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#316 : Disparitions

Scénario : Shonda Rhimes - Réalisation : Rob Corn 
Guest stars : Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Moe Irvin, Kali Rocha, Elizabeth Reaser, Kyle Chandler, Paul Perri, Dean Norris, Billy Mayo, Kelly Wolf

Sur les lieux de l'accident, Derek demande à la fillette où se trouve Meredith : elle lui montre l'eau. Un peu plus tard, un homme emmène la fillette lorsque Derek sort de l'eau, Meredith dans les bras. Izzie prend des mesures désespérées pour gérer la situation dans laquelle elle est. Richard l'aide par téléphone à réaliser une opération difficile. A l'hôpital, Alex doit rassurer les familles anxieuses et trouve une manière de les renseigner sur les patients : il les prend en photo. Alors que George est à la recherche d'un petit garçon, Cristina s'inquiète de la disparition de Meredith. Arrivée à l'hôpital, Meredith est rapidement prise en charge mais son état est grave, elle ne respire plus.



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Drowning on Dry Land

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Grey's Anatomy 3x16 - Derek/Meredith

Grey's Anatomy 3x16 - Derek/Meredith


Grey's anatomy 3x16 Drowning on Dry Land

Grey's anatomy 3x16 Drowning on Dry Land


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La salle d'attente des urgences

La salle d'attente des urgences

Richard Webber

Richard Webber

Alex Karev

Alex Karev

Alex et Sydney

Alex et Sydney

George avec un patient

George avec un patient

Sydney Heron

Sydney Heron

Alex Karev

Alex Karev

Derek et Bailey avec Meredith

Derek et Bailey avec Meredith

Alex qui parle aux familles

Alex qui parle aux familles

Derek qui s'occupe de Meredith

Derek qui s'occupe de Meredith

Un patient qui arrive aux urgences

Un patient qui arrive aux urgences

Un patient qui arrive aux urgences

Un patient qui arrive aux urgences

La salle d'attente

La salle d'attente

Plus de détails

(Camera focuses on the water. Faces can be seen in the background, Derek looking into the tub, Cristina poking out from around her locker, Bailey in the ambulance bay, George at the crash scene, Alex with Jane Doe, Izzie with Rick, Ellis in her hospital bed, and Lisa walking away from the dock)

MVO: Like I said disappearances happen. Pains go phantom, blood stops running, and people fade away.

(Meredith is swimming and fighting. She emerges from the water and is trying to surface.)

MVO: There's more I have to say. So much more. But I've disappeared.

(Meredith sinks into the water and the water calms as bubbles appear)

(Cristina is at a nurse's station.)

Nurse Kate: Did you check on Kramer in 2309 because his x-rays are done and I don't know what to do?

Tyler: Higgins in 2312 needs diet orders before...

Cristina: Done and done. I need you to monitor Collins in 2323. Page me if his systolic drops below 90. I gave him a low dose of dig to lower his heart rate. And have either of you seen Dr. Grey?

Kate: Uh, I checked on her earlier but she's a little sedate today.

Cristina: Not Dr. Ellis Grey. Dr. Meredith Grey.

Kate: No.

Tyler: Not since this morning.

Cristina: Fine. Um, if there's anything emergent page me in the pit.

(Carly's OR)

Carly: George, did you find him? Is Chris ok? Is he awake? Is he...?

Bailey: Answer Mrs. Height, O'Malley.

George: Chris is fine. He's glad you're ok and he'll be waiting for you after surgery. He's being very brave

Carly: That's my Chris. That's my boy. Thank you, Dr. O'Malley. Thank you so much.

(George goes to leave and Bailey walks with him)

Bailey: Dr. O'Malley. Hold up a second. What happens when the happy mother in there wakes up and her son isn't there to greet her? What then? How you gonna explain that? O'Malley?

George: If she wakes up after surgery because of my lie, I'm ok with that Dr. Bailey.

Bailey: Find that child.

George: Yes, ma'am.

(Jane Doe's room)

Richard: Her echo's showed cardiac tamponade.

Burke: So out first priority is stabilize the traumatic pericardial infusion.

Addison: Keeping mom alive means keeping baby alive. I'll monitor the surgery while he operates.

Burke: I'll notify the OR.

(Burke leaves as Alex enters)

Alex: Chief, we've got a mob scene in the clinic of people looking for missing family members and nothing but a two hour old list of patients.

