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#319 : Plan B

Scénario : Chris Van Dusen - Réalisation : Tamra Davis 
Guest stars : Elizabeth Reaser, Catherine Dent, Michael Boatman, Hector Elizondo, Elizabeth Moss, Roger Rees 

Izzie se réveille nue dans son lit avec George, mais le jeune interne ne se souvient de rien. A l'hopital, George se remet difficilement de sa gueule de bois lorsque Callie arrive et lui annonce que son père est en ville pour le rencontrer, une rencontre qui ne va pas se passer si bien que ça. Le conseil de l'hôpital commence à interviewer les candidats pour la place de chef et la concurrence fait rage. Alex aide sa Jane Doe à choisir à quoi ressemblera son nouveau visage alors que Meredith se prépare à seconder Mark durant l'opération. Cristina souhaite revenir en arrière et ne plus avoir de problème de mariage mais Burke, lui, veut avancer. George fait promettre à Izzie de ne pas révéler à Callie ce qu'ils ont fait.



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Titre VO
My Favorite Mistake

Titre VF
Plan B

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Izzie et George dans les vestiaires

Izzie et George dans les vestiaires

Callie Torres

Callie Torres

Callie Torres

Callie Torres

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Le père de Callie

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George O'Malley

Callie et George

Callie et George

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Callie Torres

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Izzie Stevens

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George, Callie et Mr Torres

George, Callie et Mr Torres

George, Callie et Mr Torres

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George O'Malley

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Callie et George

Plus de détails

(Izzie is laying in bed with George. She quietly tries to sneak out.)

MVO: Surgeons always have a plan, where to cut, where to clamp, where to stitch. But even with the best plans, complications can arise, things can arise and suddenly you're caught with your pants down.

(Izzie is in the kitchen at the sink when Cristina and Meredith walk in)

Meredith: Wow, you and George were really going at it last night.

Izzie: What?

Cristina: The laughing, the drinking, the music. Nobody, I mean me, needs to hear George's rendition of "Sexy Back" at three in the morning.

Izzie: Yeah, yeah. You should have said something or you know, banged on the wall.

Cristina: It's like living in a youth hostel.

Meredith: Well, the important thing is that she and George made up. You did right?

(Alex walks in)

Alex: I need to use your bathroom.

Meredith: Why?

Alex: Cause O'Malley's puking in mine.

Cristina: Ok, youth hostel.

Meredith: George is still here?

Izzie: Yes. Yes. But only because he was too drunk to drive home. You know, just totally impaired. Like no heavy machinery drunk.

Alex: What's her problem?

Cristina: Still drunk.

Alex: What's she doing here?

Meredith: She's afraid she's ruining her engagement to Burke, so she's hiding from him.

Cristina: I'm not anymore. I have a plan. Burke doesn't want me to marry him just to appease him...

Meredith: Which you are.

Cristina: So...we don't get married. Simple, we go back to the way it was. Be kind, rewind. My plan has a name.

Izzie: I gotta go. I gotta get to work. See you guys later.

(She goes to leave and puking can be heard from the downstairs bathroom)

Izzie: Is that George? You said he was upstairs, puking.

Alex: So, now he's downstairs puking.

(Izzie walks into the hall where George is)

George: Izzie.

Izzie: George.

George: What the hell happened last night? Callie is gonna kill me. Did I at least call her before I passed out?

Izzie: No. you don't...you don't remember?

George: I remember the bourbon and the...I...where did you sleep?

(Richard is walking through the hall with Colin)

Richard: Big day. What time's your interview with the board?

Colin: Three o'clock.

Richard: Well if you have any questions, please...

Colin: Yes, thank you. I think I have everything well in hand.

Richard: That's a big folder. (Referring to the one Colin is carrying)

Colin: It's nothing...it's just a few ideas I have for Seattle Grace. A ten-year plan. Which really is just a few, ah, tweaks. What did Einstein say? "Newton did the work, I'm merely standing in his shoulders."

Richard: And in this scenario I'm Newton.

(George is in the locker room looking very nauseous when Callie enters)

Callie: George. Hey.

George: Hey. You look, uh, nice.

Callie: I look insane. I'm wearing pearls. Listen...

George: Listen, about last night, uh...

Callie: Yeah. Well we're good enough for now because as of right now you and I, we're the perfect couple. Ok, we are the perfect happily married couple who are perfect and, and never fight because my dad's in town.

George: What?

