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#317 : Entre Deux Mondes

Scénario : Marti Noxon, Shonda Rhimes - Réalisation : Adam Arkin
Guest stars : Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kate Burton, Steven W. Bailey, Moe Irvin, Sarah Utterback, Kali Rocha, Elizabeth Reaser, Kyle Chandler, Monica Keena, Anna Maria Horsford 

L’équipe de médecins continue à lutter pour sauver la vie de Meredith, dont l’état ne s’améliore pas. Ses amis internes sont invités à se préparer au pire. Pendant ce temps, Meredith vit parallèlement une expérience de mort imminente avec différents personnages morts précédemment (Denny, Bonnie, Liz Fallon, Dylan Young.) Derek et Cristina essayent de surmonter leurs craintes chacun à leur façon. L'état de santé de la mère de Meredith s'aggrave. Alex s’occupe toujours de la patiente enceinte du ferry, devenue amnésique suite au choc.



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Titre VO
Some Kind of Miracle

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Entre Deux Mondes

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Grey's Anatomy 3x17

Grey's Anatomy 3x17


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Addison, Mark et Alex

Addison, Mark et Alex

Alex et Ava

Alex et Ava

Alex, Mark et Ava

Alex, Mark et Ava

Addison, Alex et Ava

Addison, Alex et Ava

Meredith et Denny

Meredith et Denny

Meredith et Denny

Meredith et Denny

Une patiente décédée

Une patiente décédée

Une patiente décédée qui parle à Meredith

Une patiente décédée qui parle à Meredith

Une patiente décédée qui parle à Meredith

Une patiente décédée qui parle à Meredith

Une infirmière

Une infirmière

Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)

Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)

Meredith et Denny

Meredith et Denny

Mark et Ava

Mark et Ava

Meredith dans un monde alternatif

Meredith dans un monde alternatif

Une patiente de Meredith décédée

Une patiente de Meredith décédée

Meredith et Denny

Meredith et Denny

Alex et Ava

Alex et Ava

Mark et Ava

Mark et Ava

Les médecins qui s'occupent de l'inconnue

Les médecins qui s'occupent de l'inconnue

Les médecins qui s'occupent de l'inconnue

Les médecins qui s'occupent de l'inconnue

Mark et Ava

Mark et Ava

Mark et Ava

Mark et Ava

Denny Duquette

Denny Duquette

Plus de détails

(ER, people are all injured in the aftermath from the ferry accident)

MVO: There are medical miracles. Being worshippers at the alters of science we don't like to believe miracles exist, but they do.

(Meredith's room)

MVO: Things happen...we can't explain them, we can't control them, but they do happen.

(Meredith is still dead)

Bailey: Chief, I know the hypothermia is protective to her vital organs but how much longer do you think we can go on like this?

Richard: I've seen people last as long as four hours.

Bailey: Yeah, but...

Richard: No, this is not...this is Ellis Grey's little girl. This is my...

Burke: We're all on the same side here, Chief.

Bailey: Sir.

Richard: Her body temp is at 86 degrees. She's not dead until she's warm and dead. We need to warm her up to 98.6 and start her heart.

Bailey: Yes, sir.

Richard: Let's do a gastric lavage with warm fluids.

(Addison gets paged)

Bailey: Addison.

Addison: I have to go it's, uh, my Jane Doe.

Bailey: Just...they're waiting for you so...whatever you choose to say will...

MVO: Miracles do happen in medicine. They happen every day just not always when we need them to happen.

(Meredith's afterlife, she is on a gurney staring at Denny and Dylan)

Denny: Meredith. She's freaking out.

Dylan: She's not freaking out.

Denny: People tend to freak out.

Dylan: Trust me, she's fine.

Denny: Ok, mister, I've been dead longer, I know everything.

Dylan: You know what, that's why I don't like to be here with you. Because you don't assess the situation, you just dive right in.

Denny: Oh, I'm not the one who got himself all blown up.

Dylan: All right, you wanna do this now or you wanna do this later?

Denny: Oh, I wanna do this now.

Dylan: You wanna do this now?

Denny: I will kick you ass anytime. I'm the one with the fresh heart.

Dylan: You're gonna kick my...

Meredith: This is a brain thing. This is the ketamine neurotransmitter right?

Dylan and Denny: No.

