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#318 : Le Combat des Chefs

Scénario : Debora Cahn - Réalisation : James Frawley 
Guest stars : Jeff Perry, Mare Winningham, Elizabeth Reaser, James Gammon, Roger Rees, Rob Narita, Shohreh Aghdashloo

La course pour la place de chef prend un nouvel élan quand un nouveau candidat arrive et cela n'arrange rien lorsque Burke découvre qu'il s'agit d'un ancien professeur de Cristina avec qui elle a eu une liaison. Suite au déménagement de George, Alex débarque chez Meredith et prend la chambre laissée vacante, ce qui ne plait guère à Izzie. A l'hôpital, Bailey n'attribue que de menues tâches à Meredith, lui laissant le loisir de panser ses blessures suite au décès de sa mère. George apprend un secret destabilisant à propos de Callie et cela nuit à leur relation d'autant plus qu'elle le soupçonne de lui préférer Izzie, qui aurait des sentiments pour lui. Pendant ce temps, Derek s'occupe d'une vieille amie atteinte d'un cancer et Alex continue de s'occuper de sa Jane Doe.



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Titre VO
Scars and Souvenirs

Titre VF
Le Combat des Chefs

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George et Callie

George et Callie

Une patiente

Une patiente

George et une patiente

George et une patiente

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Les médecins au bloc

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Izzie Stevens

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Les médecins au bloc

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Derek Shepherd au bloc

Derek Shepherd au bloc

Derek Shepherd au bloc

Derek Shepherd au bloc

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Alex Karev couché

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Derek et sa patiente

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L'ancien amans de Cristina

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Cristina qui revoit son ancien prof et amans

George, Derek et une patiente

George, Derek et une patiente

George O'Malley

George O'Malley

Derek et une patiente

Derek et une patiente

Izzie et un patient

Izzie et un patient

Izzie et un patient

Izzie et un patient

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Meredith et George

Meredith, George et Izzie à la cafétéria

Meredith, George et Izzie à la cafétéria

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Les internes qui mangent

George et Callie

George et Callie

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Meredith et Cristina

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Meredith et Izzie

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Izzie Stevens

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Cristina Yang

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Les internes

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Burke et Cristina

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Burke, Cristina et George

Derek et sa patiente

Derek et sa patiente

Plus de détails

(Izzie is in the shower)

MVO: People have scars in all sorts of unexpected places. Like secret roadmaps of their personal histories...

(Izzie gets out of the shower and Alex enters the bathroom)

MVO: ...diagrams of all their old wounds.

Izzie: Alex, God!

Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I've seen it all before.

Izzie: What the hell are you doing here?

Alex: Moving in.

Izzie: What?

(Alex leaves)

MVO: Most of our old wounds heal leaving nothing behind but a scar, but some of them don't.

(Izzie busts into Meredith's bedroom where she and Derek are sleeping)

Izzie: Alex is moving into this house?

Meredith: He's taking George's room.

Izzie: Why?

Derek: I was asleep just a minute ago.

Izzie: Yeah, and I was naked in the bathroom when Alex walked in. I'm lucky I didn't come out of the shower to find him peeing all over the seat.

Derek: And we're up.

Izzie: What's wrong with where he was living before?

Meredith: I don't know where he was living before.

Izzie: Probably a whore house. I can't have him living in the room next door, it's weird.

Meredith: People are what matters. Alex is one of our people, we can't leave him out in the cold.

Izzie: People are matters? You don't like people. Is this about your mother.

Meredith: No, I had a near death whatever...I was dead and now I'm not so...I'd like to use this chance I've been given to be more positive. People are what matters. Paint with all the colors of the wind.

Izzie: Oh, ok. You're crazy now.

Meredith: I'm alive.

Izzie: Yeah, ok.

(Izzie walks into the hall as Alex is about to walk into the bathroom)

Izzie: No, no. I'm not done in there yet.

(She pulls up her towel)

Alex: Oh, no don't worry, not looking, not interested.

MVO: Some wounds we carry with us everywhere...

(George and Callie's hotel room)

MVO: ...and though the cuts long gone...

George: No, she's selfish is Izzie's problem.

MVO: ...the pain still lingers.

George: She's not selfish she's generous. But she's self-absorbed. Her problem is that she doesn't see other people's perspectives.

Callie: Hey, give me a bite.

George: It's weird because she's so ridiculously compassionate with her patients, you think she'd roll some of that off with her friends. But...

Callie: How bout we don't talk about her anymore.

George: That's a fine idea.

(They kiss)

(Seattle scenes)

(Locker room)

Izzie: He's in George's room and when George's stupid marriage crashes and burns he's gonna wanna move back in and he won't be able to. His life will be in a shambles, his finally realize that his dead is dead, he'll realize he made a fool of himself by marrying someone he doesn't really love and he'll have no place to go. Is that what you want?

Meredith: That's exactly what I want.

(Alex, George and Cristina enter)

Alex: Huh, look who found some clothes.

George: How you doing?

Meredith: Ok, everybody, lets do this once. I'm fine. She's cremated, I picked out a beautiful urn and she's hanging out in the back of my closet. Any more questions about my dead mother or can we get back to work?

Cristina: Does anyone know who the new chief candidate is?