Richard: No one has any more information than you do. The police are asking us questions. Search and rescue can't track it. Well have to do it ourselves.

Alex: Is there some kind of system that...?

Richard: You're the system, Karev. Figure it out.

(Richard leaves)

Alex: How's she doing?

Addison: Well, we won't know until we get her up to the OR. She's still a Jane Doe?

Alex: Yeah.

Addison: To be in that condition and have no one that even knows.

Alex: What?

Addison: She's all-alone. It makes you think. I mean, if I went missing would anyone even know I was gone.

(The accident scene)

Friend: Do something.

Izzie: He's still seizing, there's nothing more I can do.

Vince: You're supposed to put something in his mouth so he can't bite his tongue. Aren't ya?

Izzie: Nobody's putting anything in his mouth. We just have to just him ride it out.

Vince: What are you gonna do? You can't just let him die.

Izzie: They're gonna come soon, in a little while, and they'll get him out.

Vince: You said we don't get much time.

Greg: What if they don't get him out from there before he...

Izzie: I don't know. I don't know, ok? I don't know.

Vince: Please, you can't quit on us now. You just...you just gotta try something else.

Izzie: I'm out of practice. I've been watching. For weeks, I've just been watching. And I...I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Vince: You stopped the bleeding, that was good. Come on please. I...I know this guy. I believe in him. I believe he can make it. You gotta believe in it too. You gotta believe you can do this, please. Don't stop now.

Izzie: Who's got a cell phone?

(All three of them hand their cell phones to Izzie)

(Derek is walking through the trauma scene)

Derek: You guys good? You ok? Yeah, what do you got?

Paramedic: Severely severed leg but he's got his artery tied off so...something.

Derek: Yeah, who tied off the artery? (He looks at the coat on the business man and sees Meredith's name badge) Dr. Grey? This is her jacket.

Paramedic: We found him like this. She must have moved on.

Derek: Yeah, ok.

(Derek looks up and sees Lisa standing there all-alone.)

Doctor: Doc?

Derek: Yeah. What is it? Just stabilize the fracture and get him to the hospital as soon as possible. (He makes his way over to Lisa) Hi. You ok? Did a doctor bring you here? Huh, Meredith? Meredith ok?

(Lisa shakes her head no and the scene changes to Meredith under water. She is no longer swimming or struggling in any way. She is merely sinking.)

(George is in the clinic with the picture of Chris. He is walking around looking at the boys in the room. He stops at one little boy)

George: Hi, my name's George. Is your name Chris?

Boy: No.

George: (To the man nearby) Is he...? Thank you. (To the boy) Thank you, very much.

(George leaves the clinic as Alex enters. The people see Alex entering and flock to him.)

Man: Do you have a new list?

Alex: Uh, not yet.

Man: Nothing? How can there be no new information?

Angry Lady: Isn't there someone you can call? Someone who knows something.

Alex: Uh, nobody knows anything right now. (The crowd begins yelling at Alex) Quiet! All right, that list is all I have for you and it sucks but that's it.

(The crowd is yelling again)

Angry Lady: I can't believe you don't have some kind of a system. I mean...

Alex: Give me a minute to think, I'll come up with a damn system.

(The crowd disperses with the attitude that Alex should be more understanding)

Sydney: I just want you to know that I understand you're under a lot of pressure. If you...if you just need to sit for a minute, or if you need a hand, or a hug.

(Alex sees a Polaroid camera on the counter. He takes it and walks off. Sydney looks like she feels very useless)

(Richard is in the gallery above Jane Doe's surgery when his cell phone rings)

Richard: Chief Webber.

Izzie: Oh, chief, I gotta guy here and we can't extricate him...

Richard: Hold on, who is this?

Izzie: ...and I've tried everything...

Richard: Hold on. Who is this?

Izzie: It's Izzie Stevens. I'm at the dock. I've got a patient with a depressed skull fracture and probably an inter-cranial bleed.

Richard: Is he showing signs of increased pressure?

Izzie: Yes, his left pupil is blown, he's gone limp, he's seizing and now his right pupil is dilating.

Richard: He could be herniating. What's your ETA to the hospital.

(Richard is now in the hallway)

Izzie: That's what I'm saying, we can't get him out. He's stuck under a car and we can't get him out.

Richard: Ok, first you've got to stay calm.

Izzie: I can't stay calm. Calm was over minutes ago, calm is gone, calm is an impossibility. I've got his best friends here and I can't let him die. So, please just tell me what I need to do.