Callie: Yeah, my dad's in town and, uh, he wants to meet my husband.

(Izzie enters)

Izzie: Oh, hey. Hey, O'Malleys. Carry on, do your stuff, your married stuff. Yay!

Callie: You told her about our fight.

George: Just when exactly is he coming?

Callie: Today, lunch, cafeteria. You know what, I think I might change it to Joe's so he might not be able to tell that stinks coming from you.

George: No, it's ok. It's ok. Uh, I'm good with parents. Parents love me.

Callie: Funny little man. Funny, funny little man. Funny little man who stinks. Just get in the shower, get in the shower, ok?

George: I know it'll be ok. You'll see, he's gonna love me. Oh.

(Cristina walks up to Burke at a nurse's station)

Burke: Oh, what's this?

Cristina: We bring each other coffee. This is what we do.

Burke: No, this is what we used to do. Before you moved in and we started making coffee at home. You know, I'm not really interested in going back to the way it used to be so unless you have something else to say to me...I've already had my coffee.

(Burke walks away and she sees Colin in the hall. Cristina walks away and Colin comes down the stairs and sees Derek, Addison and Burke standing near the OR board.)

Colin: Ahh, good morning, doctors.

Derek: Good morning. How you doing?

Colin: Big day today. Good luck to all and sundry.

(Colin walks away and Richard walks up)

Richard: He has a ten-year plan.

Burke: What?

Richard: He's presenting the board with a ten-year plan for the surgical wing.

Derek: He's only been here a day.

Richard: Did you see that folder? It's full of plans...tweaks for my hospital.

(Seattle scenes)

(Jane Doe's room, Mark is showing her images on a computer screen.)

Mark: This is a computer approximation of your original facial structure. Based on the 3D CT scans we did, it's what you could look like after reconstructive surgery. Or you could look like this...or this. You don't like them?

Jane: It's not that...(Looks at Alex) How does this work exactly?

Alex: He'll make an incision along your hairline and then...

Jane: It's ok, I can take it.

Alex: He'll literally pull your face off.

Mark: It sounds a lot worse than it is. Your face is extremely elastic and pulling it down will allow me to correct the bone fractures underneath without any scarring. And once you've healed, no one will ever know you had the surgery. I'm that good.

Addison: He is! It's annoying.

Jane: The surgery won't affect my baby?

Addison: I'll be monitoring the baby throughout, ok?

Jane: Ok. So...then I just have to pick one. Do I have to pick one now?

Mark: Take a couple hours and think about it.

Jane: Couple hours, yeah.

(Bailey and her interns walk into the hall and up to Richard)

Richard: Dr. Bailey.

Bailey: Chief, Jane Doe's getting a new face today.

Richard: Well, that's exciting. (To Meredith) How are you doing, Mer. You didn't take to much time off after...

Meredith: I'm fine, sir. Really. I think working's the best thing I can do.

Richard: Like mother, like daughter, huh?

Mark: Dr. Grey, what can you tell me about reconstructive neuro floor?

Meredith: Uh, you can create a new base from the eye socket by harvesting bone from the skull. Dr. Bailey, Dr Grey will be scrubbing in on the Jane Doe case. Come on, I'll show you how to do it without breaking the bone graft into a million pieces.

Richard: Congratulations, Dr. Grey.

Bailey: Come on, lets go people.

(Bailey and her interns walk past a nurse's station where Callie is)

Callie: Wait, wait, wait, I need to talk to you.

Izzie: Why?

Callie: To prepare you guys for what you're about to see.

Izzie: You meant...you meant you like us, not me. You don't want to talk to me. You wanna talk to us, about a patient.

Callie: That what I just said. This patient has a disease so rare that you'll probably never see it again. FOP.

Izzie: Oh, Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva.

Callie: Uh, yeah. It's a skeletal disease. It turns muscle into bone, it turns you into a human statue. So just try to learn and not to stare. Ok?

Nina: If you people are interns, you need to stand back.

Cathy: Nina, please don't be rude.

Nine: My mother still has movement in her face and hands. I'd like to keep it that way, so, please be careful. You press to hard during an exam or bump into her accidentally it causes a bone to grow where a bone shouldn't grow. So there can be no accidents.

Callie: Ok, remember that when you're dealing with her today.

Cathy: It's just a stomach virus or the flu. I'm sure it's nothing. Nina insisted that I come in...