Meredith: Cause you think if this were my brain doing this, the first person I'd want to be, no offense...(Doc jumps on the bed) Doc! Boy! Good boy! Hi! Hi, buddy!

Dylan: Meredith, this is not your brain on drugs. This is death. You are dead. You're really freaking dead, dirt nap dead, no more you dead.

Denny: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Way to harsh! Remember we're gonna take it easy. That was not easy. Meredith, you drowned in the Elliot Bay. You remember that?

Meredith: Yeah, that sucked. Who's a good boy? Who's the best dog?

Dylan: Oh, this is gonna take awhile.

Denny: We don't have a while. She's run out of time.

Meredith: Who's the best dog?

(Addison leaves Meredith's room and Derek is waiting in the hall)

Derek: Tell me!

Addison: Her temps still only 86. There's still no heartbeat. Were hoping once she warms up...

Derek: I wanna go in there.

Addison: No.

Derek: There's a risk of brain damage. I need to go in there.

Addison: Derek, you can't. Not for Meredith, not for anybody. You're in no shape.

(Addison walks through the doorway to where the interns are standing)

Addison: It's not good.

Cristina: Is she still cyanotic? What was her initial temp? What is taking so long?

Addison: Dr. Yang! It's not good. They're doing everything they can. You should maybe...prepare yourselves. I have to go, my Jane Doe's awake.

Alex: I'm coming with you. Iz, you'll let us know?

Cristina: Prepare ourselves? That's what we tell the families before we call time of death.

Izzie: She's gonna be ok.

George: Sometimes you're wrong.

Cristina: Uh-huh. No!

Izzie: Cristina.

Cristina: I'm not doing this.

Izzie: Cristina.

(Cristina walks away)

Izzie: She's gonna survive this. She's gonna survive this. She's gonna survive this. She's gonna survive this. She's gonna survive this.

(Meredith's afterlife)

Liz Fallon: Meredith! Meredith!

(She looks up and Liz is at the end of the bed)

Liz Fallon: I don't know if you remember me. I was your mother's scrub nurse. I died from...

Meredith: Liver cancer.

(Bonnie walks in and stands at the end of the bed)

Meredith: Bonnie?

Bonnie: She remembers me. You remember.

Liz Fallon: You were a very important patient for her.

Meredith: What are all of you doing here? Is this...

Bonnie: It's not heaven.

Dylan: We're here because you called us here.

Meredith: I didn't. Did I?

Denny: Tell us about the water, Meredith.

(Ellis' room, Olivia is there and Mark enters)

Ellis: You do not have the authority to speak to me in that way. You are a bug.

Olivia: I need you to hold still.

Mark: Go ahead.

Olivia: Burke usually writes for Lorazepam...

Ellis: You're amateurs.

Olivia: ...when she's like this but I don't want to bother him.

Ellis: Get me out of this bed.

Mark: Do it! Give it to her.

Ellis: Who do you think you are?

Mark: Sedation should...

Ellis: Do you even know what you're doing. Get me Richard.

(Jane Doe's room)

Addison: I'm Dr. Montgomery, you need this oxygen. I need you to lie back.

Jane: No. No. I'm not supposed to be here.

Addison: This wasn't in your plan today I get that. But we're trying to take care of your baby. I need you to calm down.

Jane: Just talk to my husband. (She looks at Alex)

Addison: This is Dr. Karev, he's my intern.

Jane: What? You're not...?

Alex: You lost your ID. We don't know where your family is yet.

Jane: But I know you. You're my...

Alex: No, I found you...on the dock...after the accident.

Jane: What dock? What accident? What happened?

Addison: You were on the ferry. You don't remember?

Jane: No.

Addison: What about your name?

Jane: My name? I don't know my name. I should know my own name. I'm having a baby, I should know my name.

(Outside Jane Doe's room)

Addison: She doesn't remember anything from before the accident. It could be head trauma. It could be psychological from the shock.

Alex: Retro grade amnesia, it could be just...transient, right?

Addison: Well, that's the hope. I'm worried about her lungs too. Get a chest x-ray and an ABG.

Alex: Ok.

Addison: Hey, you ok? You wanna be with your friends?

Alex: No, I'm on this.

Addison: You sure?

Alex: Yeah, it's just Meredith always makes me think...I don't know, screwed up people have a chance.