Richard: You need to do some burr holes.

Izzie: Burr holes? I can't do burr holes out here.

Richard: Do you want to save his life, Stevens?

Izzie: Yes.

Richard: All right, I need a minute to check something out in the book and then I'll talk you through it.

Izzie: You're looking it up in a book?

Richard: I'm not a neurosurgeon, Stevens. And I want to make sure we get this right. (Loudly to the people around him) Somebody find me a copy of Boardman's Neurosurgery.

(Mark walks up)

Mark: Everything ok?

Richard: You know anything about making burr holes?

Mark: Done it a couple times.

Richard: Good, don't go anywhere. Stevens, listen to me.

Izzie: (To Vince and his friends) I'm gonna need a drill.

Vince: There's one in my truck.

Friend: What do you need a drill for?

Izzie: I've gotta drill holes in your friend's head.

(Vince and his friends all look at Izzie like she is insane. Izzie looks rather nauseous.)

(George is in the ER looking for Chris. He is looking over, under and behind everything. He looks behind the curtain that is near Cristina.)

Cristina: Hello, I'm suturing here.

George: Sorry.

Cristina: You just get back?

George: Yeah. Um, I'm looking...have you, uh, seen any lost children down here?

Cristina: Is Meredith back too? Cause I need her it's really important. This kids missing, his mom's in surgery.

Cristina: What kind of surgery?

George: This kids lost. You didn't see it today, Cristina. You weren't out there.

Cristina: I know.

George: Have you seen any lost kids down here, or not?

Cristina: Not.

George: Ok.

Cristina: Do you know where Meredith is?

George: I'm leaving.

Cristina: Yeah, I know.

(Alex is in the clinic tacking polaroids of the injured to the bulletin board)

Alex: All right, if you can identify the patient, please write their name on their picture.

Sydney: I've got markers.

Alex: These patients are in surgery and these patients are in the ICU.

Man 2: This is Patina. Is she ok?

Alex: Uh, yeah. She's in the OR, stable. Ok, all these people have been transferred from other hospitals.

Sydney: And I have the details.

Alex: (To Sydney) If it's ok, I've gotta a case I need to check on.

(Alex starts to leave and is stopped by Angry Lady)

Angry Lady: My husband's not on that board.

Man: Kelly Winters, she's not either.

Angry Lady: What does that mean?

Alex: It's...it's...they could be in shock or walked away from the site or...

Angry Lady: Just say it. A lot of people died. They're dead.

Alex: We don't know that.

Man: So, how can we know?

Man 3: My wife? She wasn't in these photos either but she's pregnant. Is it possible you just didn't see her?

Alex: She's pregnant?

(Lisa and Derek are at the scene. She looks very frightened and is trying to look around for some familiar landmark or person. Derek is holding her hand.)

Derek: What? It's ok. Just think. Where is she? Which way did she go? It's ok. Take your time. Take all the time you need, you're doing great. What is it?

(Lisa spots a red cross sign and walks toward it)

Derek: Good.

(They stop on the dock. Lisa stares out into the water.)

Derek: Ok, use your words. Where exactly is Meredith.

(She points into the water and Derek looks terrified)

(Meredith is still sinking and then the scene changes to Jane Doe's surgery)

Burke: The leak in the heart is coming from the right atrium.

Addison: Are you gonna put her on bypass cause that could compromise the baby.

Burke: No, I can fix her heart while it's still beating. Push 40 milligrams of abizonole.

(Alex enters)

Alex: Found her husband. I found him. She's not a Jane Doe. Her name's Casey. Casey Clarke. (Addison gives him a look) What?

Addison: How do you know?

Alex: What?

Addison: How do you know it's Casey Clarke?

Alex: Well she's pregnant and...

Addison: There were hundreds of people on that ferry, Alex. Hundreds. And chances are that more than one were pregnant. Now, do not give that man hope unless you are certain. Do not give him hope until you've checked every last body in the morgue.

Alex: Dr. Burke can I, uh...(He holds up the camera)

Burke: Yes, make it fast.

(Alex leaves)

Addison: I gotta tell ya, this group of interns...

Burke: Emotional.

Addison: Head strong.

Burke: Hot headed, stubborn, they think they know everything. And you can only give them so much rope before they hang themselves with it. It's like they lose all rationality. They won't listen to reason.

Addison: Geez Preston, don't hold back.

