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#315 : Tous sur le Pont

Scénario : Shonda Rhimes - Réalisation : Rob Corn 
Guest stars : Kate Burton, Kali Rocha, Elizabeth Reaser, Paul Perri, Dean Norris, Billy Mayo, Madison Leisle, Brian Chenoweth, Jeffrey Markle, Kelly Wolf 

Le personnel du Seattle Grace doit faire face à un nombre important de blessés suite à accident ayant eu lieu avec un Ferry-boat. Le chef doit constituer une équipe qui devra se rendre sur les lieux du sinistre afin d'aider un maximum de personnes. Bailey s'y rend avec Izzie, Alex, George et Meredith. Cristina est contrainte de rester pour attendre les futurs blessés. Sur place, Meredith prend en charge une petite fille perdue, Alex découvre une femme enceinte coincée sous un pylone et Izzie se retrouve avec un homme mal en point coincé sous une voiture. Derek apprend par Burke qu'il est fiancé avec Cristina avant d'être dépêché sur les lieux de l'accident. Meredith soigne un homme lorsque celui-ci se rebelle et la fait tomber à l'eau...



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Walk On Water

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Tous sur le Pont

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Les docteurs aux urgences

Les docteurs aux urgences

Les médecins qui se rendent sur le lieu de l'accident

Les médecins qui se rendent sur le lieu de l'accident

Bailey, Izzie et leur patiente

Bailey, Izzie et leur patiente

Les médecins dans le couloir

Les médecins dans le couloir

Richard Webber

Richard Webber

Meredith et Cristina

Meredith et Cristina

George et Callie

George et Callie

George et Callie

George et Callie

Les docteurs

Les docteurs

Izzie et Cristina

Izzie et Cristina

L'accident de ferry

L'accident de ferry

Izzie, Callie, Bailey et une patiente

Izzie, Callie, Bailey et une patiente

Callie et le groupe d'internes

Callie et le groupe d'internes

Les médecins dans le couloirs

Les médecins dans le couloirs

Richard qui parle au groupe d'internes

Richard qui parle au groupe d'internes

Bailey qui parle au groupe d'internes

Bailey qui parle au groupe d'internes

Sur le lieu de l'accident

Sur le lieu de l'accident

Les médecins arrivent sur le lieu de l'accident

Les médecins arrivent sur le lieu de l'accident

Izzie, Bailey et une patiente

Izzie, Bailey et une patiente

Addison et une patiente

Addison et une patiente

Alex Karev et une patiente

Alex Karev et une patiente

Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez)

Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez)

Plus de détails

(Meredith is sitting in the bathtub)

MVO: Disappearances happen in science, disease can suddenly fade away. Tumors go missing. We open someone up to discover the cancer is gone. It's unexplained, it's rare, bit it happens. We call it misdiagnosis say we never saw it, any explanation but the truth.

(Meredith sinks under that water in the tub)

MVO: That life is full of vanishing acts. If something that we didn't know we had disappears, do we miss it?

(Derek enters the bathroom)

Derek: Meredith. (He pulls her out of the water) Meredith, what are you doing?

(George's room is empty, Izzie is standing in the hall when Meredith and Derek walk out)

Meredith: I was taking a bath.

Derek: That's not a bath. I know what a bath looks like.

Meredith: Drop it.

Derek: Look, your mother

Meredith: Drop it.

Derek: Your mother...she was lucid and she said things and now she's...

Meredith: Gone. Everything's back to normal, it's not a big deal.

Derek: Yeah, except she's having heart surgery today.

(Meredith sighs and Derek cups her face.)

Derek: Hey, you want me to talk to the Chief? I know you have that triage thing today but he'll give you the day off.

Meredith: Stop! I do not need rescuing.

Derek: You would have drowned in the bathtub had I not been there.

Meredith: I'm a surgeon. I do the rescuing. You are not my knight in shining...whatever.

Derek: Oh, so we're gonna fight because I pulled you out of the tub.

Meredith: You have a place. You could sleep at it. And then you don't have to pull me out of the bathtub. You're everywhere, all the time, saying things.

Derek: This is the happy ever after part and in the happily ever after part the guy is there, all the time, saying things. And the girls love it.

Meredith: Go to work. I'll see you there.

Derek: Just for the record, I am you knight in shining...whatever.

(He kisses her)

Derek: (To Izzie) Morning.

Meredith: I did not try to drown myself in the bathtub.

Izzie: Hey, I ate everything out of the fridge last night, everything, including a tub of butter. There's no judgment here.

Meredith: You ever feel like you were just disappearing?

Izzie: All the time.

Meredith: Why can't I just be that happily ever after person? Why can't I believe in that?