Nina: She was vomiting blood. And going through her pain meds like they were candy. And she has new growths, on her back. No doubt caused by come clumsy interns on her last hospital stay.

Callie: Obviously, you're having a flare up of the FOP but really concerns me is the vomiting. So I'm gonna need a CT and see what's going on. (Sees a dollhouse) Oh, did you build that?

Nina: My mom did.

Cathy: No, Nina did it. I used to do it, I'm not able to.

Nina: Keeps her active. When she's active she has fewer flare-ups. Plus it keeps her happy and relaxed.

Callie: Good, ok.

(Outside Nina's room)

Izzie: Can I work in the clinic today?

Alex: You don't want the FOP case?

Cristina: Clinic, why? What's going on in the clinic?

Izzie: Nothing. I just feel clinicy.

Cristina: That's not a word. I'll take the clinic.

Izzie: Cristina!

Bailey: You both can go to the clinic.

(Callie is nearby smelling George)

Bailey: The board's interviewing chief candidates all day today so were light on surgeries. O'Malley?

George: Yes?

Bailey: You're with Dr. O'Malley.

George: Ok.

Alex: What am I supposed to do?

Bailey: Find Dr. Montgomery, see if you can help with Jane Doe.

George: I showered twice.

Callie: It's coming out of your pores, George. You, reek, you're trembling and there's no way I'm letting you near my patient right now. Dr. Bailey?

George: Don't tell Bailey, don't tell Bailey.

Callie: Bailey, with Mrs. Rogerson's limited mobility I'm gonna need an extra set of hands.

Bailey: Fine, Stevens. Yang will handle the clinic, you'll be with the O'Malleys today.

(Izzie gets out of the elevator. Callie looks annoyed, Izzie looks terrified and George gives her a thumbs up)

(Cristina is in the clinic with Doug Kendry)

Doug: It's my foot. It hurts like crazy. I'm gonna need a pain killer, I can't spend the whole day propped on an ice pack.

Cristina: You're gonna need to take off your shoe.

Doug: No, no, no. I've been down this route before. Just slip me a couple pain killers and I'll be on my way.

Cristina: Sir, did you, uh, go to medical school? I did. Take off your shoe. You have type two diabetes.

Doug: Ten years now.

Cristina: Well, you inspect your foot every day, have you noticed anything?

Doug: I noticed it hurts. Look, I've got ten guys sitting on their ass waiting for me to show up...

Cristina: Sir, I get it. You're in a hurry. That makes two of us. Sock.

(Doug takes off his sock to reveal a very nasty sore)

Cristina: You need to call your guys and tell them you're not coming in.

(Jane Doe's room)

Meredith: Did you choose a face?

Jane: Not yet. I was hoping I'd see one of them and I don't know, recognize myself. I don't recognize any of these women. What if I choose the wrong one? What if my husband or boyfriend or whose ever baby this is, shows up tomorrow with a picture of what I'm supposed to look like but it's too late, and I'm stuck with the wrong face for the rest of my life?

Alex: Ok, that would suck but if you don't pick one...(He holds up a mirror)...this is gonna be your face the rest of your life.

(Derek is watching Meredith, who is at a computer)

Meredith: Hey.

Derek: Hey.

Meredith: Shouldn't you be preparing for your board interview?

Derek: I am.

(He leans over her shoulder and he smells her hair)

Meredith: You're hovering.

Derek: No, I'm breathing you in.

Meredith: You're hovering.

Derek: Fine, I'm hovering. If Cristina would sleep in her own bed, I wouldn't have to hover at work. I could hover in bed. A different type of hovering perhaps. How bad is it today? On a scale of one to ten?

Meredith: Seven maybe a six.

Derek: Good.

Meredith: You know what's gonna make it even better than that?

Derek: Uh-huh, what?

Meredith: Calverian bone harvest I get to do on Sloan's Jane Doe later.

Derek: Sloan's gonna let you do a harvest? By yourself?

Meredith: By myself. Which makes me very cool in the eyes of my dead mother, by the way.

Derek: Ok, then. I better let you study.

Meredith: Better stop distracting me. I will not be cool in the eyes of my dead mother if I mame Jane Doe.

(CT Room)

George: We're gonna need you to lie very still Mrs. Rogerson.

Cathy: I think I can do that Dr. O'Malley.

George: Sorry about that, Mrs. Rogerson. I'm never gonna drink again. I can't believe I have to be presentable for Callie's dad at lunch.