(The monitor starts beeping)

Addison: It's getting hypotensive. All right, I'm seeing some late decels in the fetal heart monitor. Baby is not getting enough blood.

Burke: Almost...just got one...more stitch. Got it, turn on the Echo.

Addison: Baby's heart rate stabilized.

Burke: Hmm, think we've seen the worst of it.

(Alex enters the stairwell where George is squatting and looking at a map of the hospital)

Alex: What's the deal?

George: Do you know how massive this hospital is? How many people, not just sick people, not to mention, if I'm a little kid, how many places can I hide. He's little. A little kid could hide anywhere.

Alex: What you're looking for a kid?

George: Yeah. His mom's in surgery and I um...if I don't find him Bailey will...well to start she'll change her son's middle name to Elvis or Tupperware or...I'm not kidding, anything will be better than George.

Alex: I know a place a kid might be.

George: Really.

(George and Alex are in the morgue. Alex is taking pictures)

George: You could have warned me.

Alex: You didn't check down here, right?

George: No.

Alex: So, stop whining and tell me if you find a pregnant chick. You know, you're not the only one with a detail that sucks. You know, I'm supposed to deal with these freaked out families. I'm not good with people; they should just let me stick to patients.

George: Patients are people, especially kids.

Alex: You know what I mean.

George: He's face down. How does that...? Come here and help me turn his body right.

Alex: Dude.

George: Don't tell me it doesn't matter. God, I swear to...

Alex: Dramatic much?

George: This doesn't bother you? Any of this? All this death, it doesn't mean anything to you?

Alex: I'm working, why would it?

George: Yeah but I was working when...Caucasian female about 30 years old. She's...she's pretty. She looks about 7 months pregnant.

(Alex takes a picture)

(The scenes, Greg is holding the phone up)

Richard: Now remember Stevens that drill just isn't going to stop like a neurosurgical drill. So, as soon as you feel the release in pressure, stop the drill or you'll pierce his brain.

Izzie: Even if I don't see blood?

(Mark and Richard are in an x-ray room)

Mark: Trust your instincts Stevens, trust the feel of it.

Izzie: I'm ready. No, wait, I need to clean the drill off, one more time.

Richard: You've cleaned it a dozen times Stevens, it's as clean as it's gonna get. You ready?

Izzie: Yes.

Richard: Ok, place three fingers above the ear and two or three fingers in front of that on the side where the first pupil blew.

Izzie: Got it.

Richard: All right, now use the scalpel to make a vertical scalp incision down to the skull.

Friend: Jeez.

Izzie: I see a lot of blood, a lot.

Mark: Superficial bleeders, nothing to worry about.

Richard: Are you at the skull?

Izzie: Yes.

Richard: Drill a hole in the middle of the incision.

(Friend hands her a power drill)

Vince: Oh, god.

Izzie: Ok, that can't happen. Do you understand me? Sounds can't happen. Freaking out can't happen. Because if you freak out, I'm gonna freak out. And I'm the one holding a power drill to your friend's brain. So, if you're gonna vomit, if you're gonna make sounds, step away. If you're gonna stay here you have to pull it together, ok?

Vince: I'm good, doc.

Izzie: Ok, I'm ready.

Mark: The temporal bones only gonna be a couple millimeters thick.

Izzie: Ok, I'm in. But the dura looks fine.

Richard: You're gonna have to go in again.

Izzie: Frontal lobe, right?

Richard: That's right. Just behind the hairline, a few centimeters off the midline.

Mark: This bone will be thicker, about five times as think as the temporal bone.

Izzie: Ok, got it. Second hole down.

Mark: What do you see?

Izzie: I think I see...blood. I see blood.

Richard: Ok, now this is important. Drill around the hole to expand the opening. You have to try and relieve the pressure.

Izzie: Ok. Ok. The hole is about 2 centimeters around now. I see blood, I definitely see blood.

Richard: Try to evacuate as much of the clot as you can.

Izzie: With what? I don't have suction.

Mark: Use your finger, gauze, anything.

Izzie: I see clotted blood.

Richard: No arterial?

Izzie: No.

Richard: Good, now how does the dura look? Is it bulging or does it look lax?

(Mark and Richard both look proud of Izzie)

Izzie: Looks like it's pulsating regularly with the heartbeat. That's another good, right?

Richard: That's great, Stevens. If it's pulsating that means blood and oxygen are entering the brain. Now, pack it with gauze so you can minimize the bleeding.