(Bailey enters)

George: Chief's bringing in a ringer in case he doesn't want to give the job to either one of your boyfriends.

Bailey: O'Malley, your with Shepherd today. Yang, Dr. Montgomery. Stevens, to the clinic. Karev, Jane Doe. Grey, scut.

Meredith: Once again, I am fine.

Bailey: You can tell everybody your fine till your blue in the face. Your mom died and you almost joined her, you're taking it easy.

(Jane Doe's room)

Jane: Anybody come looking for me yet?

Alex: No match on your prints, no hits from missing persons plus...

Jane: My face is hard to identify.

Alex: The second they find something out about your identity, I'm gonna come tell ya.

Jane: Dr. Sloan says I need surgery on my eye.

Alex: He just wants to make sure you don't lose vision there completely.

Jane: But Dr. Montgomery I should wait a day or two because of the baby. I don't know how I'm supposed to take that.

Alex: Yeah, well, surgery can be hard on a baby but you're gonna be on a fetal monitor the whole time so if anything goes wrong we'll catch it.

Jane: Thank you. I really...I really appreciate you taking the time to...you're all I've got in this place.

(Izzie is in the clinic with a war vet)

Izzie: Does that hurt?

Mr. Scofield: Of course it hurts, don't poke it like that.

Izzie: Has the lump been there a long time?

Mr. Scofield: I got shot 50 years ago, it's been there a long time.

Izzie: But it hasn't bothered you till recently?

Mr. Scofield: It bothers me there's a bullet in there. It'd bother you too but it didn't start hurting till a couple months ago.

Izzie: You think it's a bullet?

Mr. Scofield: I don't think lady, I know. I wanted it out. But the Army doctor's didn't want to go get it. So, they let me keep it in for half a life time.

Izzie: Let's get some pictures and see if you're right.

Mr. Scofield: I know I'm right, save your film. Just get me something for the pain

Izzie: Mr. Scofield, I'm sure you are right but we're still gonna do this my way.

(Derek enters Helen's room)

Helen: Derek

Derek: There she is. How was your flight?

Helen: They didn't feed me, which I didn't understand.

Derek: Dr. O'Malley, Dr. Crawford, she's a big pain in the ass.

George: Pleasure.

Helen: He says that because we worked together in New York and I was the only one who never had a crush on him.

Derek: No, I don't buy that. What do we know O'Malley?

George: Dr. Crawford has a pariphalseum meningioma along the superior saginal sinus. You've operated three times, keeps on coming back.

Derek: Yeah, it's in dangerous territory so we leave a little bit of the tumor behind each time and we go back every couple of years and tune it up.

Helen: But this is the last time.

Derek: Sorry?

Helen: This is it Derek. I'm done after this.

Derek: Helen

Helen: The recovery takes forever and it's not like when Jake was around. I go through this by myself now.

Derek: Don't throw in the towel.

Helen: I'm looking at the situation as it is. I am going to do this now then I am going to spend the next two years of my life lying on a beach enjoying the sun.

Derek: Helen.

Helen: Stop looking at me like I killed your cat, the decision is made.

(Izzie walks up to a group of people who are gathered outside a conference room)

Izzie: You guys seen Bailey? What are we doing?

George: Uh, checking out the new chief candidate.

Meredith: Chiefs in with the ringer. We're lurking, in a way that was subtle when there were two of us but isn't now that they're twelve.

Cristina: I heard it was someone from Stanford. All the professors there loved me.

Alex: They loved you?

Cristina: I was a great student.

(Burke walks up)

Burke: How you doing?

Meredith: Oh, I'm fine sir. Thank you.

George: She doesn't like when you ask.

Cristina: The ringer is in there with the chief.

Izzie: Yeah and whoever it is loves Cristina cause everyone at Stanford just loved Cristina.

Cristina: Shut up.

Burke: She's a good student, nothing to be ashamed of.

Cristina: Thank you.

Burke: Bit of a kiss ass but that's hard to control.

George: Ok, they're coming out, look away.

(Richard walks out with Colin)

Burke: That's Colin Marlow.

(Cristina looks nauseous)

Alex: Like the Marlow transplant?

Burke: Like the greatest thing in cardio-thoracic surgery in a generation. Um, Dr. Marlow, I'm Preston Burke. I'm a great admirer of your work, sir. Particularly the...

(Colin spots Cristina)

Colin: Yes, thank you. Would you excuse me for a second.

(Colin walks over to Cristina)

Colin: Well, you gonna give me a hug or what?

(Colin and Cristina hug including some hand on butt action that everyone sees)

(Cristina and Burke are walking through the hall)

Burke: So, what was that exactly?

Cristina: He was my professor, we were close.

Burke: Well, close appears to be something of an understatement.

Cristina: It was a long time ago.

Burke: I talk about him all the time, you never thought to mention it?

Cristina: Well, um, I didn't think about every guy I ever slept with. I have a hysterectomy to prep. Are we done with the curiosity? Great!

(Meredith and Izzie are walking through the hall)

Izzie: What are you doing tonight? Cause I don't wanna go home and find Alex there and it's just the two of us and it's weird and awkward and he doesn't know if he should talk to me or not to talk to me. It's just such a weird situation. I'd rather it be group awkwardness you know...