Izzie: Hours...hours...many hours of our lives that are all I can think about and you...seriously don't remember? How can you not remember those many, many hours?

George: Izzie, whatever I did, whatever I said. I was drunk, I didn't mean it.

Izzie: George, I assure you, you meant it. You meant it a lot, you meant it more than once.

George: Do you see that? Page Callie.

(Cristina walks past an office where Colin is)

Colin: You'll be pleased to here I'm proposing an expansion to the hospital board this morning. Give you quite a few more places to hide.

Cristina: I'm not going to hide. I'm just trying to find my resident.

Colin: I come here to Seattle to see you and you don't even give me a moment.

Cristina: You didn't come to see me, you came to get a job.

Colin: I came here for both.

Cristina: Well, you made a mistake.

Colin: Are you gonna invite me?

Cristina: Where?

Colin: To the wedding.

Cristina: Will you stop talking about the wedding?

Colin: Most blushing brides to be love to talk about the wedding, what's the matter? Are we getting cold feet?

Cristina: Please leave.

Colin: If he's rushing you, you should tell him. When you marry, you wanna be ready, he should understand that.

(Addison is standing in front of a mirror)

Addison: Good afternoon, board. No. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the board...(Mark enters) I'm so grateful for this opportunity.

Mark: Don't wear the glasses. You fiddle with them, it makes you look indecisive. And stop stressing, it will be like any other job interview. What do you consider your strengths? What do you consider your weaknesses? What do you consider your weaknesses?

Addison: I don't have any. I'm that good. What are yours?

Mark: I'm an easy mark for evil redheads.

Addison: Trust me, you have other weaknesses. Obviously, you are a man-whore.

Mark: Correction, I was a man-whore.

Addison: Yeah, well, while you're bragging about that to the board, Colin Marlow is pitching his ten-year plan.

Mark: Ten-year plan? Is that a requirement?

Addison: It is now.

(Cathy's room)

Callie: Mrs. Rogerson, according to your CT, you have severe internal bleeding. It was probably caused by your anti-inflammatory medication.

Nina: Does that require surgery because she can't have any.

Callie: Obviously, any surgical procedure could cause more bone growth or do more damage than good. That's why Dr. Burke's here.

Burke: What we can do is inset a line into your groin and then float a catheter up and embalize the area.

Nina: That's minimally invasive?

Burke: As minimally invasive as possible but with your condition even this is risky.

Cathy: I'm 41 years old. Most FOP patients don't live to 45. I'm down to the use of my face and hands, pretty soon I won't have anything. So, what would happen if I refuse the surgery?

Callie: You will bleed to death...within a day or two.

Cathy: Is that painful?

Nina: Mom, stop, ok?

Cathy: Nina, please let me think, I...

Nina: The reason you've gotten this far...our treatment plan works. It will work.

(Mark enters the conference room where Derek is)

Mark: Burke is using PowerPoint. He's doing a PowerPoint presentation for the board, which is cool if it's like 1998. There's no swag is there? We're not allowed to give gifts?

Derek: Why did you ask Meredith to do a bone graft...on your Jane Doe?

Mark: Because I'm her teacher and that's my job.

Derek: You're doing it to impress the chief. You're setting her up. And she can't fail right now.

Mark: Why don't you let your girlfriend decide what she can or can't do?

Derek: I will hurt you if this goes wrong for her.

(Outside Cathy's room)

Addison: Is...is that a...?

Izzie: Dollhouse. Yeah, the lights work and everything, it's the perfect little home.

Addison: Did you have a dollhouse growing up?

Izzie: I had sex last night...with the wrong person. But the thing is it didn't feel wrong at the time. It felt like everything was falling into place. So, what do I do?

Addison: What am I? The go-to person for adultery?

Izzie: No...no...I just...I just don't know what to do.

Addison: You stop, that's what you do.

Izzie: Are you sure? How do you know, that it feels so right because it's gods plan?

Addison: God wants you to be an adulterer?

Izzie: God got a virgin pregnant by magic. God is not playing by the rules.

(Clinic, Doug is on the phone)

Doug: Uh-huh, talk to Paul.

Cristina: Mr. Kendry.

Doug: No, Paul will get your drywall numbers.

Cristina: Mr. Kendry.

Doug: Ok, let me just right a couple notes about that call.

Cristina: Mr. Kendry, we're gonna have to amputate your foot.

Doug: What?

