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#312 : La Loi du Silence (2/2)

Scénario : Krista Vernoff - Réalisation : Greg Yaitanes 
Guest stars : George Dzundza, Jeff Perry, Steven W. Bailey, Moe Irvin, Tim Griffin, Debra Monk, Greg Pitts, Mae Whitman, Judith Hoag, Rhomeyn Johnson, Patricia Bethune 

Meredith et Derek cherchent un moyen pour réussir à passer la nuit ensemble. L'opération d'Heather se révèle plus chère que prévue et n'aura sûrement pas lieu, mais tout sera peut-être différent si un donateur anonyme intervient. Alex et Addison se rapprochent de plus en plus et Mark ne passe pas une bonne semaine. Callie s'interroge sur le baiser qu'elle a échangé avec George alors que le jeune homme doit faire face à une situation difficile : décider avec sa famille si son père doit vivre ou mourir. De leur côté, Burke et Cristina continuent à ne pas se parler.



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Six Days (Part 2)

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La Loi du Silence (2/2)

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(Meredith and Derek are in bed again. She's snoring...again He's buried his head under a pillow. The alarm is going off.)

Derek: Ah, just shut it off please?

Meredith: Could you not snap at me?

Derek: I didn't sleep much.

Meredith: Maybe it's because you were too busy shoving me every five minutes.

Derek: I wasn't shoving you. I was nudging you to stop the very loud sawing of wood.

Meredith: I wore the nose strip.

Derek: It's cute but it doesn't work

Meredith: Ow.

Derek: What?

Meredith: You need to shave.

(George and Izzie are in the kitchen)

George: Izzie uh...the, the...the...the check. It's not

(He looks around, drops to the floor searching)

George: It's not...did you drop it? It's not here! Izzie, it's not here.

Izzie: I deposited it ok?

George: You didn't deposit it in the garbage disposal or something like that did you?

Izzie: It's at the bank. Ok, George? Now just shut up about it already?

George: It's at the bank? It's earning interest?

Izzie: Did I not just say shut up about it already?

George: Izzie, it's real now. That money...that money could travel, it could buy things. It could buy many, many things. It a...that's a lot of money Izzie.

Izzie: Shut up about it George.

George: I'm just is short. Cancer happens. And surgery happens. You know just..."gather ye rosebuds" You have 8.7 million rosebuds Izzie. You gotta spend some rosebuds. That's what I'm saying.

(Izzie looks down to her skillet)

Izzie: You made me burn my French toast.

George: You can buy new French toast!

(Seattle scenes, Addison is on the ferry)

(Addison sees Mark walking in her direction, and turns around only to run into Alex)

Addison: Oh.

Alex: Hey...I was...the baby's...

Addison: Good. Yeah, she's good.

Alex: Good that's...

(Thatcher walks up)

Thatcher: Doctors.

Addison: Yes.

Thatcher: I was wondering, the baby looks...

Addison and Alex: Good.

Alex: She's good.

Addison: She is good.

Thatcher: She's good? She's out of the woods?

Addison: She is. She's out of the woods. Her vitals are strong. She made it through the night. And she's a fighter.

Thatcher: So I can tell my wife and my daughter?

Addison: You can. And you should.

Thatcher: Thank you. Thank you both so much!

(He runs off to tell his family, and Addison and Alex try to walk away but keep moving in front of each other.)

Alex: Sorry.

(Thatcher is on the phone in the waiting room)

Thatcher: Yeah. She's out of the woods. No...

(Meredith Izzie and Christina watch)

Meredith: How am I related to that man?

Cristina: What do you mean?

Meredith: I mean, look at him. He's a mess. (He swings his arm to hard and spills coffee everywhere) I mean he's a disaster. A stammering, mumbling, clumsy disaster with whom I have absolutely nothing in common. Not one thing.

Izzie: I hate to break this to you but....

Meredith: What?

Cristina: You do your own share of stammering yourself.

Izzie: Yeah, that nervous talking thing you do, it's actually a lot like him.

Meredith: No it's not.

Cristina: Plus that messy thing.

Izzie: Totally.

Meredith: You're the messy one.