(Meredith sees Thatcher and Susan Grey at the end of the hall and ducks into a closet.)

Izzie: I don't wanna just be standing there staring at him...(She looks around and realizes that Meredith is gone) Meredith?

(Cristina walks up)

Cristina: Have you seen Montgomery?

Izzie: No. Hey! What you doing tonight? You wanna come over, you and I never really get a chance to hang out. It might be kinda fun. (Cristina sees Colin walking down the hall and ducks into the same closet Meredith is hiding in) Alex just moved in which was Meredith's brilliant idea and he has a thing for me so it's...(She sees that Cristina is gone) What the hell?

(Inside the closet)

Meredith: This is my hiding spot. My father is out there, go somewhere else.

Cristina: I need this closet Meredith.

Meredith: Colin Marlow.

Cristina: Yes, he was my professor. We were close.

Meredith: He had his hand on your ass, I sure hope you were close.

(Colin and Susan are now standing outside the closet)

Susan: Did you see somebody go in there?

Colin: I did, someone's hiding from me.

Susan: Yes, I think someone's hiding from me too.

(Inside the closet)

Meredith: You were that girl, huh? The girl who slept with the professor. We had one in my class, she only got to the radiologist though. No one got near the cardio guy...

Cristina: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I scored big. You know what, hide in the bathroom.

Meredith: My awkwardness with my father is well established. You and the cardio god on the other hand have loads to catch up on.

Cristina: I don't wanna talk to the cardio god.


Colin: You know we can hear you in there, right? Loud and clear.

(They open the door)

Cristina: Oh, hi.

Colin: Hi.

Susan: Excuse me.

Colin: Yeah.

Susan: May I.

Meredith: Oh, I was just leaving actually.

Susan: We heard about your mother. I'm so sorry.

Meredith: Thank you.

Susan: There wasn't a funeral or anything?

Meredith: Oh, she didn't want that. I hope everything's ok with the baby.

Susan: Oh, we're not here with the baby. We're here because we wanted to make sure that you were all right.

Meredith: Oh, oh, that's sweet but we don't have to do this. I'm not in shock, I'm not racked with grief, I'm just moving on.

Susan: But you're hiding in a broom closet.

Meredith: Well, if you could just move my father.

Susan: I sent him to go get some coffee. But we'd really like to make dinner or something...for you. He's been really worried about you, and he's the family you have left Meredith.

Meredith: I don't see it that way.

Susan: When is this gonna stop. He made some mistakes but he's not a monster. He's just an inarticulate person who spills food on himself a lot. Have dinner with us, tonight? I'll make some chili, the whole thing will be over in an hour. Think you can do that?

(Colin and Cristina are walking through the hall)

Colin: I can't believe you hid in a closet when you saw me coming. If it wasn't just tragic, it might be the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

Cristina: You could have warned me.

Colin: I thought, Cristina Yang wouldn't hide in the closet because she doesn't want to talk to me which clearly she doesn't cause she fled like a roach in sunlight when she saw me coming.

Cristina: You know I didn't flee, I was...I have to work to do. I'm not a professional note taker anymore.

Colin: You grew your hair. It's lovely.

Cristina: Don't flirt with me, I have a person.

Colin: Really, who?

Cristina: Preston Burke.

Colin: You never change, it's really adorable.

Cristina: Shut up! It is a real relationship.

Colin: I bet it is.

Cristina: I'm marrying him.

Colin: Good. Congratulations. I'm being genuine. It's wonderful. Can I give you a congratulatory hug?

Cristina: Don't touch my ass.

(Helen's room)

Helen: My stomach is growling.

George: Sorry, we can't let you eat before the surgery.

Helen: That's ok. I stayed at the Archfield last night. I had them make me breakfast at midnight.

George: You should try the French toast. It'll blow your mind.

Helen: Breakfast at the Archfield on an intern's salary?

George: Yeah, I kinda live there at the moment. My wife gets a deal.

Helen: That's one hell of a deal.

(George is in the x-ray room with Callie)

George: So, our room service bill, at the Archfield, is that part of the deal?

Callie: Yeah, sure.

George: I mean, breakfast alone is what fifty bucks a day and they still only charge us $400 a week?

Callie: Sometimes I pay them more for room service.

George: Ok, well then just tell me how much it is and we'll split it like the rest.

Callie: Don't worry about it, George.

George: No, come on, I'm not gonna have you pay for all the food. Just tell me how much the room service bill is.

Callie: We pay about $800 a week.

George: DOLLARS?

Callie: I told you not to worry about it.

George: You can't afford that.

Callie: Yes I can.

George: How? I'm your husband now, you're supposed to tell me this stuff.

Callie: Ok, just come here. All right, my parents have a lot of money and so I have more money than I make. And we don't have a special deal through family friends at the Archfield, I just...I pay for it.

George: How much?

Callie: $2500 a week.

George: You're an heiress.

Callie: Ok, see this is why I don't tell people.

George: No, you're an heiress.

Callie: No, stop talking, no just don't. Ok, stop talking, stop talking. I mean it. I didn't tell you because my parents money has affected every single relationship in my life and so I've stopped talking about it and living it.