Cristina: The infection is in the bone and if we don't remove your foot, the infection will travel to your blood and that will cause sepsis and possible death. I'm sorry.

Doug: How can you be so...I mean, I can't get around...No, no, you're not cutting off my foot.

Cristina: Sir, diabetes as a manageable disease. If you had been here even a month ago, maybe...

Doug: Ok, I screwed up. But you're telling me this is my only option because I was late getting in here? That there is no way...

Cristina: Mr. Kendry...

Doug: No! Please, there's gotta be a way for me to get that month back. Tell me what to do. I'll do every line of every plan that you give me. Please. You gotta find a way to save my foot.

(Meredith is practicing her bone harvest when Derek enters)

Derek: Hey, what do you think of a robotics lab as a goal for the hospital? Hmm?

Meredith: Derek.

Derek: You're harvesting.

Meredith: I'm trying to be supportive but this graft, it's really tricky.

Derek: Mm-hmm. You don't have to do it, you know. I talked to Mark and uh...

Meredith: You what?

Derek: I talked to Mark. I mean, Meredith this is, uh, it's a complex procedure.

Meredith: You don't think I can do it?

Derek: When has Mark Sloan allowed his interns to do anything? Let alone harvest a bone graft?

Meredith: He's in the race for chief. He's trying to prove he can teach.

Derek: By teaching you. Your mother died and the chief is going to be watching you very closely. Mark is trying to gain points to play.

Meredith: Using me.

Derek: If it goes well, he gets the credit. But if it goes poorly, he gets the save.

Meredith: So, this is about you one upping Mark?

Derek: He's using you. I'm just trying to protect you.

Meredith: You don't need to. Close the door on your way out.

(Derek leaves slamming the door on his way out.)

(Bailey walks up to Mark in the hall)

Mark: Can I help you with those Dr. Bailey?

Bailey: What do you want?

Mark: See, that's what I like about you, you always get right to the point.

Bailey: Make it quick, I'm headed over to the clinic.

Mark: All right, what would you change about this hospital if you could?

Bailey: Is this for your board interview? You want me to do your homework for you cause I'm not busy enough, is that it?

Mark: All the other attendings are putting together ten-year plans, I was just looking for some input.

Bailey: Input? You want...I have patients in need of medical attention right now. This guy, here, is about to have one less appendage. I don't have a ten-year plan for him, I have a right now plan for him. Cut off his foot to save his life. So, you need to get out of my way right now, so I can do my job.

Mark: Right now?

Bailey: Right now.

(Cafeteria, the interns are having lunch)

Izzie: Hey, talk to me about blackouts. Are they real? Do you really not remember anything afterwards?

Meredith: Iz, I'm fine. I'm not drinking, I'm not drowning my sorrows. Fine. Everybody needs to stop trying to protect me.

Izzie: Um, this isn't really about you. I'm asking back when you had a best friend named tequila, did you actually ever blackout?

Meredith: Once...twice.

Alex: The stuff you don't remember is usually the stuff you don't wanna remember.

Izzie: Right. Great, thanks.

Cristina: Hey, I have type two diabetes. Patient let it go and the infection is in the bone. I have to find a fix or cut off the foot. Anyone? Anybody?

Alex: You get to cut off his foot? Cool.

Cristina: Ok, no, not cool. The patient was neglectful, he made a couple bad calls. Does that mean he has no hope? Does that mean he can't have a do over?

Alex: But you get to cut, do bonus stuff.

Meredith: We're talking about Burke now.

Alex: We are?

Meredith: Operation be kind, rewind not going so well?

Izzie: You need to fix it cause it seems like you guys have a pretty good thing. And pretty good things are rare and hard to come by. Unlike really screwed up, complicated things which seem to be freaking everywhere.

Cristina: You know what, things are great. I'm gonna get things back to the way they were. Watch me.

(Cristina storms off)

Izzie: Has Jane Doe picked a face?

Meredith: No, not yet.

Izzie: How cool would that be? To get to pick your own face. Just disappear and start all over.

(Alex enters Jane Doe's room)

Alex: How you doing?

Jane: How am I doing? I'm freaking out, Alex. That's how I'm doing. I can't do this. I can't pick. I can't.

Alex: All right, ok, lets uh...lets meet the contenders, all right? This...this is Maggie. Married her high school sweetheart, has two kids, boy and girl. Loves being a mom, you know, coaches her daughter's basketball team and makes an insane banana cream pie.