(Meredith's room. She is still dead.)

Richard: I'm in. Start the warm fluids.

Burke: Hold CPR.

Richard: Anything?

Burke: The heart is still, no movement. No fibrillation.

Richard: Nothing?

Burke: Nothing.

Bailey: Restarting CPR.

(Izzie enters)

Richard: Stevens, get out of here!

Izzie: I just...oh my god.

Bailey: Go back outside and wait with Yang and O'Malley.

Izzie: Cristina isn't...um, she left.

Burke: She left in the middle of her shift? Where did she go?

(Cristina is in the dollar store, she picks up random things including a picture frame)

(Meredith's afterlife)

Denny: Meredith, I need you to understand. This is important. You can't screw around.

Meredith: Doc?

Denny: All right, there's no time for that. You don't have the time and we don't have the time.

Meredith: I drowned, that's all. I drowned.

Bonnie: Meredith, please. Listen to us, you have to listen to us. You have to...oh, no!

(Bonnie's stomach starts bleeding)

(Bonnie is on a gurney and Meredith's hands are covered in blood)

Meredith: I can't find the source of this bleeding. I need gloves and surgical towels.

Liz: It happens with Bonnie, baby, you just gotta ride it.

Meredith: I can save her. I can start on IV.

Dylan: There's no point.

Meredith: Go to the OR and get me sterilized surgical instruments. Go! Go!

(Dylan walks away and fades into the wall. Suddenly Bonnie is gone and Meredith is left standing in an empty room with Denny.)

Denny: Meredith, are you ready to talk about this now or you wanna waste some more time.

(Meredith's room)

Bailey: It's been over an hour. Is it...? We need to prepare for the possibility that she...

Richard: Look, she is young, she is healthy. Her temps going up and it's gonna keep going up and her heart will start again. It's the only possibility I'm prepared for.

(Cristina is at Joe's with bags of stuff)

Cristina: Do you use moisturizer? Here take this, keep it behind the bar.

Joe: Wow, what is this? It smells like something burning.

Cristina: It's gingerbread.

Joe: Yeah.

Cristina: You're not getting this are you? Ok, this is 99 cents. Ok? You can buy anything for 99 cents. It's small, it's um, tiny size, it has cat like creatures on it but it is a chair. For 99 cents you can buy a chair, that's America man.

Joe: That's Taiwan, man. You know this ferry things pretty bad. Don't you think you should be...

Cristina: I am coping. Ok? I'm coping. So, uh, shut up and look at all my crap.

(Bailey and Callie walk into the hall where Izzie and George are waiting)

Bailey: Callie, I'm putting you in charge of my interns. Put em to work, anywhere but here.

Izzie and George: No, we can't. We want to stay here.

Bailey: You're concerned, I understand. There's been a disaster and there's work to be done. Go, now!

(Bailey leaves)

Callie: All right, they need bodies down in the clinic. Let's go down there.

(Callie and George start to walk off but Izzie doesn't move)

Callie: Hey, Bailey's right. We can't help Meredith, all we can do is sit around and go crazy.

Izzie: I can't...I can't...I need to be here.

Callie: Izzie! We're all freaked. We just need to stay out of the way, got it? Let's go.

(Alex is in Jane Doe's room)

Alex: Do you or your immediate family have a history of cancer?

Jane: I don't know.

Alex: How bout heart disease or high blood pressure? How bout alcohol or drug use? You don't know any of this do you?

Jane: I don't even know the sex of my baby or if I'm married. I have the ring line but I don't have the ring so what does that make me?

Alex: I don't...I don't know.

Jane: Is it really bad? I mean you look...am I gonna...?

Alex: No, no, no. It's um, a friend, she was in the accident too.

Jane Doe: I'm sorry.

Alex: Yeah...things are tough all over.

(The clinic)

Sydney: I have no new information about your loved ones. I'm sorry but...we are facing a serious blood shortage. Anyone able to donate should see me. If you're not sure...see me.

(Izzie is in the clinic near Callie)

Izzie: These need to go to the blood bank for testing thanks.

(She hands a cooler to a man and starts looking through bags of blood)

Callie: What are those for?

Izzie: Meredith is AB.

Callie: She's been down a long time, but you know, she's strong. We shouldn't give up.