George: No, no wait. Wait, so I've been paying you $200 a week for what fun?

Callie: No, I use it to tip housekeeping.

George: Great! I'm glad I could pitch in. Is there anything else huge I should know about like this?

Callie: I used to have a pet ferret for nine years. George! Oh great.

(Helen's room)

Derek: Now stop distracting the staff.

Helen: You're pushy, anybody ever tell you that?

Derek: Um, so what do you think of a saginal sinus bypass?

Helen: Have you ever scrubbed in on a saginal sinus bypass, Dr. O'Malley?

George: No.

Helen: It's what they call "big balls" surgery. Apparently, I have a doctor with...

Derek: It's been very successful.

Helen: If the patient doesn't stroke out.

Derek: If it works the tumor's all gone. We never have to go back in there again.

Helen: If it doesn't work, I'm dead.

Derek: If you refuse to come back in two years, you're dead anyway.

Helen: That's a decision I can live with.

Derek: That is not a decision I can live with. O'Malley, go find her labs. So, what do you think, huh? Two years on a beach and then what? After you piss away your savings, your memory goes, motor skills deteriorate and you're dying a very slow miserable painful death...

Helen: Derek

Derek: You're gonna call me up and ask me why we didn't do something when we had the chance. Now that is not something I can live with. Not when we can do something right now to prevent it.

(Mr. Scofield's room)

Izzie: Well, it looks like the bullet has damaged your scapula.

Mr. Scofield: No wonder it hurts.

Callie: How did you get shot, sir?

Mr. Scofield: Korea, garden spot, makes a nice vacation. Can I get a damn pain killer?

Richard: I think we'll do you one better, were gonna take it out.

Mr. Scofield: My bullet?

Richard: There was no reason to remove it when you first got hit, but now it's infected, it's working it's way into your scapula and we can't have that.

Mr. Scofield: I need to see that bullet.

Callie: What, are you gonna frame it?

Mr. Scofield: No, smarty pants. I was fragged a couple of weeks before it all ended.

Izzie: Fragged?

Richard: Shot by one of his own men.

Mr. Scofield: I made a decision and they didn't like it and then what do you know, we're facing enemy fire and I take a hit from the wrong side of the line. I could never prove it but we could prove it now, when you pull the damn thing out of me. Get me my bullet.

Richard: Just calm down Mr. Scofield.

Mr. Scofield: Do you know what it's like when your own men turn on you?

Richard: It's not a good feeling.

(Callie and Izzie share a look)

(Meredith enters the office where Derek is)

Meredith: I just agreed to have dinner at my father's house, tonight. And, Cristina slept with Colin Marlow.

Derek: The Marlow transplant, Marlow?

Meredith: They had a thing when she was a student. How can I have a meal at my father's house?

Derek: He slept with Cristina?

Meredith: Derek!

Derek: Oh, right, ok, um, sorry. Have dinner at your house. It's your place, I'll come. I'll be your wing man, it'll be fun. (She gives him a look) Ok, it won't be fun. It'll be...it'll be fine. They're your family.

Meredith: Why does everyone assume that?

Derek: Cause you have to have a family whether you like them or not.

(Addison and Mark are standing at a nurse's station. He checks out a woman as she walks by)

Addison: Thought we had a deal?

Mark: We agreed I wouldn't sleep with anybody for two months, we didn't say I wouldn't look. You didn't think I'd hold out?

Addison: No, I didn't.

Mark: You're worth it.

Addison: You bet your ass I am.

(Meredith and George are having lunch)

George: She's rich, totally rich. Boatloads of money.

Meredith: George, that's fantastic.

George: No, it's...it's not fantastic.

(Izzie walks up and sits down)

Izzie: Cristina did Colin Marlow!

Meredith: Callie's rich.

George: Don't talk to her about it.

Izzie: Her? I'm sorry, I don't have a name anymore?

George: Don't tell anyone, those were my words.

Izzie: So, she's rich.

George: Just shut up about it. Do you think that's possible?

(George leaves)

Izzie: If you give me the "people is what matters" thing again, I will kill you.

(Cristina sits down)

Izzie: Colin Marlow! Was it good? Was he good? Did he make you a better lovah?

Cristina: Do you remember all the other times I've talked to you about my sex life?

Izzie: No.

Cristina: Exactly.

(Alex sits down)

Alex: Did I miss anything about her doing the old guy?

Izzie: She's not talking.

Alex: Oh, she'll talk.

Meredith: So, I was supposed to be back in the game today but instead I'm planning dinner for my father in my dead mother's house. I don't cook, how am I supposed to cook for them?

Izzie: I will make your stupid dinner. So, were there any little blue pills involved? Or, is he untouched by time?

Alex: Dude, that's just wrong, don't answer that.

Meredith: Because I am your friend I will show up at your house 45 minutes into the dinner with a fake crisis. So, if it's unbearable you can abort.

Meredith: Oh, thank you.

Izzie: Come on, he's not a young man. He wasn't getting a little help? Poppin the pill? Dad's best friend? Come on, you're gonna give me nothing, after everything we've been through? Nothing?

Cristina: It's a miracle drug. (To Alex) And someday it'll save your life.