Izzie: I don't know what I believe in anymore.

(Seattle scenes)

(Cristina and Burke are on the stairs)

Cristina: We're not telling...people.

Burke: I haven't told anyone.

Cristina: I know, I know. Just...don't.

Burke: I'm not going to...yet.

Cristina: I just...I need to tell my friends here first.

Burke: I have friends here. (Cristina just stares at him) Shepherd.

Cristina: Oh, no you can't tell Shepherd. You cannot tell Shepherd until I've told Meredith. It will be a thing.

Burke: You act like this is a disaster. But the world won't implode if people know.

Cristina: I will tell them, today. Just...wait.

(Richard is in the elevator, Addison is already there when Derek enters)

Derek: Morning. (He stops to stare at Richard) What's different?

Richard: Nothing.

Addison: Leave him be.

Derek: What happened to your hair?

Richard: Nothing.

(Mark and Burke enter the elevator)

Burke: What happened to your hair?

Addison: Leave him be.

Mark: You dyed it.

Derek: But why?

(Addison smacks Derek)

Derek: Ow!

Addison: Leave him be.

Derek: What are you doing? What?

Burke: Ok, but why?

Richard: Men who have gray hair are noticed less then men who don't.

Derek: By who?

Richard: Well...

Burke: By the ladies...

(Mark laughs)

Derek: Looks good Chief.

Burke: Ladies will love it.

Mark: Very natural.

Addison: He is alone, all alone. Do any of you even know what that's like? (Points to Burke) Lives with Cristina (Points to Derek) Dates the perfect 12-year-old (Points to Mark) Man whore! His wife left him, after 25 years of marriage. So if the man wants to dye his hair for the ladies leave him be. Leave him be.

(Derek mouths ok)

(Bailey and Callie are in the clinic)

Callie: It's weird. Weird. It's weird right?

Bailey: I need more triage tear tags.

Callie: Working with somebody I'm married to is weird. I mean, I'm his boss and his wife. At work, I'm giving him orders. In bed, he's giving me...

Bailey: Stop! Right there! I don't need to know this. I'm tired, I'm busy. While I will concede, you and O'Malley have some challenges to overcome. I'm asking you to remember that this day is a marathon and my mind can only hold what it needs to know. Your sex life cannot be held in my mind today. Ever! It cannot be held in my mind ever. Never.

Callie: Whatever

(Sydney enters)

Sydney: Sydney Heron here to land a hand. Hey! Hi! Hello! Oh Miranda, hey. Nice clinic, very nice.

Bailey: Is it?

Sydney: I mean real nice, real cheerful. No better to distinguish your self for chief resident then to open a multi million dollar clinic. Smart thinking, strategic.

Bailey: Chief resident?

Sydney: I myself have used the time to master several complex surgical procedures. But, this is, um, another way to go.

Bailey: What is she talking about?

Callie: Chief resident.

Sydney: Chief resident. Yeah for next year, the one 5th year resident that rules all residents. Oh she...ok, she's cute. She's acting like she didn't know about it. Cute!

Bailey: I'm not cute.

Sydney: I'm on to you. Ok. I'm a competitor. Grr!

Bailey: I bite!

Sydney: Ok, well. I'll just wait for you in the pit.

(Meredith is at the nurse's station outside her mom's room. Ellis looks agitated and they stare at each other for a moment. Meredith walks away.)

(Meredith and Cristina are in the locker room getting ready for the start of their shift. Meredith looks angry and irritated. Cristina on the other hand is smiling)

Meredith: What?

Cristina: Nothing.

(Cristina looks disappointed that Meredith isn't happy. She is still smiling.)

Meredith: What?

Cristina: Ok, cranky. Forget it.

Alex: Am I the only one that thinks this triage test is a waste of time? There's a patistoplasty on the board. I had Sloan all prepped to let me scrub in.

Izzie: George, hey.

George: Hey.

Izzie: How's it going?

George: Good.

Izzie: You like living in a hotel?

George: Yeah. It's good.

Izzie: Cause your rooms still there. Next to mine.

George: Aw, Izzie.

Izzie: I'm just saying. If you don't like...the hotel, you can always just move right back in.

George: You think I'm this boy that you need to save, I get that, but...And it would be sweet, if it weren't so condescending.

Alex: Seriously is it too much to ask to be performing actual surgeries? We are actual surgeons.

(Cristina is still smiling)

Meredith: What?

Cristina: Nothing.

(The clinic, Sydney is laying in bed acting like a patient)

Izzie: A lot of arm swelling but good distal pulses so...we can rule out compartment syndrome. I suspect a radius fracture so I'd splint and get an ortho follow up.