Izzie: Ok, get the rescue rig in here.

Richard: Nicely done, Stevens.

Vince: Is that it, is he gonna be ok?

Izzie: We've relieved the pressure on his brain but he's still got a lot of other injuries.

Friend: Hey, his eyes are open.

(They all have a moment of relief)

(Lisa is standing on the dock staring into the water when a coast guard officer walks up)

Coast Guard: Hey kid! Kid! You ok? You need to come with me. Kid?

(He picks Lisa up and starts to carry her away. As he is walking you hear coughing and then Derek walks onto the dock with a very blue and very, very lifeless Meredith in his arms)

(Derek is in the ambulance performing CPR on Meredith)

Derek: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Paramedic: ETA's five minutes.

Derek: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

(Derek continues CPR with no response from Meredith)

(George enters Carly's OR)

George: How is she doing?

Bailey: Good, no intestinal damage. Missed all her vital organs, she's almost done here. You find her son?

George: I've looked everywhere. I've been in contact with the scene, with Mercy West, with Seattle Presbyterian, I've checked in the...he's lost. Or...Or, uh.

Bailey: He's in the water. So, when she wakes up I get to inform her that she's not going to die, she's just gonna want to die.

George: I'm sorry, I'll...I'm gonna keep looking.

Bailey: Yeah, you do that.

(Izzie arrives at the hospital with Rick in the ambulance. Richard rushes out to greet her.)

Izzie: His right pupils not dilating anymore. He's normal tensive but his pulse is still up in the 130's.

Richard: Ok, what's his neurological status?

Izzie: GCS is eight. I'm sorry, I ran out of sterile drapes, I had to use some guys t-shirt. It wasn't sweaty or anything, he was a clean guy but...

Richard: Ok, call the OR, tell them we're coming up.

Izzie: I also dropped the scalpel in the field and by that time I had used all the alcohol swabs on the drill bit. So, I think we should load him up on antibiotics. Lots and lots of antibiotics.

Richard: Stevens, you put a drill through a man's skull and didn't hit his brain. You saved his life. Get cleaned up and get to the OR, you've got work to do.

Izzie: The OR?

Richard: Yes, the OR, you're officially off of probation.

(Izzie passes Cristina in the hall)

Izzie: Oh, Cristina! Oh my god, you are not gonna believe what I just did. I'm gonna tell you but you are not gonna believe it. You're gonna think I made the whole thing up.

Cristina: You're back? Wait, is Meredith back?

Izzie: I drilled a hole into this guy's skull.

Cristina: What?

Izzie: Several holes actually, with a drill I borrowed from a guy named Vince. Packed the whole with freaking tissue then brought him back here and now I get to scrub in on his craniotomy.

Cristina: So, you haven't seen Meredith.

Izzie: It was like a ride, this crazy roller coaster ride with like adrenaline shooting out of my ears. You think that my hands would be shaking but they weren't, there was no shaking. Did I mention the drill?

Cristina: Ok, Izzie, I get it. You are a hero, I am jealous. But I need to know where the hell Meredith is.

Izzie: Ok...I don't know where the hell Meredith is but...she should be back here. I didn't see her at the scene. The scene where I was a rockstar, by the way. Did I mention I'm off probation?

(Izzie starts to walk away and Cristina gives her a look)

Izzie: Rockstar!

(Alex is in the clinic and has the pictures of the dead people from the ferry accident)

Alex: These photos are fatalities. I know it's difficult but please try to ID who you can.

(The people go to the board and slowly take the pictures of their loved ones. Alex is finally touched by the situation)

(Rick's OR)

Mark: We've agreed to let you do the honors. A few more burr holes to start the craniotomy.

Izzie: Really?

Mark: You saved his life, you might as well help finish what you started. After I strip off the periosteom you can see what a high-speed neurosurgical drill feels like.

Izzie: Drill, please.

(Izzie holds the drill smiling)

(Alex is in the clinic and sees the devestation of the crowd. He looks around and understands all of it finally. He walks up to the husband of the pregnant woman)

Man 3: I have...we have two pregnant women. One of them is...she's in bad shape. She's pretty beat up. She might be hard to recognize.

Man 3: That...I don't know. What color's her hair?

Alex: Brown, reddish.

Man 3: My wife is blonde, brownish but blonde.