Cristina: My apartment is messy, my locker is messy, but I am not messy. Sometimes you have and stuff in your hair.

Izzie: Yeah food. Band-Aids on your face. I can still kind of see that indentation from that nose strip you were wearing last night.

Meredith: You are in a relationship with no words. And you are a millionaire in $20 shoes. Whatever.

(Meredith walks away)

Cristina: Oh my god, she's just like him.

Izzie: Right?

Cristina: Wow.

(Izzie gets paged to Heather Douglas' room)

Izzie; Dr. Bailey you paged me?

Bailey: Yes I did.

Derek: We're going to proceed with Heather's surgery as scheduled.

Izzie: The insurance guys change their mind?

Mrs. Douglas: No even better.

Bailey: It seems an anonymous donor has offered to foot the entire bill.

Izzie: Wow, that is incredible. You're a very lucky girl.

Heather: Hey, that's the first time anyone has ever said that sentence to me in my entire life. I like it.

(Bailey stares at Izzie, she knows Izzie paid for it, and drags her outside.)

Bailey: You spent 300 grand so you could scrub in on this surgery?

Izzie: No.

Bailey: No?

Izzie: I spent the 3...have you seen that girl? Her life is miserable. She's desperate. She'll never have a date. She'll never wear high heels. She'll never feel normal. I spent 300 grand's a good thing.

Bailey: I was hoping you would tell me you spent the money so you could scrub in.

Izzie: But I...

Bailey: You need to decide whether or not you're a surgeon. Because this thing you did...this is lovely and generous, and I'm not trying to take away from any of that. But, you are once are overly involved. Once again you are personally involved. I'm sorry. You cannot scrub in.

(Seattle Scenes)

(Callie is at a table in the cafeteria talking to Addison)

Callie: George kissed me. Yesterday. One minute he was holding a urine bag, the next minute he's kissing me. Do you think he's just freaking out about his dad? Yeah, you're right. He's probably just freaking out. I shouldn't hold him to it.

Addison: (who's staring off into space) What?

Callie: Did you not just hear a word I said? I'm pouring my heart out here. Jeez it's all about you. It's all about....Everything's about Addison.

Addison: I aborted Mark's baby.

Callie: It is all about you. Floor is all yours.

Addison: About 8 months ago I peed on a stick. And I wasn't even going to tell him. But then I did...tell him. And he went out and he bought this insane Yankees onesie. And a calendar and marked the due date. Which I should mention was today.

Callie: You didn't want a baby?

Addison: I wanted Derek. I wanted to have a baby with Derek. I never thought I'd end up alone.

Callie: You have not "ended up" anywhere.

Addison: You're right. I know. I just...sometimes it feels that way you know. This is one of those weeks it feels that way.

(Heather's OR)

Derek: Drill. Another screw please.

(In the gallery)

Alex: Hey, how's your old man?

George: His urine output's holding steady. Which is good.

Cristina: Have you seen Burke today?

George: Even if I did like you I still wouldn't tell you that.

Izzie: How can you be ok with Burke but not Cristina?

George: Her career wasn't on the line when she lied to me.

Meredith: Why don't you just ask Burke about the hand yourself?

Cristina: I'm not talking to him. He owes me.

Meredith: What?

Cristina: Oh I don't know.

Alex: So you're together but you don't talk to each other. Wish I could find that in a woman.

Meredith: Hey how's it going with Addison?

Alex: What? Why would you...what do you mean by that?

Meredith: Laura Grey. Tiny baby.

Alex: Oh Laura. Right. She's doing fine. She's doing well. I gotta get out of gynie though. I gotta get back to Sloan.

Christina: What are you plotting and can I get in on it?

Alex: Shut up.

(Alex leaves)

Izzie: This is my surgery. I should be down there.

(George's pager goes off)

George: No. Excuse me.

(Meredith's pager goes off)

Meredith: Mr. O'Malley.

Cristina: 911?

Meredith: Yeah.

Izzie: Sucks.

(Callie notices from inside the OR)

Derek: Give me the retractor.

Callie: Uh Dr. Shepherd could you proceed without me?

Derek: Are you kidding me? This is your surgery Torres. This is your find. You want to leave?

Callie: I don't. But yes. I'm sorry. If it's all right I need to leave.