Bailey: Anything else?

Izzie: No.

Bailey: Ok. Then I guess this means...

Callie: Time.

Sydney: And I'm dead.

Izzie: Dead.

(Sydney pretends to die)

Bailey: You sent her home. The bone punctured through her skin.

Izzie: Yeah, but she had multiple wounds and...abrasions.

Sydney: A puncture over a break is an open fracture until proven otherwise. Yeah, I got septic and I died at home, thanks to you.

Izzie: Whatever.

Sydney: Not whatever to minor dead puncture wound that's not guy.

Bailey: You have to be quick and thorough while using your instincts. You can't be fooled by what your eyes see. If you assess wrong, your patient could die while waiting for treatment. Karev, you're next.

Izzie: Just think, I already killed her, you can't do more damage than that.

Bailey: People, triage is one of the most important tools a doctor has. In a real emergent scenario, you'll have only minutes...

Callie: And it's something you'll be tested on in your surgical exams.

(George snaps a Polaroid)

George: Sorry.

Callie: George!

George: I was just recording the drill.

(Callie and George step to the side)

George: Yeah.

Callie: We're working, George.

George: Yeah.

Callie: Ok, I'm your boss right now.

George: Ok.

Callie: All right?

George: A very sex one...

Callie: No. You cannot undermine my authority in front of the other interns, in front of my peers.

George: No.

Bailey: O'Malley take that back to the clinic where it belongs.

George: Yes, doctor.

(Richard enters)

Richard: People, look I'm sorry. I have to interrupt the session for a moment.

Sydney: Chief, I like your new hair. Really brings out your eyes.

Bailey: Do you need something sir?

Richard: We just received word of a mass causality incident nearby. All available level 1 trauma centers have been asked to respond. I need to send a team into the field immediately.

Cristina: Is this a part of the exercise? Are we supposed to act appropriately, um, tense?

Richard: This is not an exercise or a drill, Yang. This is an emergent situation and I need all hands on deck.

Izzie: Seriously?

Bailey: What happened?

Richard: I don't have details just orders.

(Bailey and her interns are in the OR preparing their triage kits.)

Cristina: Meredith? I have a thing. News.

Meredith: You're not pregnant again are you? Cause I can't handle the extra months of bitchiness.

(Bailey walks up)

Bailey: We're catching a ride with Seattle 34, space is tight. So hold your kits on your lap.

Alex: Where we going?

Bailey: We'll know when we get there.

Izzie: Fire? Flood? Volcano? I'm not really dressed for a volcano.

(They enter the ambulance bay)

Bailey: Stevens.

Izzie: Sorry, inappropriate. Sorry.

Paramedic: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I'm hauling supplies, I only have room for five.

Bailey: Yang.

Cristina: Yes?

Bailey: Stay with the Chief, take care of the incoming wounded. The rest of you come on.

Cristina: Stevens was inappropriate.

(Izzie gives her a look)

Meredith: Hey, what was your news?

Cristina: Forget it, forget it.

(The ambulance leaves and Cristina is left standing there. The ambulance speeds through Seattle)

Bailey: Oh everybody. Move your id's to the outside of your jacket. When we get there remember triage. Karev?

Alex: Green tags non emergent, yellow tags delayed care, red tags needs immediate treatment.

Bailey: Good. Assess carefully, tag, then get all critical patients into the ambulances as fast as possible. Don't get in the way of search and rescue and stay calm.

Alex: Any word yet on what happened?

Bailey: All we know is there are multiple traumas.

(They ambulance arrives and George helps the others out of the bus. Each of the interns faces is that of utter shock.)

Izzie: Holy mother of....

(The camera pans around to show a scene of utter destruction. There are injured people and support personnel everywhere. There is an ferry boat on fire and the devastation is massive.)

Izzie: Dr. Bailey, where do you need us?

Meredith: Where should we start first?

Izzie: Dr. Bailey?

Bailey: Ok, um, I don't have time to hold your hands. You know the protocol. Go do it.

Alex: Do what?

Bailey: Go help people.

(The interns each run off their own separate directions)

George: You need some help?

Paramedic: Nothing more I can do here.

George: How did this happen?

Paramedic: It was a fog bank, container ship clipped the ferry.

(George stops for a moment as he sees the makeshift morgue full of dead bodies.)

Meredith: Ok, take a deep breath for me. Ok, you're gonna be ok. You're injuries are minor. An EMT is gonna come and take you to the hospital, ok?

(She looks up and sees a little girl standing there, crying)

Meredith: Is this your mommy? (The little girl shakes her head no) Who are you with? Ok, I want you to stay right here, ok? (The little girl grabs Meredith's arm) Stay right here. (Meredith looks down at the girl's wet pants) Did you wet your pants? That's ok. It happens sometimes.