(Colin is looking at the OR board when Derek walks up)

Derek: Dr. Marlow, Derek Shepherd, neuro.

Colin: Ahh.

Derek: I'm doing a saginal sinus bypass today if you'd like to observe.

(Burke walks up)

Colin: Really? That's quite a procedure...

Burke: That's a good trick but if you're really interested to see what this hospital can do, I'm performing an arterial switch operation for a TGA this afternoon.

Colin: If you gentlemen are trying to intimidate the competition, it's working.

Derek: Good.

Colin: I'll see both of you in surgery.

(Colin walks away)

Derek: Colin Marlow.

Burke: The one and only.

Derek: He...?

Burke: Yes.

Derek: With...?

Burke: Yes.

Derek: Wow.

Burke: Indeed.

Derek: Yeah.

(Jane Doe's OR)

Mark: Suction. No, not like you're driving a tractor, slowly. Better.

Alex: What's the chance she wakes up and remembers everything?

Mark: I wouldn't count on it.

Alex: Dr. Sloan, the baby's having decels.

Mark: Are you sure? Sometimes the monitors not on right, you get a false read.

(Alex lifts the sheet)

Alex: She's got vaginal bleeding. That baby's in distress.

Mark: Damn it. Page Dr. Montgomery, now!

(Burke's surgery)

Colin: You're making an honest woman of Cristina Yang. That's...that's impressive. I always thought she was collecting us like baseball cards.

Burke: Baseball cards?

Colin: She's like an authority figure, someone with something to teach her, but I never thought she would actually commit. She used to say to me that she thought marriage was for the weak and undirected. I made a number of marriage proposals, seemed the polite thing to do. Such a long time together, but she wouldn't have it.

Burke: All what time? You were just having a fling with a student.

Colin: Fling? Cristina and I were together for three years.

(Burke and Cristina are in the stairwell)

Cristina: The problem that I slept with my professor or that I was committed enough to keep at it for three years?

Burke: No, you told him that you thought marriage was idiotic institution...

Cristina: It is.

Burke: Then why did you say yes?

Cristina: Cause I wanted to make you happy.

Burke: Happy?

Cristina: You know, I'll do a lot of things to make you happy. Do I give a crap about a ceremony with a dress and a flautist? No! But I'm happy to do it, if it'll make you happy.

Burke: Heartwarming. Thanks.

(Addison, Mark and Alex leave the OR. Mark and Addison are in a yelling match.)

Addison: You couldn't have waited one day?

Mark: She was 40% vision compromised in her right eye, it would have been gone tomorrow.

Addison: No, it's would actually but there's a snazzy new chief candidate marching around the hall today and you needed to be a hero. That's what needed to happen today.

Mark: The patient was fine, Addison. The baby's still in her uterus and she's not losing an eye. Every surgery is risky, the patient chose this one.

(Derek walks up)

Addison: Karev, don't just stand there. The patient's baby was in distress, go, stay with her.

Derek: Something happen with Jane Doe?

Mark: Yeah, she can see and Addison's got a problem with it.

Addison: He rushed her into surgery and she almost lost the baby. I had to sew her cervix shut.

Mark: The complications had nothing to do with the surgery.

Addison: Why? Why do you think Mark moved so quickly, Derek? Do you think it's because a piece of the orbital bone was floating towards the brain?

Derek: Well, I think it's because Mark wants a promotion.

Mark: You're not her husband, this isn't your patient, stay out of it!

(Richard has walked up)

Richard: What the hell do you people think you're doing? You're supposed to be the leadership of this hospital, screaming about a patient in the hallway? Are you out of your minds?

(Helen's OR)

Colin: Tough procedure.

Derek: Mmm.

Colin: It's a bold choice.

Derek: We've been fighting this one for a while. I'm hoping this will be the end of it. (Monitor starts beeping) What happened?

Doctor: End title CO2 just dropped from 30 to 16. Bagging manually.

Colin: ...is showing air in the left ventricle.

George: O2 stats down to 89.

Derek: Aspirate the central line.

Colin: Bradycardic.

Derek: Push one of atropine.

George: There's no air in the central line.

Derek: All right, level her out, I'm gonna flood the field.

Colin: Asystole.

Derek: Push one milligram of epi. Start compressions. Go, go, get in there, get in there, do it. Come on.

(Mr. Scofield's OR)

Callie: That things been in there since the Korean War?

Richard: He's lucky it didn't travel down to his aorta. Ok, little suction there. Almost...I got it. Make sure we get that back, the patient wants it.

Izzie: He's got a warped sense of nostalgia.

Callie: Hmm, I get it. If they pulled a bullet out of me, I'd want it cast in gold and mounted on my wall.

Izzie: Yeah, well, you can afford it.

(Izzie realizes too late that she should have kept her mouth shut)

Richard: A little more suction, lets get ready to close.

(Helen's OR)

Derek: She's not responding. I'm gonna open her up.

Colin: Open cardiac massage? You're a neurosurgeon.

Derek: You have no privileges in this hospital. Get my glasses off.

Nurse: Should we page Dr. Burke?

Derek: No, I got it.

Colin: Cross clamp...you don't want air in the cerebral arteries.