Jane: Banana cream pie?

Alex: It's my favorite so shut up. And this...is Elizabeth. Graduated from Northwestern, met her husband at a rally where they got arrested and fell in love. She's all angry and fired up but everyone forgives her because she means well. Ahh, this one, this ones Eva. She's funny, she's tough...a little neurotic some times but you get used to it. You can tell she's been through some tough times in her life but she'll get through it.

(George and Callie are at Joe's with Mr. Torres)

George: It's just your daughter, she...she's sorta undeniable. And, uh, after I lost my father I realized that life is short...and it's long too. Short and long. Life...

Mr. Torres: He talks a lot.

Callie: No, no, he talks like a like a like a person who talks dad, please.

Mr. Torres: Do you have any idea what you've done to your mother? You make this decision, the most important day of your life, we didn't even know she was seeing someone. Are you pregnant?

Callie: Oh.

Mr. Torres: Did you get my daughter pregnant?

George: No.

Callie: No, daddy, this is...no. George, ok, he's not like the other guys I've been with.

George: Clean as a whistle, and a mathlete.

Mr. Torres: He has no money. You have money.

George: Oh, come on. I didn't know that Callie was well off. She just told me.

Mr. Torres: Really? Really, well you won't mind then if the car, the house and everything else we'll provide will be in Calliope's name?

Callie: What house?

Mr. Torres: You're a married woman now. I'll find something suitable. It's all here in the postnuptial, I've brought along.

Callie: Whoa.

(Mr. Torres goes to put the papers down and knocks over George's drink)

Mr. Torres: I'm sorry.

Callie: Dad!

George: Got it. It's ok.

(Callie and her father are still talking. George suddenly flashes back to the night before and sees him and Izzie having sex.)

George: No.

Mr. Torres: What?

George: No, that's not gonna happen. There is no way I am gonna let you pay for anything. I can't...we can't...Callie...I'm so sorry. Mr. Torres, I'm sorry, but the answer is no.

(George walks up to Izzie who is at a nurse's station)

Izzie: You remembered?

(George walks over to a linen closet and opens the door, they both enter. George appears very confused and even punches the wall. Izzie touches his face, he pulls her hand away and then leaves without either of them saying anything.)

(Seattle scenes)

(Cathy's room. Izzie enters and Cathy and Nina are working on the dollhouse)

Izzie: Wow, it's really coming along. It looks great.

Cathy: Thanks. We've been working on it for months. But when I say we, I mean she. I just hold things and look pretty.

Izzie: That can be hard work too. I'm gonna need to draw some blood for your surgery.

Nina: Be careful! You can only use one specific vein in this area, here.

(Izzie goes to move and knocks things off the table)

Nina: I said be careful.

Izzie: I am so sorry.

Cathy: That's ok.

Nina: No it's not. If she's gonna be that clumsy, she's not drawing your blood.

Cathy: Nina, she's just doing her job.

Nina: Not very well. I'm going to get a nurse, the senior nurse.

Cathy: Oh Nina, stop.

Nina: No, mom! Do not let her touch you. We can't be too careful. You're not taking her blood.

Cathy: She's not even a person anymore, you know what I mean?

Izzie: Mrs. Rogerson...

Cathy: I know I'm gonna die. You know maybe not today but soon. I just need to talk, you know. Nina won't let me talk. I just need to talk.

(Richard enters the conference room where Derek is)

Richard: No coffee. One more thing for Marlow to tweak. Please tell me you're not coming up with a ten-year plan for this hospital.

Derek: You can come up with all the plans you want but in the end their just...it's doesn't make one bit of difference. Things happen, people just...

Richard: Drown?

Derek: Yeah, you know when I pulled her out of the water...she was like ice. She can swim, Richard...she gave up. I close my eyes for a minute and it's like she's back in the water. I'm up at night and I just listen to her breath, you know? Just in case she stops. I can come up with plans for the hospital but if they ask me where I'm gonna be in 10 years...

(Mr. Torres walks up to George who is at the nurse's station)

Mr. Torres: George.

George: Mr. Torres?

Mr. Torres: You wanna take care of her in your own way. I understand that, I respect it but you have to understand, she's my only little girl George. You have to promise me that you will love her and protect her because the minute you hurt her...

(Callie walks up)

Mr. Torres: You understand?

(George nods)

Mr. Torres: Good. Then I'll tell Callie's mother, she can plan the party.

Callie: What...what?