Paramedic: Coming through. (Meredith hugs the little girl)

(Seattle scenes)

(Derek and Burke are at a nurse's station)

Derek: This doesn't make sense. Ferry boats don't get in accidents. The moment you take one for granted along comes a container ship and bam. (Burke just looks at him) I have a thing for ferryboats.

Burke: (To Nurse) Reschedule Swanson's valve replacement. I'm gonna need the OR for the incoming from the ferry accident.

Nurse: Ok.

Derek: I mean, this whole day has just been...there's something wrong with Meredith. I asked her what's wrong she says nothing. She tries to drown herself in the tub. Not...actually drown. I don't think. Something was going on, she will not talk about it. I mean, we were fine now it's like I'm living with a ghost.

Burke: You're confiding in me?

Derek: Yes.

Burke: Cristina and I are engaged.

Derek: Congratulations.

Burke: I mean, she doesn't wanna tell anyone. At least not until she tells Meredith first.

Derek: Yeah. They're different then other women.

Burke: Yes, these women. Yes they are.

Derek: I mean, maybe we'll never know them, really know them.

(Mark walks up)

Derek: Now you and Cristina are engaged you'll have a lot of work to do.

Burke: Right.

Mark: You and Yang are getting hitched?

Burke: There's a mass causality incident rolling in.

Derek: There'll probably be some burn victims. You should be prepared.

(Callie enters the clinic and picks up a chart. She turns and runs into Sydney)

Callie: Whoa! Oh, Sydney. I...I thought I could take a few patients off your hands.

(Sydney takes the chart back)

Sydney: I appreciate the gesture, Dr. Callie O'Malley but the Chief asked to roll the non-emergent ER cases into the clinic and take care of them. So, I've triaged these patients and so far it looks like, uh, a sore throat, a sprain and a tummy ache. Easy breezy. So, the clinic and I are fine.

Callie: Ok. I'm not, uh, trying to take the clinic, Bailey's clinic by the way, away from you. I'm trying to help so...

(She grabs the chart back)

Sydney: Your offer the help is dually noted and very much appreciated but (she takes the chart back) I promise you, I've got it all under control. Jason K?

Jason: Yeah.

Callie: Fine, I'll leave you to it. And find myself a recently traumatized emergency surgery to scrub in on while you stay down here with your sore throat and your sprain and what was the other one?

Sydney: Tummy ache.

Callie: Oh!

Sydney: Jason K.

(Izzie is the trauma scene look very much lost when a man walks up to her)

Vince: Excuse me, are you a nurse, a doctor or a medical something?

Izzie: I'm a doctor but...

Vince: Come with me.

Izzie: Um, no. You need to get checked out. There's a treatment area right over there.

Vince: Follow me, please.

Izzie: You've got some really bad burns. They need to be treated.

Vince: My buddy's trapped. He's trapped under a car.

Izzie: If he's trapped under a car, you need search and rescue. They have...they have personnel...

Vince: I called them, they're backed up and he can't wait. He's in a real bad way. Please. He's my best buddy. Please.

(Izzie is led off by Vince)

(Richard walks up to Derek at the nurse's station)

Richard: Shepherd I need you in the next rig.

Derek: Ok.

Richard: I want you at that scene.

Derek: You're gonna need me here.

Richard: They're reporting lots of closed head injuries and I want you to get in there and bring them back, alive.

(Derek walks off)

Richard: (To Mark) What's the news?

Mark: Shepherd and Grey are on the rocks. Burke and Yang got engaged. (Richard just looks at him) You need highlights...in your hair. That's why it looks so odd. (Richard gives him another look) I'm gonna go save lives.

Alex: take him to the treatment area. He'll fix you up there, ok?

Paramedic: Come on, lets go.

(Alex looks down off the dock and sees a woman trapped under a pylon)

Alex: I've got somebody down here.

Cop: Hey, that's not secure. (Alex ignores him) Hey! (Alex climbs over piles of rubble to get to the woman) Doctor I need you to get up here.

Alex: There's a pregnant woman down here just shut the...

Cop: Is she dead?

Alex: Yeah. (He starts to walk away and turns to see the woman moving her hand.) Wait a second. Hold on, hold on. (He tries to move the pylon) Immediate, immediate. I need help down here.

(Vince and Izzie run up to some cars. There are two men standing there and a man trapped under the car.)

Friend: He's back. He's got help.

Vince: You hear that Rick? We got help. We got a doctor. You're gonna be ok now man.

Greg: He's gonna be ok? Right?