Izzie: I wasn't planning to but thanks.

Callie: Ok. Is this stress related or am I doing something specific to piss you off? Because believe me we need to pull together.

Izzie: Not we.

Callie: What?

Izzie: You keep going on about how we need to do this for Meredith and how strong Meredith is like you know her.

Callie: I do know her.

Izzie: No! George, Cristina and me, we know her. We're her family. We were here long before you and George started fooling around.

Callie: Hey! He is my husband!

Izzie: Stop saying that like it means something. It is a piece of paper. You act like it gives you history or weight.

Callie: Enough, enough! I will not be run off. I am here, George wants me here. And if you can accept that, that I love him to, then maybe we could be, I don't know, friends. Or you can keep on the way you are and be that person that George used to know.

Izzie: You don't get to decide that. George decides.

Callie: Oh, I know what he'll decide. And if I were you I would think about it long and hard because you cannot afford to lose another friend. Not when people around you keep...

Izzie: Keep dropping like flies? Is that what you were about to say?

(Meredith's afterlife. She and Denny are talking near a nurse's station)

Meredith: So, all of you just disappear at will.

(Bonnie appears)

Denny: What happened?

Meredith: I drowned, that's it.

Bonnie: Really? Then why are we here?

Meredith: Again.

Bonnie: I can't do this, if you're gonna keep saying your drowned. Do you have any idea how much that hurts?

Meredith: You know, when you came into the OR you were so brave, so strong.

Bonnie: I was in shock. And you guys doped me up. And you know, in retrospect, what happened to me, really sucked. I was young and beautiful and in love. I was getting married in four months and then I was dying. And here you are all happy and perky to be dead.

Meredith: You think I want to be here? I swam, I fought hard, the water was cold.

Denny: All right, but that thing in the tub, what was that?

Meredith: It wasn't anything it was...you see me in the tub?

Denny: I do not see women in the bathtub. I wish I saw women in the...we know things.

Liz: You had to think about it. No daughter of Ellis Grey could...

Meredith: This is so not an Ellis Grey thing.

Denny: Ahh, it's a Derek thing.

Meredith: I would never...

Bonnie: You would. I know crappy things have happened to you but how can you be a surgeon and have so little respect for life. How...oh come on. (She starts bleeding again)

(Derek sits down in a waiting room)

Man: Who you here for?

Derek: What?

Man: I'm waiting on my wife, car hit her. Can you believe that, on the ferry. She was run over on the ferry. They haven't said much. Hard as hell to get any of these people to talk to ya.

Derek: Yeah, I'm, uh, my girlfriend was there too. And I don't know...I don't know what's gonna happen.

Man: It's out of our hands, it's up to the doctors now.

Derek: Yeah. Yeah.

Man: What's her name?

Derek: Meredith.

Man: I'll put her in my prayers.

Derek: Thanks.

(Meredith's afterlife. Bonnie is on the floor bleeding again. Denny just sits there watching)

Meredith: I need to get in there and find the source of this bleeding.

Denny: Uh, see Mer, it's just gonna happen again.

Meredith: Where is something to wipe up this blood?

(Bonnie disappears and Dylan appears)

Dylan: Fool me once...

Denny: Yeah, show up now and be a smart ass. We have a job to do, where are you?

Dylan: It's a waste of time, she's either gonna get it or she's not.

Meredith: Get what?

Dylan: The way I see it, it doesn't matter how you got here. You're either in this thing or you're not, there's no in between. And cowboy here can get pissed off because for all his tough talk, he's no different than Bonnie. He's stuck.

Meredith: And you're not?

Dylan: No.

Denny: Oh, please.

Dylan: I had a good life. I helped when I could and when that shell went off in my hands I completed my task. I saved you.

(Meredith's room)

Richard: What about another epi?

Bailey: We've been pushing epi for an hour and a half now.

Richard: Check another lead.

Bailey: Asystole in three leads sir.

Richard: What about her temp?

Bailey: Down to 86 degrees.

Richard: 86? It's 86 now? It was 89.

Bailey: After drop phenomenon.

(Ellis' room. Derek is sitting in a chair)

Ellis: Water! Get me some water.

(Derek gets her a drink of water)

Derek: You broke her. You called her ordinary. You taught her time and time again that nothing she does ever is good enough. Every good thing that Meredith is happened despite you. She may not survive this. That's on you. That is on you.