Derek: Give me some sponges please.

(Bailey is at a table with George's family)

Bailey: Ok I called the family in because I need to do a procedure on your father to help him breathe.

Ronny: So you're saying he can't breathe?

Bailey: With the extensive surgery, your father is not breathing on his own. Which is why we still have him intubated.

Jerry: Intubated?

George: The tube in dad's mouth it's breathing for him.

Bailey: And right now that tube has a kink in it, which is straining his breathing.

Louise: How did it get a kink in it?

George: It just happens, we don't always know why.

Ronny: But he's doing good today. I mean, he made plenty of pee so....

Bailey: Still, we need to replace the tube.

Ronny: So, why don't you just do it? I mean what are we waiting for?

Bailey: Ok, with the damage to your father's esophagus and the swelling in his throat from being intubated all this time...

George: You might not be able to get it in? The new tube?

Bailey: Under these circumstances it can be a complicated procedure. If I'm not successful...I'm saying you need to prepare yourselves.

(They stand in a line outside his room: The brothers, Mrs. O'Malley, George and Callie. Ronny starts sniffing and grunts. Soon everyone else looks up.)

Louise: What is that?

Ronny: It's Jerry.

Jerry: I'm sorry. I'm nervous.

(They all cover their noses)

Jerry: I'm nervous (He passes gas and they all erupt in laughter and George leans into Callie, embarrassed but needing her support)

(Cristina enters Burke's room)

Cristina: Tyler.

Tyler: Yeah.

Cristina: Could you let Dr. Burke know that Mr. O'Malley is having some sort of medical crisis right now and I thought he would like to know.

Tyler: He's awake you know.

Cristina: Yeah I know.

(Room where Bailey is changing Harold's tube)

Bailey: You want to handle this Chief?

Richard: Dr. Bailey you have a lot more hands on hours these days than I do. I'll be standing by to help but this is all yours.

Bailey: All right Grey let me have 80ET...

Richard: Dr. Bailey, this is a patient. Just like any other patient. There's no room for error, which means there's no room for nerves.

Bailey: All right let's do this. 8 O. I can't...I can't...

Meredith: Is it too tight?

Bailey: I can't get it past the vocal cords. Damn it.

Richard: Pulse ox down to 88. Let's go.

Bailey: Let me have a 7.5.

Richard: Come on.

Bailey: Ok I got it.

Richard: Beautiful job. Beautiful job.

Meredith: Can I go tell George? (Bailey nods)

Richard: Dr. Bailey you alright?

Bailey: My son is named after his son. I just need a minute.

(Meredith and Derek in bed again. Another sleepless night.)

Derek: There's a surgery you now. It's a minor laser thing. Supposed to really help. We could look into it.

Meredith: Sure and while we're at it lets look at halitosis cure for you. Not to mention stubble cures. Because it's now become physically impossible for me to kiss your face.

Derek: I'm too tired to shave.

(Seattle scenes)

Alex: Sloan. Dr. Sloan. Bone dry cappuccino. I watched them make it this time so no mistakes. Hey I noticed you have a reconstructive rhinoplasty on the board today and I'd really like to scrub in if at all possible.

Mark: You been working with Addison this week?

Alex: Yes sir. Working. Working a lot. Real hard. Working.

Mark: Is she miserable?

Alex: I'm sorry?

Mark: It's just...I need to know if she's at least miserable this week. Did she she miserable?

Alex: Oh dude. She's awful. She's torturing me. I seriously have to get away from that woman. She is completely and utterly 100% miserable.

Mark: Good.

Alex: So can I scrub in?

Mark: No.

(Cristina and Meredith are in the on-call room)

Cristina: Are you sleeping?

Meredith: I should be. I haven't slept in days.

Cristina: Me either. I can't sleep alone any more. I used to sleep just fine then he...he gets me all strung out on him and then he disappears?

Meredith: He didn't disappear. He's in the hospital.

Cristina: I just want to know how he's doing.

Meredith: You could just ask him.

Cristina: He could just tell me.

Meredith: George's dad is going into renal failure.

Cristina: I heard.

Meredith: My dad's here everywhere, every day. He's perfectly healthy and I have nothing to say to him. If George's dad dies...