(Cristina is watching a television in the hospital waiting room)

Newscaster: What we do know at this time or what we can tell you is that there have been deaths. And we don't know how many and we may not know that for hours or even days.

(Richard walks up)

Newscaster: We also know that passengers are still being evacuated. A ferry of this size can carry anywhere up to a 1000 or 1500 passengers.

Richard: All right you're gonna need these to handle the influx. We're gonna need plenty of available open chest trays, central line kits and the difficult intubation kit.

Cristina: Yes, sir.

(Cristina leaves and Richard turns to watch the TV)

Newscaster: We don't know...

Richard: Oh, Yang.

Cristina: I know sir. Communicate with the scene as needed.

Richard: No, I heard you were engaged. Congratulations.

Cristina: Thank you, sir.

Richard: All right, go. And remember we're hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Cristina: Right.

(Back at the scene)

Paramedic: You got anyone for me?

George: Uh, yeah. Those two need to be transported. Uh, these five didn't make it. Four adults and one child.

(A woman walks up. She was obviously in the crash)

Carly: A child? You found a dead child? Boy or girl?

George: Ma'am, you're injured, you need to lie down. (Loudly) Get a stretcher, now!

Carly: Is the child a boy or girl? I can't find my son. We got separated. I need to know if my little boy is alive.

George: She was a girl. The child was a little girl. (Carly tries to walk away) No, no, no, no, no. I need to examine you. I'm gonna have to take you to the hospital.

Carly: No, I can't leave. He's only seven. No! And...and he's all alone. No, I will not leave my son behind.

George: I will find him. Listen to me, I will find him. If you let me take you to triage, I promise you, I will find your son.

Carly: He's so scared.

George: I know. I know. I will find him. (George takes the picture from her)

Carly: Ok.

George: Ok.

Vince: He's a mechanic. We work together. We drive together to work. And suddenly there was this huge jolt.

Friend: It was awful. We were just trying to get out of there but Rick went back in.

Greg: Figured we could help, we should help. He went back and there were people trapped. He was just trying to help.

Vince: We were behind him. We were right behind him.

Izzie: He has injuries to his chest and leg. It looks like him arm is broken and I'd guess there's damage to his spine and pelvis. I can't...there's not much I can do until we get him out of here.

Vince: You gotta do what you can. I mean we'll uh...Greg go find some more guys.

Izzie: Hey, go find search and rescue, ok? Give them this...(She hands him a red triage tag) Tell them I said he can't wait. He has to get to a hospital.

Greg: All right, I'm going.

(Derek is not at the scene)

Derek: Let them know he needs a CT. Make sure to keep his neck stable. Ask for Weller. Weller's not available ask for Krichek. Ok? Keep him stable.

(Meredith sees Derek)

Derek: What do you got? Ok, someone hand me some bandages. Ok, stop here.

Meredith: Derek.

Derek: Meredith, hey, you got a free hand? Here, hold this bandage for me. You all right?

Meredith: Yeah, it's just...a lot.

Derek: You wanna get married? And you haven't told me and I haven't asked? And we have a problem?

Meredith: What? No, I don't want to get married. You want to get married?

Derek: No. Good. So, if that's not it, what is it?

Meredith: It isn't anything. Are you good cause I gotta get this kid to triage?

Derek: Yeah, ok. Lets go. Is she all right?

Meredith: Yeah, she's good. She's just lost.

Derek: (Walking away) Hang in there. We're gonna get you to the hospital.

(Meredith walks off still holding little Lisa's hand)

(Addison and Richard are in front of the OR board)

Addison: All of the non emergent surgeries have been postponed.

Richard: Good.

Addison: I'm gonna go check on discharges. Trying to free up as many beds as I can in the surgical wing.

Richard: Oh. I was gonna do that but...

Addison: I can do it.

Richard: Uh sure. Good.

Addison: Unless you want to?

Richard: No. No, go ahead.

Addison: You're still the chief.

Richard: I know that.

Addison: Just seems so quiet, you know?

Richard: Yeah, we're expecting the first wave from the scene soon.

(Richard starts to walk away)

Addison: I dyed my hair blonde. The day after Derek moved out. Change is good. Your marriage is over. You're starting over. So am I.

Richard: Right.

(Burke and Cristina are talking in a room)

Cristina: I specifically told you I needed to tell Meredith first.

Burke: I was talking to Shepherd and...it just...came out. It was no big deal.

Cristina: Wait. It is a big deal. Because now she's not even gonna care about the fact that I'm getting married. All she's gonna care about is the fact that I didn't tell her myself.

Burke: And why didn't you?

Cristina: There was a major disaster.