Mr. Torres: You're wedding party.

Callie: Ah, dad, come on.

Mr. Torres: Now, now, please. For my sanity make her happy. Just let her plan the party.

Callie: All right, all right, ok.

Mr. Torres: All right then, I have a plane to catch. Come here. (He kisses her cheek) George. (Shakes George's hand)

Callie: Bye dad.

(He leaves)

Callie: You stood up to him, nobody does that. I was all proud. So listen, about last night...I don't know about you but personally I'd like to take back about 90 percent of it.

George: Me too.

Callie: Good, good ok. Then go find Izzie and help her prep Mrs. Rogerson, I'll see you in surgery.

(Jane Doe's OR)

Jane: You here to keep my baby alive?

Alex: I am.

Jane: Good.

Alex: So?

Jane: So, call me Eva.

(Scrub room for Jane Doe's OR)

Mark: You been practicing? You know the chief will be watching today.

Meredith: The chief, right, of course.

Mark: Of course what?

Meredith: Derek was right about you. You're using the memory of my dead mother to win points with the chief. It's despicable. And I'm not gonna play.

Mark: The chief, the way he was looking at you this morning. Was like you were some beaten down puppy he picked up off the side of the road. You do this procedure and you do it well, he'll start looking at you like a surgeon again. But you wanna think of me as despicable, you wanna pass up this shot, that's up to you.

(Cristina is walking through the hall with Doug)

Cristina: They're doing amazing things with prosthetics these days. This doesn't mean your life is over.

(She sees Burke in the hall dressed for his interview)

Cristina: Take him up to the OR, I'll meet you there.

(She walks over to Burke)

Cristina: Got you're board thing now? The chief picked you originally. You were always supposed to be the next chief. That was always the plan.

Burke: That was a long time ago. A lot has happened since then.

Cristina: But you're still that guy. You're the guy the chief chose.

Burke: No I'm not. I'm not that guy, Cristina, and I wouldn't want to be. I wanna be better than that. I like to believe that I've grown. I wanna move forward, I'm not interested in going back.

(A board member walks in the hall)

Board Member: Dr. Burke.

(Seattle scenes)

(Jane Doe's OR. Mark looks up and sees Richard and Derek watching the surgery intently. He breathes a heavy sigh)

Mark: You ready?

Meredith: Osteotome and hammer.

Mark: Use the curved osteotome to elevate the external table. Gently.

(Cathy's OR)

Burke: How's it looking?

Doctor: Still see bleeding.

Burke: Platinum microcoils, they aren't holding.

Callie: What about using an gelatin sponge?

Burke: I've already tried polyvinyl alcohol, glue, micro-coils. Nothings working.

Izzie: BP's dropping to 62 systolic.

Burke: We're gonna have to open her up.

Callie: If you open her up she's dead.

Burke: If we don't she's dead.

(Nina is in her mother's room working on the dollhouse)

(Doug's OR)

Cristina: Beginning amputation

(She turns on the saw.)

(Jane Doe's OR, Meredith is removing skull bone. Richard and Derek look on.)

(Cathy's OR, she is flatlining)

(Doug's OR, Bailey is carrying his leg)

Bailey: Fine amputation, Yang.

(Yang looks saddened that she had to amputate the leg)

(Jane Doe's OR, Meredith removes a piece of bone and looks up to Derek who smiles at her)

Mark: Beautiful.

(Nina is working on the dollhouse)

(Cathy's room, she is still flatlined)

(Nina is working on the dollhouse and drops a piece and breaks it)

(Mark is in with the board and Derek, Addison and Burke are spying from outside)

Addison: Wait, now they're laughing.

Derek: Laughing?

Addison: They're laughing.

Derek: Well, they can't be laughing with him, they have to be laughing at him.

(Bailey walks up)

Bailey: I'm surprised you don't have a shot glass pressed up against that window.

(They all move aside just as Mark and the board leave the conference room)

Mark: Let me show you the new clinic.

(They all follow Mark and Richard is stopped by the others)

Burke: Chief?

Richard: Hmm?

Burke: So...?

Richard: If you ask me, you all could stand to borrow a page from Dr. Sloan's book.

Derek: Sloan? You're kidding, right? That's a joke.

Richard: He didn't get caught up in this whole ten-year plan foolishness. He said he had a "right now" plan for Seattle Grace.

Burke: The "right now" plan?