Alex: Well sometimes the blood makes it look darker like that, red. I know you can't tell from the photo but her eyes their pretty distinctive.

Man 3: Casey's eyes are very distinctive.

Alex: Brown but not that really dark, dark brown but golden and really warm.

Man 3: It's not her. Casey's are blue, very, very blue.

Alex: I'm sorry.

Man 3: I thought you said you...had two pregnant women.

Alex: Yeah, we um...the other one is um...she's...

Man 3: Oh, god...oh no...Casey. Oh, Casey.

(Alex sees the loss around the room)

(The ambulance with Derek and Meredith arrive and Bailey is in the ambulance bay to get it)

Bailey: What do we got?

Paramedic: Jane Doe, hypothermic, drowning.

Derek: She's not Jane Doe, it's Meredith Grey. It's Meredith.

Bailey: Derek! Derek, Derek, how long she been down?

Derek: I don't know. She's alive, she's alive.

Bailey: Derek!

Derek: She's alive.

Bailey: Ok, look. I need you to help me get her inside. (Loudly) Clear a trauma bay, stat! Move it!

(Burke walks up to Cristina who is in the ER still doing sutures)

Cristina: How was your surgery Dr. Burke?

Burke: Well, the patient is out of the woods now, Dr. Yang. Thanks for asking.

(Cristina yanks the stitch she is doing)

Patient: Ow!

Cristina: You're numbed.

Patient: Whatever. It looked harsh.

Cristina: (To Nurse) Here, finish this please.

(Cristina walks into an empty room and Burke follows her)

Burke: What is your problem?

Cristina: You know, everyone's back. Everyone's back except here. And I listened to her, everyday about her McLove life and McDreamy and McCrap. And on the one day, the one day I have a thing...she's disappears.

Burke: Meredith? This is about Meredith.

Cristina: She doesn't know yet.

Burke: Meredith?

Cristina: She's my person!

Burke: Right. And if Meredith doesn't approve, then what?

Cristina: No, no, no. This is not about getting her approval. It's about...

Burke: What?

Cristina: Telling her...makes it...makes it...if I murdered someone, she's the person I'd call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor.

Burke: Ok, see now, you're likening someone here to a corpse. I'm done.

Cristina: She's my person.

(Burke leaves and Cristina's pager goes off)

(Rick's OR)

Doctor: Removing the bone flap.

Izzie: Ready with suction.

Mark: Looking good.

Izzie: Yes, yes it is.

(Izzie's pager goes off)

Nurse: Dr. Stevens, it's your pager.

Izzie: That's ok. It can wait.

Nurse: I think you wanna take this page.

(Alex is looking in on Jane Doe, Addison is in the room)

Alex: How's she doing?

Addison: She's holding steady for now. Anybody claim her yet?

Alex: No, she's still a Jane Doe. I'd notice.

Addison: What?

Alex: If you went missing, I'd notice.

(Alex goes to leave and his pager goes off)

(George is sitting on the steps near the OR board looking at Chris' picture. He stands up and looks at the board noticing there is a seven year old boy in surgery)

(Callie's OR)

Callie: All right, I need a little more suction here, please.

(George enters)

George: Callie?

Callie: O'Malley, I'm working. What do you want?

George: I read on the board you're doing an internal fixation of the lumber spine on a John Doe from the ferry crash, age 7.

Callie: That's right.

George: Can I see his face?

Callie: I'm in the middle of surgery.

George: I know.

(He walks over and holds a picture up)

George: Is this boy you're patient? (Callie scoffs) I know the pictures half smeared and hard to see. Please tell me it's him, tell me he's been right here under my nose, open on your table all day and not drifting along the bottom of the ocean. Please tell me that.

Callie: Hold the picture under my light so I can get a better look. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I could spot those goofy ears anywhere.

George: Really?

Callie: Really.

George: Callie O'Malley, I can't kiss you right now cause you're scrubbed in but tonight when you get home, I am going to...

Callie: All right, ok, all right. People lets focus here, George I'm working.

George: Yeah.

Callie: I'm...I'm working.

George: Ok.

Callie: So, yeah. Bye.

(George's pager goes off and he leaves)

(Lisa is standing in the clinic alone when a lady rushes up to her)

Lady: Oh my god! Oh my god! You're safe, you're safe! Oh honey, mommy's so sorry she got lost. Lisa!

(Meredith's trauma room)

Derek: They put a 20 gauge IV in but I think it blew.