Burke: That was 45 minutes after we discussed it. You were with your friends for 45 minutes running triage drills and you weren't compelled to mention it?

Cristina: The chief says they're rolling in soon, so...

(Alex is in the ambulance with Jane Doe)

Paramedic: Blood pressure's really low, barely registering. Setting up the veins for an IV.

Alex: She's all clamped down from hypothermia, that's why I couldn't find a pulse.

Paramedic: I've never seen a crush injury so bad, and survive. God she's a mess.

Alex: She needs to stay on her left side. We gotta mover her on her left side. It's gonna take both of us, gotta get that BP up. On my count. One...(She grabs Alex's arm) Two...

You're baby...you're baby ok. For now it looks ok. Just try to breathe. We need to move you to help you get circulation, ok? One, two, three.

Paramedic: Pulse is already better. I'll attempt IV access again.

Alex: Just breathe through the pain. All you can do for your baby right now is take care of yourself. There you go, good. I know it hurts. Come on now; keep breathing for me, ok? That's it. Keep breathing.

(Richard is standing in the silent ambulance bay. Cristina walks out and stands next to him)

Richard: Good.

Cristina: Um, what do we...so what do we do?

Richard: We wait.

(Callie walks out)

Cristina: We wait?

(Addison walks out)

Richard: We wait.

(The scene. Meredith is talking with Lisa)

Meredith: Ok, we need to find a grown-up. Another grown-up to help you find your mom.

(Meredith sees a man crawling out of the water near the docks. She stops a passing officer)

Meredith: Hey. I need you to take this little girl to the triage tents.

Officer: I gotta get back to my unit.

Meredith: No, I need you to take this little girl to the triage tents for me, please. (To Lisa) You're gonna be ok. You're gonna be fine. I promise. Thanks.

(Meredith walks over to the man on the dock. The officer and little girl start to walk away. A man shouts for help and the officer goes to help)

Officer: Stay right here.

(Lisa looks very lost)

(Derek is near an ambulance where Bailey is getting ready to climb inside)

Derek: How we doing?

Bailey: It's bad. A lot of survivors, so, it's something.

Derek: Yeah, it is.

Bailey: Have you seen Stevens?

Derek: No.

Bailey: What about O'Malley? Grey?

Derek: Grey was...I saw Grey about ten minutes ago. She was on her way over to you with a kid. You haven't seen her?

Bailey: Nope. I gotta head out with this one, so, keep an eye on my interns. All right?

Derek: I'll do my best.

(Derek closes the ambulance doors for Bailey. He turns around looking confused and tries to see Meredith in the crowds.)

(Alex is at the hospital with Jane Doe)

Alex: Jane Doe, about six months pregnant, found under a pile of rubble. Sustained crush injuries to her right torso and upper extremities as well as severe trauma to the face. BP initially low but now up to 90 over 60 after a liter of fluid and placing her on her left side.

Richard: What do we do? Karev?

Cristina: ABC. Her airway needs to be protected. Her breathing will be compromised because of the crush injury. And we need to have blood available. I would do a trauma panel, type and cross and CT's of her head and neck.

Richard: Excellent, lets get her started. Uh, trauma room 2.

(In the trauma room)

Paramedic: One, two and three.

Richard: Lets see what we have.

(Jane grabs Alex's hand)

Alex: The baby...the baby's gonna...

Addison: Make sure that you shield her in radiology.

Burke: Gotta get her stabilized first, before you start worrying about the baby. The mother may be negligible.

Addison: Right, but...she's gonna need a lot before all this is over. We need to protect them both.

Richard: Yang, you're on this. Alex, go to the clinic. The victim's families are there. They need answers.

Alex: This is my patient. I pulled her out of the damned water.

Richard: Which is heroic and manly and you still need to talk to those families, right now.

Alex: Me? Why can't Yang do it?

Richard: This is all hands on deck. Yang can handle this. Now go.

(George is in the ambulance bay unloading Carly)

George: Ok.

Carly: He likes fire trucks. And police cars. Anything with flashing lights.

(Bailey enters the ambulance bay)

George: Carly Height, 45 year old female found at the scene. Open abdominal wound with a mental evisceration.

Bailey: Ok, we need to get her to an OR as soon as possible.

Carly: He won't respond if you call him Christopher. He hates that. Just Chris.

George: Ok.

Carly: He likes Christ the best.

Bailey: O'Malley what is she talking about?

George: She lost track of her son in the accident.

Carly: Dr. O'Malley and I made a deal. He's gonna find my son so that I know that Chris is ok before I go into surgery.

Bailey: Miss Height, your injury is extremely serious. We need to tend to it as soon as possible.

Carly: As soon as he's located. I can't go into surgery before I know about my son.