Cristina: I know.

Meredith: If Thatcher died my life wouldn't be any different. Is it weird that I'm a little jealous of George?

Cristina: Yes.

(George is in Burke's room)

George: Bailey re-intubated him but...he was without oxygen for I don't know ...few minutes?

Burke: O'Malley...there's no blame here. Your father's body is diseased and has undergone tremendous trauma. Now his organs are shutting down. There's no blame here.

George: Do people come back from this? His BUN and creatine are high. I get that. I was just wondering, in your experience, can people come back from this?

Burke: I don't have any statistics. I don't have any more medicine for you. Now it's about faith.

George: We're men of science.

Burke: In my experience, science is not enough O'Malley. But if you want me to hope with you. If you'd like me to send up a prayer, that is a thing I'd be happy to do.

(Louise is in the waiting room with Heather's mom)

Louise: You have family here?

Mrs. Douglas: Yeah, a daughter. She's 17.

Louise: Oh I'm so sorry.

Mrs. Douglas: Yeah, she had surgery on her spine. They said it went well. But then she has trouble with her kidneys so...well she hasn't woken up.

Louise: My husband either.

Mrs. Douglas: It was a dangerous surgery. They told us that.

Louise: My husband's too. He has cancer so...I was surprised when they went through with it. I thought I'd be taking him home.

(George has a realization. Izzie enters)

Izzie: Mrs. Douglas, Heather is asking for you.

Louise: She woke up?

Izzie: She did. And she looks great.

Louise: Congratulations. It's wonderful.

Mrs. Douglas: Good luck. I'll...good luck.

Louise: Thanks.

(George walks to the nurse's station where Bailey and Richard are)

George: Why did you do it?

Richard: Dr. O'Malley.

George: Why did you do it once you saw the cancer had spread?

Bailey: George...

George: He asked you right? He asked you to do it no matter what?

Richard: We have to honor our patient's wishes.

George: You said you would be straight with me. He could have lived for weeks or months. We could have had months with him. My mom...she could have had months with him.

Richard: He wanted a chance to fight the cancer George. It was his choice.

George: He didn't know any better! You knew better! You shouldn't have done it. You shouldn't have done it!

(Seattle scenes)

(Addison enters the office where Mark is)

Addison: Oh my god, look at you.

Mark: I'm miserable.

Addison: It's the rain. The constant dampness in the air. It takes the body a while to adjust to it.

Mark: I don't want to adjust.

Addison: Then go home.

Mark: If you had the baby, we'd be together in New York right now and it wouldn't be raining. And even if it was, we wouldn't care because we'd be together. We'd be together and I would have a family instead of walking pneumonia and an ex-best friend who hates me.

Addison: You didn't want to raise a child Mark. You wanted to trump Derek. You wanted to win.

Mark: Don't make this my fault. You didn't want a baby.

Addison: No I did want a baby Mark. That last woman you slept with before I left New York...Charlene, the PEDS nurse? Did you think that she was the only one I knew about? You're re-writing history Mark. We wouldn't still be together. We weren't a great couple and you would have made a terrible father Mark. I did want a baby, I did. I just didn't want one with you.

(Christina brings lunch on a tray to Burke. He smiles at the gesture but then she backs away. No food unless he talks first. He pushes his "panic" button to call a nurse.)

Nurse: Is that his lunch? I've been looking everywhere for that.

Cristina: No he can't have that.

Nurse: What?

Cristina: He's restricted from food.

Nurse: No he's not.

Cristina: I'm his doctor.

Nurse: You are not.

Cristina: I just want to know how he is.

Burke: And withholding food gets her that how?

Cristina: Fine. Feed him. Whatever.

Nurse: You want me to call security?

(Alex enters the NICU where Addison is checking on Laura)

Alex: Hey.

Addison: Hey. Haven't seen you the last couple of days.

Alex: Yeah, I was covering the pit. I got pulled into an emergency appy and a ruptured spleen. Pretty chaotic.

Addison: Look Karev, I'm your attending. I'm sorry about what happened. It's been a weird week for me. So, um, normally...anyway...I apologize.

Alex: The baby's bowels functioning yet?