(Addison is at the door)

Addison: Derek!

(As Derek walks away you can see a moment of realization on Ellis' face)

Derek: That woman is...

Addison: She's cold. There's no question but she can't help herself and she certainly can't fix Meredith.

Derek: It's my fault.

Addison: Don't

Derek: See, I knew what was going on and I wasn't there for her.

Addison: You are human.

Derek: She was pulling away from me and I just...it's just...

Addison: You think...you think that she went in the water on purpose?

Derek: She knows how to swim, she's a good swimmer.

Addison: Derek, you don't know that's she...no, you do not get to break down, you don't get to fall apart. Not when there's still a chance and there still is a chance Derek.

Derek: Ok.

Addison: Ok.

(Meredith's afterlife, she enters an OR and starts going through drawers. Denny speaks to her from the gallery)

Denny: What are you looking for?

Meredith: Something strong. The next time Bonnie decides to bleed out I'm gonna dope her to high heaven and then I'm gonna...

Denny: Why are we still talking about her?

Meredith: If I could find the source...

Denny: She can't be saved.

Meredith: This isn't fair. I could save her. If you'd just give me a chance I could save her.

(She turns and Denny is now in the OR)

Denny: What happened in that water?

Meredith: I swam. I fought.

Denny: No you didn't! And you can't stay here Meredith.

Meredith: I don't want to!

Denny: Yeah, you do. It's easier. But you can't because George's dad died. Because Izzie lost me. And Cristina...when she was nine she was in a car accident with her father and he bled out right in front of her while they waited for an ambulance to arrive. And Alex...

Meredith: Stop!

Denny: They are barely breathing. This will break them. None of them deserves that. And this...this is the big one. See pay attention! Do you know what kind of miracle it is that Derek is who he is? Do you know how rare it is that someone like even exists. He's still an optimist. He still believes in true love and magic and soul mates. He's waiting for you and if you don't come back from this, you will change who he is.

Meredith: (Crying) Oh, God.

(She looks up and she is alone)

(Derek is still outside Ellis' room when she starts flatlining)

(Meredith's room)

Bailey: What about a cardio-pulmonary bypass? Come on! We can do it here.

Richard: Page Burke and the surgical team. Get them here now.

(Joe's bar)

Cristina: This is...this is quality sudoku, Joe. This is like two dollars worth of sudoku.

Joe: Good to know.

(Joe walks away and Burke sits down next to her)

Burke: Been no change. Thought you should know.

Cristina: No kidding.

Burke: You know, some do come back from this.

Cristina: I am not a civilian. I know the science here. It's drinking time.

Burke: Not yet! You have a responsibility to Meredith.

Cristina: Uh-huh, I don't do this stuff. You should know.

Burke: You were there when I needed you.

Cristina: After. After I knew you were gonna make it. Ok. I not proud, ok? I just...I can't. I can't go back there and watch.

(His pager foes off)

Burke: Listen to me, this is about you and the woman you call your person and you do know the science here. And if she dies and you are sitting here when that happens I can't see you coming back from that. Come and say goodbye to your friend.

(Meredith's afterlife, she is sitting on the floor in the hallway with Denny)

Meredith: I was swimming, I was fighting. And then I thought, just for a second, I thought, what's the point. And then I let go, I stopped fighting. Don't tell anybody.

Denny: Ok.

(Denny stops and smiles)

Meredith: What?

(He motions her to wait)

Denny: Izzie.

Meredith: You can see her?

Denny: No. Sometimes we'll be in the same place at exactly the same time and...I can almost hear her voice. It's like I'm touching her. I like to believe she knows I'm there. That's you get, that's it. Moments with the people you love and they'll move on and you'll want them to move on. But still, Meredith, that's all you get. Moments.

Meredith: Is this really happening?

Denny: I don't know. This is your afterlife, not mine.

(She looks up and Denny is gone and the water starts to creep up around her and she has flashes over herself drowning)

(George walks past Izzie in the hall)

Izzie: Any change?

George: No.

Izzie: George, come on. We can't do this today, not today.

George: What the hell did you say to my wife?

Izzie: I didn't say anything...

George: I saw her face, I saw her face.

Izzie: I didn't say anything, she was...