George: I'm sure he's here. All families are being directed here.

Bailey: O'Malley just find the boy in a hurry. We'll start the workup.

(Back at the scene. Izzie is doing her best to help Rick)

Izzie: I need some more gauze.

Friend: There's no more here.

Vince: Maybe you could, uh, find some paper towels in the head.

Friend: I'll find something.

Rick: Vince? Vince, man, it hurts like hell.

Vince: Can you do anything about that? I mean, you got anything for the pain?

Izzie: I've given him everything I've got. Where is search and rescue?

Rick: It hurts.

Vince: What hurts man?

Rick: Everything.

Izzie: Maybe if...maybe if I try to set his arm it will help some of the pain.

Vince: What are you waiting for?

Izzie: I...uh...um...

Vince: What?

Izzie: Nothing, just, uh...just, uh, stay there and hold his hand.

Vince: Hold his hand?

Izzie: You think he's in pain now? He's not. Hold his hand. Place both hands on opposite sides of the arm, distract, exaggerate, and reverse the mechanism in one continuous motion.

Vince: You are a doctor, aren't ya?

Izzie: Shut up. All right, all right. Rick, you ready?

Rick: Yeah.

Izzie: One...two...

(She yanks his arm and he screams)

(Meredith is at the dock)

Meredith: What happened?

Businessman: Some metal, something hit my leg. I was thrown off. God, it hurts. It hurts.

Meredith: Ok.

Businessman: I started swimming. I need to go. I've got a meeting.

(She puts a bandage on his leg and he starts screaming)

Meredith: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sir. But try to stay still. (Lisa walks up and taps her on the shoulder) Don't look. Turn around. I need you to be brave for me. Just stand right there and don't move. And don't look.

(Jane Doe is in CT. Cristina is entering the viewing room when Burke walks up)

Burke: What do we got?

Cristina: Oh, we just got started.

Burke: All right, then I got this. There's nobody covering my service. I'm gonna need you to get up to telemetry and check on my patients, pre-op and post-op.

Cristina: And then I should join you in surgery?

Burke: No, and then you should report to the pit.

Cristina: The chief assigned me to Jane Doe.

Burke: Yes, and I'm reassigning you.

Cristina: To do what? Sutures?

Burke: Yes.

Cristina: Ok, so you're saying you don't want me to scrub in?

Burke: Dr. Yang, I'm saying I have an unattended thoracic wing and a pit full of patients. You have the ability to help. I don't need you in the Or, I need you on the floor. Do you have a problem with that?

Cristina: Nope.

Burke: Thank you.

(George is an office on the phone)

George: No, Chris Height. He's seven years old, he's got brown hair. I don't know if he's injured. Could you just check to see if he's there. Yes, I know all the families were directed here could you just check. Thank you, yeah.

(Callie walks by)

George: Callie, I need some help.

Callie: I can't, I'm busy.

George: Yeah, it's just I'm trying to find this...

Callie: George I'm busy. I'm about to go into surgery. I can't be your wife right now, I'm working.

George: I'm working too. I have a patient who needs surgery.

Callie: So do I.

(Callie leaves)

George: Yes, any luck? Thank you.

(Meredith and Lisa are still helping the man at the scene)

Meredith: Ok. Damn it. (Loudly) Can I get some help over here? Sweetie, listen to me. I need you to turn around. I know I told you to face away from me but we need to work together to save this man. I don't talk either when I get scared. I don't...talk when bad things happen. You don't have to say anything but I need your help. (Lisa turns around) Ok. Don't look down. Don't look at the blood. Look at me. Look at me. Can you be my assistant? (She nods yes) Ok, good. I can't move my hands from where they are right now so I need you to go over to my kit and pull out the things they look like, um, like tweezers. You know what your mommy uses to pull a splinter out with?

(Cristina and Alex are in the locker room)

Cristina: Hey, what was the site like? Was it gory? Was it trauma bonanza? Obviously terrible.

Alex: I don't talk to thieves.

Cristina: What?

Alex: You stole my Jane Doe right out from under me.

Cristina: I am not a thief. You balked, you're a balker.

Alex: I was thinking.

Cristina: Again not my problem that thinking is such a time consuming process for you.

Alex: I rescued her. I climbed down and moved a massive pylon off of her. I got her here alive.

Cristina: Pylons? There are pylons on people?

Alex: Whatever. Now I get stuck babysitting the patients families who are waiting and you get to scrub in.

Cristina: I'm not scrubbing in, I'm stitching up patients in the pit.

Alex: Who'd you piss off to get that?

Cristina: I happen to be pulling gaping pieces of flesh back together.