Addison: Actually yeah. She had her first diaper change today.

Alex: That's good.

Addison: Yeah it is.

(Seattle scenes)

(George is shaving his dad's face)

George: That neighbor kid? Mike Wilden? I did hit him in the face with a stick. And when his dad came over and he was yelling, and you asked me if it was true...I lied. And you thought I'd never lied. So you took my side. And you and his dad got in this big fight. And then his kids egged our house, and then Ronny and Jerry went over and blew up his lawn mower. Anyway...I did it. He was teasing me and he was bigger than me so I needed a stick to reach his face. And I lied to you dad. So...I'm saying I'm sorry. Dad...if you have any more fight in you...if you could fight this thing just...just a little harder that would be good. That'd be good right now.

(Meredith enters the kitchen where Izzie is)

Izzie: Where's Derek?

Meredith: He slept at his place. Do I really snore?

Izzie: I grew up next to a freeway so it really doesn't bother me but do.

Meredith: Did you get any sleep last night?

Izzie: No. I stayed up baking and cleaning the bathroom floor in case George wants to lay down on it. It's weird, I have all this money. And I would spend every penny of it to save George from what he's about to go through. But I can't. It's useless. So I made cobbler.

Meredith: Cobbler's good.

Izzie: Yeah.

(Seattle scenes)

(Callie walks up to a nurse's station where Mark is. She gives him a knowing look)

Mark: She told you.

Callie: Uh yeah.

Mark: You think I'd be a terrible father?

Callie: Oh I don't...I don't...are you...ok do you like kids?

Mark: I don't know. Depends on how loud they are.

Callie: Ok. Do you like your family? I mean, are you a family kind of guy?

Mark: I don't really have a family. Derek was my family.

Callie: Ok. Well, what about birthdays and anniversaries? Do you remember those kinds of things?

Mark: No. I don't know. Sometimes. Isn't it the same with all men.

Callie: No. Some men just like kids. To some men, family's everything.

Mark: Right, and you know these men?

Callie: I do. I know one.

Mark: I would've made a terrible father.

(Conference room)

Louise: You're's not getting better. You're saying he's not going to wake up.

Richard: Mrs. O'Malley, all of his organs are shutting down. His liver and his kidneys are no longer supporting him. And he is entirely dependant upon his life support machine.

Bailey: We are saying he is not going to wake up. You can keep him on life support and wait for nature to take its course. That could take days or weeks. Or you can take him off life support.

Louise: Unplug him?

Bailey: Yes Ma'am.

Jerry: Georgie?

George: Yeah?

Jerry: What do you think?

George: Dad's in pain. His organs are shutting down. He can't breathe on his own. It's painful. And he's on medication but...medication can only do so much.

Louise: You're think it's let him go?

Bailey: We can't tell you what to do here George.

George: He's not dad like this. And he's not going to wake up Mom.

(They all break down crying, Bailey, Meredith and Richard are saddened as well)

(Seattle scenes)

(Meredith walks into the NICU where Thatcher is)

Meredith: Is there a drawer of unopened cards somewhere?

Thatcher: I'm sorry, what?

Meredith: I just wanted to know. I've only ever heard my mother's version of the story of why you left. I'm just wondering if maybe you have a side that I haven't heard.

Thatcher: Your mother moved to Boston and...I wanted to...but she told me not to call or come around...she was...eventually I remarried and I...I'm sorry.

Meredith: Do you snore?

Thatcher: What?

Meredith: It appears that I snore. My mother never did so I was just...forget it.

Thatcher: I snore. I snore like a trucker. You get that from me. The wax earplugs work pretty good.

Meredith: Thanks.

(Derek enters Burke's room, Cristina is sitting there)

Derek: Hey.

Burke: Derek. I was waiting on an update on Mr. O'Malley. I didn't want to intrude, but do you have an update?

Derek: They're letting him go.

(He looks at Cristina)

Burke: Haven't had any more tremors. Not one all week.

Derek: How about that?

Burke: Yeah. How about that.

(Bailey removes Mr. O'Malley's tube. The family says goodbye. The interns stand outside. George leaves the room and everyone looks at him sadly. The interns go off their separate directions.)