George: She didn't say anything but why, why would you pick now to throw down?

Izzie: I didn't. I...I can't lie about how I feel.

George: Actually you can. You can, people lie all the time. They hold their tongues and they wait. You should hold your tongue because if I'm not making a mistake you're going to look like a jerk and if I am, I'm gonna need you. I need you and you keep taking that away.

(Ellis' room)

Derek: Ok, put on the CO2 monitor. Did you pager Dr. Burke?

Tyler: He's in trauma 2 doing cardio pulmonary bypass.

Derek: On, Meredith Grey?

Tyler: Yes, sir.

Derek: All right, push one of atropine.

(Meredith's room)

Bailey: Billy, what's her temp?

Billy: We're up to 96.

Richard: It's good, good, all right.

Bailey: Now we just have to get her heart beating.

Burke: Ok, draw an ABG, push one of epi, a gram of mac and an amp of calcium.

(Meredith's afterlife, she enters the ER where Denny, Liz and Bonnie are)

Meredith: I don't wanna be here. I wanna go back.

Bonnie: We were told there wasn't a lot of time.

Meredith: I'm out of time?

Liz: Well, were not sure baby.

Meredith: Oh god! I can't...I want...I had intimacy issues.

Denny: Yeah.

Meredith: Do you know how stupid that seems now?

Denny: Yeah, I do.

Meredith: It's not enough. It's not enough, just a whiff of Derek or Cristina...I need to go back. Please, I can't...I can't.

(Ellis' room, Derek is performing CPR)

Derek: You're not gonna die on me today, not today. Defib, give me the paddles. Clear.

(Meredith's room)

Richard: How many epi's is that?

Bailey: Six.

Richard: What's the eternal pacer?

Burke: It's not catching.

Richard: Billy, what's the external body temp.

Billy: 98

Richard: So she's warm.

Burke: Yes.

Richard: And dead.

Bailey: V-fib, that looks like v-fib.

Richard: Shock her at 300.

Bailey: Charge

Richard: Clear.

Bailey: You can not give up, you understand me? Do you know how much time and effort and energy and resources and...drugs...you cannot give up. Turning the pacer up to max.

Richard: If there was any ounce of activity the pacer would have picked it up.

Bailey: She's been on bypass for almost an hour.

(Cristina enters)

Bailey: Cristina.

(Meredith's afterlife)

Meredith: Oh, I can't...I can't breathe.

Bonnie: This will pass.

Meredith: It won't. It feels like...

(She looks up and sees Ellis walking through the hall in her scrubs)

Meredith: Mom?

(Denny and Meredith walk into the hall. Ellis is at the other end)

Denny: Go! Go, Meredith.

(Meredith's room. Cristina touches her feet.)

Cristina: Try again. Try again!

Bailey: Ok, one more round of ACLS drugs.

Richard: One more.

(Meredith's afterlife. She is walking towards her mother)

(Ellis' room)

Derek: Still V-fib? Ok, charge to 300. Clear.

(Meredith's afterlife)

Ellis: You shouldn't be here.

Meredith: Neither should you.

Ellis: Just keep going. Don't be a damn...(They hug) You are...you are anything but ordinary, Meredith. Now run! Run!

(Meredith's room. She is still blue)

(Ellis' room)

Derek: Is the lidocaine in?

Doctor: Yes.

Derek: Ok, holding compressions. Come on. Come on, just come on. Come on.

(Meredith's afterlife, she turns and runs)

(Meredith's room. The monitor beeps)

Bailey: Sinus brady.

Richard: Ok.

Bailey: We got a heartbeat.

(Burke listens)

Burke: We got it.

(Seattle scenes)

(Meredith's room, they take out the tube and Addison enters)

Addison: She's breathing on her own?

Bailey: She is.

Addison: She's been down a long time. Do we know the brain function yet?

Bailey: We don't know.

Addison: Derek? Does...

Bailey: I haven't paged him yet. I wanted...I'm giving her more time.

(Bailey and Addison leave. Cristina is now alone with Meredith. She is still touching her feet when Meredith tries to talk)

Cristina: Did you just say something? Did you just speak?

(Cristina stands at Meredith's side and touches her face)

Cristina: Ok, Mer, I don't understand you. Try...try again...try again for me, ok?