Alex: You're stitching. You're just one step closer to knitting your grandma's sweater.

Cristina: Well at least mines medical.

Alex: You're knitting. I pull pylons off people.

(The clinic is being used as a family gathering point. Sydney is there helping)

Sydney: Orange juice? Orange juice? Orange juice? Oh, sweetie. Yeah, his colors not good. Do you want some orange juice? Or maybe I have some wheat crackers to put in your belly. (Loudly) Everybody if you're waiting to hear about your families. We should be hearing something very soon. I'm sorry.

(The site)

Friend: He must have saved at least a dozen people who were stuck in their cars. We told him not to go back.

Vince: That's the kind of guy he is. He's the guy that goes back. He's got kids too, five of them.

Izzie: Ok, I'm committed to the project. I don't need to hear about the kids.

Rick: Leave the girl alone, Vince.

Vince: Sorry. You're doing a real great job there.

(Greg walks up)

Greg: Hey, how's he doing?

Vince: He's doing all right.

Izzie: No, no. No he's not. I can't do anything more until we get him out from under this car. Can you please tell me why you've come back by yourself?

Greg: Search and rescue, they're buried. They said they'd come when they can.

Izzie: The red tag. Did you show them the red tag?

Greg: They said they got 15 red tags.

Rick: Go on guys. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

Vince: No, no, no. Don't do this Rick. Stay with me. Stay with me. He let go of my hand. He's going limp. Wake up Rick.

(Alex enters Jane's room)

Alex: Hey. I'm not gonna be able to make it to your surgery. Here's the thing, you were crushed under a cement pylon. Dozens of people on that ferry boat died but you're still alive. So, when I come back to check on you after the surgery you better still be alive. All right? (She nods) All right.

(Alex goes to leave and Addison is at the door)

Addison: BP's stable. So is the baby's. You did good, Karev.

Alex: She gonna be ok?

Addison: Yeah, we're gonna do everything we can.

Alex: What about the baby? She gonna be able to carry it to term.

Addison: Um, you should get back down to the clinic.

(The OR, Carly is ready to be operated on)

Bailey: Mrs. Height, it's time. We really need to operate before you lose anymore blood or your bowels start to die.

Carly: Just wait til Dr. O'Malley finds my son, please.

(George enters)

Carly: Dr. O'Malley, George, did you find him? Is he ok? Is he awake?

(The scene)

Izzie: One of his pupils is blown, we don't have a lot of time.

Vince: What are you gonna do? You can't let him die.

Izzie: Sorry. I'm doing what I can.

Vince: It's not enough. Please just...look they're not gonna get him out of here any time soon, so you have gotta figure out a way to help him. Right here, right now.

(Alex enters the clinic)

Angry Woman: Finally.

Man: Kelly Winters

Man 2: Patina. Patina's a little girl with...

Alex: Hold on, hold on. I'm...I'm Dr. Karev. This is a very rough situation and I can assure you that we're doing everything that we can. The following are the patients we have identified at this time: John J. Anders, Kirk Demerat.

(Angry lady rips the list from his hands)

Angry Lady: This is the same list they gave us a half hour ago. It's posted over there.

Alex: I understand.

Man: Please...just please. Kelly she's got, um, brown hair. She's about 5'4.

Alex: Look, we had a lot of people who came in without ID.

Angry Lady: Just take us over to the ER and we'll look for ourselves.

Alex: We can't let you do that.

Crowd: Why not?

(The crowd continues yelling and Alex looks overwhelmed.)

(At the scene, Meredith has just finished sewing up the businessman's leg)

Meredith: Ok. It's ok. Uh, I have to deflate the blood pressure cuff and see if this makes...Ok. We saved him. You helped. We just have to bandage him up and find someone to take him to the hospital and then we're gonna find your mom ok.

(The man is shivering. Meredith takes off her coat and covers him with it.)

Businessman: Oh, I can't stand the pain. I gotta get out of here.

Meredith: Sir, don't move. Don't move.

(The man tries to stand up and when he does he pushes Meredith over the dock edge and into the water. The little girl stands there staring for a moment and then she walks away. The camera looks at the dark water and then fades out.)

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Quand j'ai vu Meredith "se noyer" dans le bain, je me suis demandée si ça allait être le double épisode, dans lequel elle tombe à l'eau. Et oui ! Hâte de voir la suite, notamment avec Izzie et le mec coincé sous la voiture...

Et la musique de Snow Patrol (encore, ils ont le chic pour la proposer dans des moments forts), j'adooore !

Alex et son inconnue, pas passionnant (et je n'ai pas envie de la voir dans d'autres épisodes, mais bon...). Cristina et son mariage, pas super intéressant non plus.


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