Bailey: (Agitated) The "right now" plan? (Bailey looks over at Mark who smiles) Is that right?

Richard: Board ate it up, tell you the truth, so did I.

(Seattle scenes)

(Cathy's room)

Nina: I should have brought her in sooner. The first time she threw up. I knew better.

Callie: Nina, there was nothing any of us could...

Nina: No. It was a mistake.

Izzie: You're mother...talked to me. She wasn't ready to leave you but she was ready to leave her body.

Nina: Please, I don't need you to explain the relative comforts of death for my mother.

Izzie: What she was afraid of was that you had taken on so much of her disease that you had frozen up to. You spent so much time planning and helping her avoid risk, god knows that's what you should have been doing, but she was worried...You have a healthy body, Nina. If you fall down you won't turn to stone and you're mom so wanted you to fall. Messing up is what makes a person. It's how you learn, where you find joy in the things you don't plan for. The things you never see coming.

(Seattle scenes)

(George and Izzie are alone in the locker room)

Izzie: Ok, it happened. It was a mistake and it happened. People make mistakes. We need to figure out where we go from here. We need to figure out how to tell Callie.

George: I'm not gonna tell Callie. Do you know how much this would hurt her? I'm not gonna clear my conscious at her expense. She has done nothing but support me, encourage me and believe in me and this is how I pay her back. No, I have to live with what I did. This is our secret, ok?

Izzie: Ok.

(George gets up and leaves)

MVO: The thing about plans is...they don't take into account the unexpected.

(Cristina enters Doug's room)

MVO: So, when we're thrown a curve ball, whether it's in the OR, or in life.

Cristina: How are you feeling?

MVO: We have to improvise.

Doug: I'm a guy without a foot. What do I do now?

Cristina: You move forward, you follow the plan and you try and keep your other foot.

Doug: My other foot, right.

(Alex is in Jane Doe's room)

MVO: Of course, some of us are better at it than others.

(Addison enters)

Addison: I'm impressed, Karev. You spent the whole day watching a fetal monitor and never complained.

Alex: Well, I do what I'm told.

Addison: Since when?

Alex: Depends on who's doing the telling.

Addison: Good night, Dr. Karev.

(Addison leaves and Jane Doe wakes up)

Jane: What was that?

Alex: Hey, how's Eva?

Jane: I don't think I'm gonna know the answer to that for a while. What do you say we talk about you and the redhead for a while?

Alex: Well, the redhead's my boss, so...

Jane: So?

Alex: Well, it's complicated.

Jane: And?

Alex: And?

(Cristina enters her and Burke's apartment)

MVO: Some of us just have to move on to Plan B and make the best of it.

(She climbs into bed. Burke looks shocked.)

Cristina: It has to be small. Just you and me...and Meredith...and Shepherd too, if you want. But that's it. And the justice of the peace. I know you're spiritual and stuff but I don't want any rabbi's or ministers, nothing religious. Let's just make an appointment at city hall and that'll be it. And no veil. Ok, I don't wanna get married with a mosquito net all over my face.

(He hugs her)

(Meredith and Derek are lying in bed)

Meredith: I let Mark use the memory of my dead mother to win points with the chief. You were right.

Derek: Sorry.

Meredith: You know what's weird?

Derek: What's weird?

Meredith: It's exactly what she would have wanted.

Derek: So, dead mommy's proud?

Meredith: Dead mommy's proud. How was your interview?

Derek: Not great. It wasn't great. I was distracted.

Meredith: By what?

Derek: Nothing. I don't know.

Meredith: On a scale of one to ten how bad is it?

Derek: 8

(They kiss)

Meredith: How bout now?

Derek: 7

(She climbs on top of him)

Meredith: How bout now?

MVO: And sometimes...

Derek: 6

MVO: ...what we want...

Derek: 5

MVO: ...is exactly...

Derek: 4

MVO: ...what we need.

(Izzie is in her room, taking the sheets off the bed. She sits down on the bed and cries)

MVO: But sometimes...

(Callie and George are lying in bed)

Callie: I can smell you're clothes through the closet door. Did you tie them up in a plastic laundry bag?

George: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Callie: I guess I can live with it.

MVO: Sometimes what we need is a new plan.

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labelette  (29.10.2020 à 21:42)

Cet épisode n'est pas passionnant non plus, toujours autour de la patiente d'Alex, maintenant surnommée Ava et des histoires de coeur de Cristina / Burke et Callie / George / Izzie.


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