Derek: Yeah, I got it. Give me a ten blade. Ten blade, quickly please. O'Malley, get over here. Let's roll her, ready, 1, 2, 3, go. Ok, rib spreader. Scissors. Massage the heart, O'Malley. I need to aspirate.

Colin: Any air return?

Derek: 10 cc.

Doctor: End title CO2's starting to go back up.

George: The heart's starting to beat on it's own. Pressure's 60 over 40. It's low but it's there.

Colin: She's gonna make it.

George: Should I start closing her up? Dr. Shepherd?

Derek: O'Malley, I just sliced my friend's chest open, give me a moment.

(Colin and Derek are walking out of the OR)

Colin: That's very well handled, Dr. Shepherd. Very impressive indeed.

Derek: Not something I want to do everyday but thank you.

(They walk up to Burke)

Burke: Ah, what happened?

Colin: Dr, Shepherd's patient had a venus air embolism. He had to split her chest open, massage her heart, and manually aspirate right in the middle of his procedure.

Burke: Why didn't you call me?

Derek: You were operating.

Burke: I was next door, you could have pulled me out.

Derek: There was no time, I handled it.

Burke: You think I crack people's heads open when you're in the building just cause I think I can.

Derek: The patient is fine.

(Mark walks up)

Burke: The patient is lucky and you were showboating.

Derek: Showboating? What...what are you out of your mind? I was...

Burke: We seem to be going out of our way to impress Dr. Marlow.

Mark: I'll bet we are.

(Richard has walked up)

Richard: Gentlemen.

Colin: Good day, doctors.

(Mr. Scofield's room)

Richard: How you feeling, Mr. Scofield?

Mr. Scofield: Where's my bullet? (Richard hands him a jar with a very small piece of bullet in it.) That it? Where's the rest of it?

Richard: That was it.

Mr. Scofield: Is that a letter? Can you read that?

Izzie: I don't think it's much of anything, it's just a scratch.

Mr. Scofield: It's so small, it could just be anything.

Richard: It's been a long time, they don't hold up that well.

Mr. Scofield: Could you know have your lab, you know, analyze it? Tell me if it's one of ours.

Richard: We're not set up for that kind of investigation, Mr. Scofield. You could try to send it to a forensic lab but I don't know if they'll tell you much either.

(Richard leaves)

Mr. Scofield: I've been stewing for 50 years.

Izzie: Maybe it's time to move on.

Mr. Scofield: To what? I lost my whole unit over this. I came home, my wife she didn't get it. I've been blazing mad my whole life, I've got nothing left.

Izzie: It's not to late to let it go and start over.

Mr. Scofield: You're a sweet kid but you don't know what it's like to have something change you in your soul.

Izzie: I do. I wish I didn't but I do.

Mr. Scofield: Don't let it turn you.

(Outside Mr. Scofield's room, Bailey walks up to Richard)

Bailey: You look like you've had a long day.

Richard: You know what fragging is?

Bailey: Mmm-hmm.

Richard: We've got an epidemic of it today. My esteemed attendings are gonna be the death of me.

Bailey: Is there a front runner?

Richard: I don't know. What I do know is I don't want my attendings tearing each others throats out because of some internal power struggle. It's too dangerous for the hospital.

Bailey: Does that mean...is Colin Marlow gonna be the new chief?

Richard: Good night, Dr. Bailey.

(Richard walks away and leaves Bailey standing there speechless)

(Seattle scenes)

(Meredith's house, Izzie and Meredith are in the kitchen)

Izzie: This is ready. Don't slosh it around, it's all about the presentation.

Meredith: Come in and eat with us.

Izzie: You need to bond with your people, Meredith. People are what matters.

Meredith: I hate people.

Izzie: Yeah, well, do your own talking.

Meredith: We talked. We talked hospital, we talked his research, we talked dead mother. I'm out.

Izzie: Ask about the baby, ask if it poos, people can go on about that for hours.

(Meredith walks into the dining room where Derek, Thatcher and Susan are seated at the table)

Susan: Oh, chicken looks delicious.

Meredith: It's from the store.

Susan: Well the green beans look great as well.

Meredith: I didn't do those either.

Derek: It's beautifully presented.

Meredith: Izzie did that.

Derek: Oh.

(Alex enters)

Meredith: Alex! Come, sit. Eat! We're eating. This is Susan and this is my father.

Thatcher: Hi.

Alex: Cool.

Meredith: So, how are you? How was your day?

Alex: Ok, hungry.

Meredith: Good. How's the baby.

Susan: Great.

Thatcher: She's smiling now sometimes. Looks exactly like Molly when she smiles. I mean it's amazing. I've got this old picture of Molly and me when she was, I don't know, 5 and she's sitting on this red sled in the snow, this great big fir tree.

Susan: You know, I'm not sure that that...

Thatcher: Yeah, no honey, it's a massive Douglas fir and in the picture couldn't look more like the baby. I mean, incredible.

Meredith: That's me. The red sled and the big fir tree and the park at the middle school and the ugly yellow wool coat. That's isn't Molly it's you and me.

Izzie: (From the kitchen) Crap!

Meredith: Oh great.

Izzie: Sorry.

Meredith: Sorry.

Izzie: I think I blew a fuse.

Thatcher: I'll get it.