Bailey: I'll start a central line but you have to get out of the way.

Derek: We put 3 milligrams of epi down the ET tube...

Bailey: Derek!

Derek: ...this was three minutes ago we should push...

(Richard enters)

Richard: Shepherd, get out!

Derek: I think we should push just one atropine...I think I saw some reactivity in the pupils before the atropine and I think...she might have actually had some cardiac...

Richard: Shepherd, get out!

Derek: We need to put an external pacer on just to be sure.

Richard: We need to save her life. You can't do this, we need to do this. Now go! Go.

(Derek goes in the hall)

Bailey: Ok, she has a new 18 gauge in her left AC push 1 of epi through it.

(Burke walks into the hall and peeks in Meredith's room. Derek is sitting in the hall looking devastated and lost)

Burke: The chief is working on her, man.

Derek: He threw me out.

Burke: What do you need?

Derek: I need you to go in there.

(Burke enters the room)

Richard: Give me a new warm blanket her temps still only at 80 degrees.

Burke: What can I do?

Richard: She needs an ABG.

(Monitors start beeping)

Richard: Whoa, was that V-fib. Charge to 300. Lets go, lets go, lets go. Clear.

(Addison enters)

Richard: Back to asystole. Keep compressions going.

Addison: Oh, my god.

Burke: She's hypothermic.

Addison: Uh, have you tried a warm peritoneal lavage? Or even, a continuous bladder lavage with warm fluids? Could do a thoracotomy.

Richard: Get back to the ABG. Come on, lets go people.

(Derek is sitting in the hall, Mark walks up and looks down at him. Derek nods and Mark sits down next to him. Mark puts his hand on Derek's arm)

(Meredith's room. She is still blue)

Bailey: How's her temp?

Richard: Only up to 81 now.

Addison: Come on, Meredith. Don't do this.

(A nurse leaves the room and Addison glances out the door to see Mark and Derek sitting in the hall)

(Izzie, Alex and George are standing on the other side of a door, looking down the hall at Derek. Cristina walks up)

Cristina: It's Meredith?

Alex: Yeah.

Cristina: Are you sure? Did you see her? Because it could be...

(Alex grabs her arm)

Alex: It's Meredith.

Cristina: Oh. Oh. Oh.

Izzie: She will come through this.

George: You don't know that.

Izzie: She will come through this.

George: People die.

Izzie: I know people die. People die in front of us everyday. But I believe Meredith will survive this. I believe...I believe...I...I believe in the good. I believe that it's been a hell of year and in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary we will all be ok. I believe a lot of things. I believe that...I believe that Denny is always with me. And I believe that if I eat a tub of butter and no one sees me the calories don't count. And I believe that surgeons who prefer staples over stitches are just lazy. And I believe that you are a man who made a terrible mistake marrying Callie. And I believe that because I am your best friend I can tell you this and we will be ok. I believe even though you made this mistake you will be ok. I believe we survive, George. I believe that believing we survive is what makes us survive.

(She's hugs Cristina)

Izzie: She's gonna be ok.

(Meredith's room)

Richard: Push another epi. How many is that?

Bailey: This is our fourth room, sir.

Burke: We've been here 20 minutes.

Addison: Still in asystole.

Richard: We're losing her.

(Meredith flatlines)

(Meredith appears to wake up, coughing and sputtering. She sits up and next to her is Dylan)

Dylan: Hi.

Meredith: Hey. Am I...? Dead?

(She turns her head and there is Denny)

Denny: Damn right you are.

Meredith: Holy...

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stephe  (28.10.2020 à 20:06)

oui je me rappelle bien pour Izzie aussi !! ce sont des épisodes très fort ! et Dereck qui sauve Meredith !! 

pour Addison, c'est  bizarre en effet ! elle les a pas eu longtemps en plus !

labelette  (28.10.2020 à 19:44)

Izzie qui utilise une perceuse de bricolage pour trouer le crâne d'un mec, j'adooore ! C'est un des moments forts de la série ! Elle n'est plus en probation, pas étonnant après avoir fait ça !

Je ne sais pas comment Derek a fait pour trouver Meredith dans l'eau ni comment elle a pu arriver en vie à l'hôpital (et même hors de l'eau). En fin d'épisode, on a l'impression qu'elle ne va pas s'en sortir.

Addison n'arrête pas d'enlever et remettre ses lunettes, c'est assez "gênant" et je ne vois pas ce que ça apporte.


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