What...I...I can't? Please, please don't be. Your brain works, ok? So all you need to do is form a word, please.

Meredith: Ouch.

Cristina: Oh, god. Oh, hi! I'm getting married to Burke! Not that, that should be anywhere on your list of thought right now. But just in case you slip on the hall later or...You are the one person I wanted to tell. Thank you for not dying.

(George and Izzie stand outside the room with Bailey. Alex walks up. They are all emotional but happy that she is alive)

(Derek stands outside Meredith's room and is there when she wakes up)

Derek: Hey.

Meredith: Hey.

(He walks in and kisses her)

Derek: Meredith...

Meredith: My mother's dead isn't she?

Derek: Yes.

Meredith: It's ok, I think. I think it's ok.

(Addison is at the nurse's station watching on when Mark walks up)

Mark: So she's ok?

Addison: Yeah. We never had that. He never felt that way about me.

Mark: I did.

Addison: You know sometimes I think what a waste it is to throw away all that history.

Mark: I'm flawed. I'm a wreck. But you...wasn't a game.

Addison: 60 days. Go 60 days with sex, no other women, cold turkey then maybe I'll believe you.

Mark: So I only have sex with you?

Addison: No, no sex with anyone. Grow up Mark, find another way to scratch the itch.

Mark: Say I do, you'll give us another try. The real thing, the couple thing? No sneaking around, no bootie calls?

Addison: If you make it, yes.

Mark: Ok, we're on. Oh, Addison, if I'm not having sex neither are you.

Addison: Who would possibly be having sex with?

(Alex enters Jane Doe's room)

Alex: How you doing?

Jane: I hurt all over. How's your friend.

Alex: Ah, she pulled through.

Jane: Good, that's great. And nobody's...

Alex: Claimed you? No, nothing yet.

Jane: So we still don't know anything?

Alex: Oh, no, not so. We learned a lot about you today. We know that your heart is healthy. We know that your blood type is B positive. You probably eat pretty healthy because your cholesterol is excellent and you're not diabetic. You lungs don't look like smoker's lungs and you don't drink alcohol on ferries in the morning. And your about 32 years old. And your baby is a girl.

Jane: Really? A girl?

Alex: Yeah.

Jane: I think I am married. I feel married.

Alex: Yeah?

Jane: Yeah.

Alex: See, now I know more about you than some of my closest friends.

Jane: That's pathetic.

(Bailey is in the clinic)

Bailey: You held it down. Thanks.

Sydney: What you did today with Meredith. Everybody's talking, chief resident talk. Ok, I'm talking, to myself. But...you're gonna give me a run for my money.

(Sydney walks away)

Bailey: Yeah, I am.

(Locker room)

Izzie: I let you down. And I get it if you don't trust me right now but...please George. It's me, it's us. Please.

(George walks away)

MVO: At the end of a day like this, a day when so many prayers are answered and so many aren't...

(Ellis' room)

Richard: You've been gone a long time. I know you think you died when the Alzheimer's started. I know it's a relief to you, I know. But It doesn't feel like a relief to me. I'm not relieved. I miss the sound of your voce, I miss talking to you, I miss you. I dyed my hair...for the ladies.

(Meredith and Derek are laying in bed together)

MVO: We take our miracles where we find them. We reach across the gap and sometimes against all odds, against all logic, we touch.

(Izzie is leaving and stops in the hall suddenly. Denny and Izzie are in the same place at the same time)

Denny: Izzie.

(It is as if they both know that they have touched. Izzie smiles and leaves for the day as Denny smiles and walks into the light)

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labelette  (28.10.2020 à 21:53)

Ce qu'il y a de bien dans cet épisode, c'est qu'on revoit certains personnages morts, dont Denny Duquette ! Et pour l'acteur ça a dû être sympa de jouer autre chose qu'un malade alité ;-) On revoit aussi le démineur, l'ancienne infirmière d'Ellis Grey et même Doc, le chien !

Sinon l'épisode en lui-même est assez ennuyant : les médecins se démènent pour sauver Meredith, alors qu'ils auraient laissé tombé depuis longtemps si ça avait été quelqu'un d'autre. Ils ont failli prononcer son décès plusieurs fois d'ailleurs !

Richard et ses cheveux teints, je ne suis pas fan : les cheveux gris lui allaient mieux !


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