Meredith: No, you know, I can get it, it's...

Thatcher: Laundry room.

(Thatcher heads for the laundry room)

Meredith: I keep forgetting.

Derek: What?

Meredith: It's his house.

(Burke is at a nurse's station when Cristina walks by)

Cristina: I'm going home. are you going home?

Burke: How did it end?

Cristina: It ended. School was ending, I was leaving.

Burke: You were done.

Cristina: I came here, I fell in love with you.

Burke: A new mentor, with a host of things to teach you.

Cristina: You know what, if you think I'm in this for the education...

Burke: Do you or do you not find my knowledge and skill compelling?

Cristina: You know what, you are blowing this way out of proportion.

Burke: A man three times you age believed he was having a substantial relationship with you...

Cristina: Well, yeah. He was.

Burke: And one day, you're done, just like that.

Cristina: Yes.

Burke: No, you don't open yourself to anyone. Sometimes, I think it's charming, she's different. She's not like other women, the simple fact is you have never left me in. What, you think it's gonna make a good marriage? Cause I don't. I don't want you to marry me cause your placating me. That doesn't interest me, doesn't interest me at all.

(Meredith's dining room, Susan, Meredith and Derek are sitting in the dark)

Meredith: Do you think he's ok?

Susan: He'll find it.

Meredith: He probably can't see, there's a flashlight in the closet.

Derek: I'll go get it.

Meredith: Ok.

Derek: Excuse me.

(Derek leaves)

Meredith: I'm sorry.

Susan: It's going fine.

Meredith: I just...I don't know what to say to him.

Susan: Well, it's not easy. It's cause he's afraid of you.

Meredith: I shouldn't have bit his head. I wish I could have just...

Susan: Meredith, it's ok to get angry, it's you in the picture.

(Callie and George's hotel room)

Callie: Izzie Stevens? I share something with you that I am clearly uncomfortable about and you tell Izzie Stevens.

George: No, I didn't tell Izzie, I told Meredith, Meredith...

Callie: Oh, so that's better?

George: No, it was an accident. It was an accident. I was pissed off. Why can't you give me the benefit of the doubt that maybe sometimes I'm on your side?

Callie: Because you choose your friends over me every chance you get.

George: No I don't. I married you and I haven't talked to my best friend in weeks. Meanwhile, you lied to me about where we live and why. You lied to me about your background, you lied to me about your family and still I'm the dog who gets whacked on the nose with the newspaper, all the time. When is this gonna stop?

Callie: Oh, so this is my problem?

George: Yeah, maybe it is.

Callie: Oh, the fact that your best friend violently disses our marriage every chance she gets, publicly, repeatedly. Why do you think she does that George, you ever think about that?

George: She's having a problem with this, I understand that.

Callie: She has feelings for you.

George: What?

Callie: She wants you. She's wants you, that's what this is about. That's why she hates me. George! George, do not laugh at me. Do not laugh at me.

George: No, I'm not, I'm not. Oh god. It's just...she's Izzie. She's blonde, she's stacked, she's a supermodel, I'm George.

Callie: So, what does that make me.

George: No, come on. You're gorgeous and your curvy and I never thought you'd go for me.

Callie: Just shut up.

George: Callie!

Callie: This is my hotel room that I paid for with my huge piles of money. Get the hell out of it!

(Izzie and Alex are in Meredith's kitchen)

Izzie: Sorry about the lights.

Alex: Whatever. Food's good.

Izzie: You want some pie?

Alex: Nah, I gotta go.

Izzie: Ah, big plans, got a hot date? Oh, good for you. I guess not interested really meant not interested.

Alex: Iz, you didn't want me.

Izzie: Yeah, but that doesn't mean I want you to want anyone else. Am I gonna be alone, pining over a dead guy forever?

Alex: I hope not, it's kind of a waste.

Izzie: Am I supposed to move on now? Do people look at me and say she's gotta get over it already it's running her life?

Alex: You'll move on when you're ready to.

(He kisses her cheek)

(The dining room, Susan and Meredith are at the table when Cristina enters)

Cristina: Why are you sitting in the dark?

Meredith: Izzie blew a fuse.

Cristina: Ok, I'm having a crisis.

Meredith: Oh, I don't need rescuing. Susan is very nice and we're getting through it.

Susan: Limping through but we'll make it.

Cristina: Oh, no, this isn't a fake crisis. This is a real, my ex is about to ruin my impending marriage crisis.

(George enters)

George: Hey! Hey! Where's Izzie?

Meredith: Kitchen. (To Susan) Sorry it's not always like this.

Cristina: Yeah, it kinda is.

(Izzie is in the kitchen when George enters)

Izzie: They're in the other room.

George: I need you to get over yourself. I need you to start liking my wife. I need you to like her because sometimes I don't and I need you to talk me back into it. You say you're my friend, that's the job.

Izzie: Ok.

George: I need to vent and I need it to be ok.

Izzie: Ok.

George: And I need to vent with alcohol. I got married and I'm scared it was a bad idea.

Izzie: Nobody ever got married and didn't think that at least once.

(Derek enters the laundry room where Thatcher is relaxing in a rocking chair)

Derek: Did you find the fuse box?

Thatcher: Yeah, yeah, I just needed to...