(Heather is up and walking using a walker. Izzie sees her and they smile at each other.)

(Izzie walks up to Bailey in the hallway)

Izzie: I'm both.

Bailey: What?

Izzie: I'm both. I'm a surgeon. And I'm a person who becomes emotionally involved. I will never again cross the line like I did with Denny. I learned my lesson. But I'm still both. And I'm not gonna give up either part of me. And I'm not going to apologize for it.

(Bailey nods but says nothing. Izzie leaves and Bailey starts crying.)

(Cristina is outside of the hospital with George)

Christina: There's a club...the dead dad's club. And you can't be in it until you're in it. You can try and can sympathize. But until you feel that dad died when I was 9. George...I'm really sorry you had to join the club.

George: I...I don't know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn't.

Christina: Yeah, that never really changes.

(Seattle scenes)

(Joe's bar)

Alex: Beer, Joe. Please

Joe: George's dad?

(Alex nods no.)

Addison: Hey.

Alex: Hey.

Addison: You got a dad?

Alex: Not really. Not any more.

(Addison leans in and kisses him)

(Meredith is asleep and snoring. Derek comes in and finds wax earplugs on his pillow. He puts them in his ears and he can't hear anything. Finally, he and Meredith can sleep together peacefully)

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stephe  (26.10.2020 à 20:38)

En effet, difficile de ne pas vouloir sauver tout le monde ; je peux comprendre Izzie mais elle devrait s'y faire en tant que médecin! 

ah oui c'est vrai pour Addison ! et en effet, parfois dans les séries, ils réfléchissent pas des masses! 

Addison et Alex, j'avais bien aimé la petite tension mais en effet, ça gâche une belle relation professionnelle !
labelette  (26.10.2020 à 20:18)

Après un épisode plein d'espoir, celui-ci est plus triste.

Le père de George, qui semblait aller mieux, n'a pas tenu le choc. Ses organes ont laché les uns après les autres, en commençant pas les reins. On sent son désarroi et celui de sa famille. ils ne s'attendaient pas à ce qu'il parte si tôt.

Izzie est retombée dans ses anciens "travers" (mais qui font aussi sa force, comme elle le dit à Bailey) : désolée que la jeune fille ne puisse pas être opérée à cause d'un problème financier, elle a fait un don anonyme de 300 000 dollars pour son opération. Beau geste, mais elle ne peut pas sauver tout le monde...

On apprend qu'Addison a été enceinte de Mark et qu'elle a avorté. Par contre, niveau timing les scénaristes ont dû se louper car d'après ce que j'ai compris, Addison était enceinte il y a 8 mois et aurait dû accoucher à ce moment de la série. Or, elle est arrivée à Seattle il y bien plus de 8 mois, non ? C'était il y a une saison 1/2. Et entre temps, Bailey a eu le temps d'annoncer sa grossesse, d'accoucher, de revenir de congé mat'... Bref, pas très logique tout ça à mon avis.

Sinon, Addison et Alex ? Mais noooon ! Ils s'entendaient bien professionnellement, j'espère que ça ne va pas tout gâcher.


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Malgré le retour de personnages phares de la série, Grey's Anatomy continue sa chute niveau...

Diffusion ABC - 1710

Diffusion ABC - 1710
La saison 17 de Grey's Anatomy se poursuit ce soir sur ABC. L'épisode 10 "Breathe" sera diffusé dès...


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Sas1608, Avant-hier à 12:49

Nouveau design sur le quartier de Once Upon A Time. Merci Sevnol !

pretty31, Avant-hier à 16:35

Nouvelle manche pour The New Song chez Zoey's EP et ciné-émoji sur HypnoClap !

Supersympa, Avant-hier à 16:36

Bonjour à tous. Nouveau mois sur les quartiers Alias, Dollhouse, The L Word et nouveau calendrier chez Angel.

ShanInXYZ, Hier à 16:05

Nouveau thème dans Voyage au centre du Tardis, vous pouvez rattrapez les thèmes précédents, n'hésitez pas à passer voir le Docteur Who

swceliikz, Hier à 19:52

Hello, nouvelle PDM sur le quartier d'All American

Viens chatter !

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