It's alright. She's doing a running whip stitch. She's done it before. There you go.

HAHN: That's beautiful work Dr. Yang.

BURKE: Dr. Hahn's work was impeccable O'Malley. I wouldn't have done anything different myself. It's just....you never tell how the body is going to respond. Every surgery, every body is different. You just...never know. But it's okay now. They're in the home stretch.

GEORGE: Thank you Dr. Burke.


BAILEY: It undermines everything for my interns to se Yang go with out punishment. For me to see Burke go without punishment.

CHIEF: Take a step back. Try and get some perspective.

BAILEY: So there will be no consequences for either of them?

CHIEF: What would you have me to? Fire both of them? End their careers. They made a terrible judgement call.

BAILEY: Which is what happened with Denny Duquette.

CHIEF: And they didn't kill anybody.

BAILEY: And I did.

CHIEF: You didn't kill Duquette and I won't have you saying you did.

BAILEY: I was responsible for Izzie Stephens. I was responsible for Christina Yang. I....am the common thread here. I? lost them. Christina, Izzie..

CHIEF: Are not the same. Miranda...you raised them like children. And some of them make mistakes. Some of them disappoint them. Some of them....Do you know what kind of strength it must have taken Yang to come to me? To report on an attending? On Her boyfriend? Do you see how much she's grown? You raised them....like children, And some of the turn out exactly like you Dr. Bailey.


ELENA: Finally alone.

PETE: Yeah.

ELENA: Pete...

PETE: It's been a long day.

ELENA: Okay. Well you get a good night's sleep. I'll come back in the morning.

MEREDITH: (narrating) At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody.

(The two brothers are brought together to spend the night together.)

JAKE: Couldn't stay away?

MEREDITH: (narrating) So this thing where we all keep our distance, and pretend not to care about each other...it's usually a load of bull.

SUSAN: Did you want to come in?

MEREDITH: No I just... she's okay.

SUSAN: She's beautiful. We could be your family... if you wanted. You have a mother, I know. I'm not saying... I'm just saying that we could be your family too.

(Meredith walks away.)

MEREDITH: (narrating) So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to.

MEREDITH: I can't take this any more.

IZZIE: What?

MEREDITH: Let her off the hook. Let Christina off the freakin' hook.

CHRISTINA: Meredith..

MEREDITH: Izzie, you cut the LVAD wire. She stuck by you and did the echo. (to Alex) You cheated on Izzie with syph nurse, and she helped you study for your boards. And George when everyone was calling you 007......

GEORGE: She was calling me 007.

MEREDITH: Just let her off the hook.

ALEX: It's okay.

IZZIE: Sorry.

(They leave.)

CHRISTINA: Why can't you mind your own business? What is your problem?

MEREDITH: You're my sister. You're my family. You're all I've got

CHRISTINA: I'm so tired.

MEREDITH: I know me too.

MEREDITH: (narrating) and once we've chosen those people we tend to stick close by.

CALLIE: I was just...checking on your dad and see how he was doing.

GEORGE: Good. He's doing good. He's resting. Okay.


MEREDITH: (narrating) no matter how much we hurt them. The people that are still with you at the end of the day, those are the ones worth keeping.



DEREK: Well hey there. I'm going to go back upstairs with Dr. Burke. He wants me to take a look at his shoulder. Don't wait up for me.

MEREDITH: Okay. (Christina goes in elevator to go with them.)

MEREDITH: And sure, sometimes close can be too close.

ELLIS: I couldn't stay with him. I don't care that he's Meredith's father. I just couldn't take it. Then Richard...and he... (She cries and babbles incoherently. Meredith gets up and hugs her.) Meredith....


MEREDITH: But sometimes that invasion of personal space... it can be exactly what you need.

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labelette  (25.10.2020 à 20:27)

Comme les internes, je me suis demandée pourquoi Bailey mettait Cristina avec le Dr Hahn alors qu'elle aurait dû être en probation ou quelque chose dans le genre pour avoir caché ce que Burke avait. Mais c'était parce qu'il y avait un cas plus exceptionnel avec les siamois !

D'ailleurs, j'ai un peu de mal à comprendre pourquoi ils ont attendu d'avoir 36 ans pour être séparés. Pourquoi ne pas avoir fait ça quand ils étaient enfants ? Et aussi comment l'un d'entre eux pouvait avoir une relation amoureuse (et pas seulement embrasser sa copine) avec l'autre collé à lui. D'ailleurs, la copine finalement préférait l'autre.

Sloan est toujours aussi insupportable avec les internes, à les traiter comme ses larbins.


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