Derek: Take a break?

Thatcher: I don't know...I don't know how to or what to talk to her about.

Derek: Work's a good place to start. Yeah, she's proud of what she does. She's good at it too. I'd start with that.

Thatcher: You get each other, that's nice.

Derek: Some days it's nice. Some days I'd like to come home to someone who doesn't know a thing about it.

Thatcher: Rough day?

Derek: I almost lost a friend in my own OR.

Thatcher: Was it your fault?

Derek: I don't know. You were both nervous tonight, it'll get easier.

Thatcher: She was nervous?

Derek: Yeah, she's tough, she tries to hide it. She's difficult but if you make an effort, she's worth it.

Thatcher: You kidding?

Derek: Not entirely. She's worth the effort.

Thatcher: All right.

(Thatcher turns the lights back on)

Derek: Ah, nice.

(Derek's pager goes off)

Derek: Damn it

Thatcher: Gotta go back in, huh?

Derek: Yeah.

(Seattle scenes)

(Helen's room)

Helen: Why is there an 11 inch incision in my chest?

Derek: You coded on the table, air embolus. I had to open you up and aspirate.

Helen: See, I'm sure you did a great job but that's why you're gonna have some real trouble convincing me to do it again.

Derek: Helen...we got it all. The tumor, we never have to go back in there again.

Helen: You sure?

Derek: I'm sure. You're gonna live a long, long life.

Helen: And here I thought you were just being an ass.

Derek: Ah, I was an ass. I had no right to push you like that.

Helen: No, you did not.

Derek: I was going through some stuff and...I was an ass.

Helen: Ok, but in this moment, you're the ass who gave me my life back.

(Thatcher and Susan are leaving Meredith's house)

Susan: I am so glad we did this.

Meredith: I am too. Thank you for suggesting it because I...

Susan: You never would have in a million years. Good night sweetie.

Meredith: Thank you, good night.

Thatcher: I'm sorry about your mother.

Meredith: Thank you.

Thatcher: Swings still here.

Meredith: Yes, it doesn't swing. Nobody uses it.

Thatcher: Here (He pulls out a nail) I put this in there, you used to catch your fingers.

(Meredith pushes the swing)

(Izzie and George are in the kitchen very drunk)

Izzie: Suck it up. Go back with your tail between your legs and just apologize.

George: No!

Izzie: No really just say "I'm sorry, I'm an ass."

George: I'm always apologizing.

Izzie: Blah, blah, blah and it's over, it's all over.

George: I can't be wrong all the time, is that really possible?

(Izzie goes to pore more drink)

George: No, don't.

Izzie: Hey, don't be grabby.

George: I don't have any, boogie.

Izzie: Maybe you're wrong all the time, maybe she's just insecure. It doesn't matter you still have to grovel.

George: She's insecure, that is a fact. She's insecure.

Izzie: What? What? Just tell me. Come on, come on.

George: It's just...nothing. She thinks you have feelings for me and that the problem.

Izzie: I love it.

George: And that, uh, I desperately want you.

Izzie: I'm crying. Is she crazy?

George: I think she's maybe a little crazy

Izzie: I can't breathe, I can't breathe.

(He touches her head and they look deeply into each other eyes)

(Jane Doe's room)

Alex: Scary day, huh?

Jane: Yeah.

Alex: Your amniotic sacs in tact, placentas in good position. Dr. Montgomery sewed your cervix up so tight, nothings coming out of there.

Jane: So, that baby's gonna be ok.

Alex: We're gonna have to see how it goes. I'm sorry. You asked me what I thought and I told you to go for it. I'm sorry.

Jane: It's not your fault.

Alex: No, see, when I pulled you out of that water at the ferry. I talked to you like you were my sister and I shouldn't have. I'm an intern, you've gotta get your advice from an attending.

Jane: I asked you cause I trust you. Why don't you sit and tell me a bedtime story or something?

MVO: What's worse, new wounds which are so horribly painful...

(Meredith's room, Cristina is in her bed)

Meredith: Move over, you're in the middle of the bed.

MVO:...or old wounds that should have healed years ago and never did.

Cristina: Am I gonna screw up this engagement?

Meredith: I don't know, do you want to?

Cristina: I don't know.

Meredith: My mom is dead.

Cristina: Yeah, she is.

MVO: Maybe our old wounds teach us something...

(Meredith puts her arm around Cristina)

(Alex is asleep in George's old room)

MVO: ...they remind us of where we've been and what we've overcome.

(Cristina and Meredith are sleeping)

MVO: They teach us lessons about what to avoid in the future. That's what we like to think.

(Izzie is waking up)

MVO: But that's not the way it is, is it? Something's we just have to learn over and over and over again.

(Izzie rolls over and sees George in the bed with her, she lifts the blankets and realizes that she is naked.)

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Rien de passionnant dans cet épisode . On découvre un ex de Cristina, chirurgien lui aussi (avec qui elle a eu une relation étant étudiante. Décidément, elle a le don pour les choisir !), ce qui ne plait pas à Burke. On apprend que Callie est super riche, elle se dispute avec George qui la trompe avec Izzie. Mouais...

Du côté des patients, la fille sauvée par Alex l'occupe bien.


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