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#313 : Sexe, Concurrence et Charité

Scénario : Eric Buchman - Réalisation : Michael Grossman
Guest stars : Loretta Devine, Michael Byrne, Rachel Boston, Kathleen Mary Carthy, Joe Holt, Jessica Stroup 

Meredith et Derek sont invités à diner chez Burke et Cristina mais le couple ne se parle toujours pas. George réagit de façon bizarre suite à la mort de son père : il ne semble pas triste mais souhaite constamment faire l'amour avec Callie. Suite à leur baiser, Addison fait tout pour éviter Alex. Le chef décide prendre sa retraite, mais il est peut-être trop tard pour récupérer Adèle. Derek, Mark, Burke et Addison font tout pour convaincre le chef qu'ils sont dignes de lui succéder. De son côté, Bailey met tout en oeuvre pour créer un dispensaire. Après avoir compris que la vie est courte, Burke et George surprennent Cristina et Callie.



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Titre VO
Great Expectations

Titre VF
Sexe, Concurrence et Charité

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George et Izzie

George et Izzie

Une patiente qui va aller au bloc

Une patiente qui va aller au bloc

Les parents d'une patiente

Les parents d'une patiente

Les médecins au bloc

Les médecins au bloc

George et Izzie qui parlent aux parents d'une patiente

George et Izzie qui parlent aux parents d'une patiente

Les parents d'une patiente

Les parents d'une patiente

Repas chez Cristina et Burke

Repas chez Cristina et Burke

Meredith et Derek chez Burke et Cristina

Meredith et Derek chez Burke et Cristina

Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang

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Preston Burke

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Preston Burke chez lui

Preston Burke dans son appartement

Preston Burke dans son appartement

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Callie au bloc

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Cristina au bloc

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Cristina, Richard et Callie au bloc

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Les médecins au bloc

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Bailey au bloc

Callie et Cristina qui vont aller au bloc

Callie et Cristina qui vont aller au bloc

Callie Torres qui se prépare pour aller au bloc

Callie Torres qui se prépare pour aller au bloc

Les médecins au bloc

Les médecins au bloc

Cristina et Burke

Cristina et Burke

Cristina et Izzie

Cristina et Izzie

Callie Torres

Callie Torres

Les médecins dans les vestiaires

Les médecins dans les vestiaires

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)

Alex Karev (Justin Chambers)

George O'Malley (T.R. Knight)

George O'Malley (T.R. Knight)

Miranda Bailey

Miranda Bailey

Cristina Yang dans son appartement

Cristina Yang dans son appartement

Izzie et George

Izzie et George

Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)

Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)

Izzie Stevens

Izzie Stevens

Alex, Meredith et Mark

Alex, Meredith et Mark

Meredith Grey

Meredith Grey

Cristina Yang

Cristina Yang

Izzie au bloc

Izzie au bloc

Plus de détails

(Bailey is standing in the hall motionless while everyone and everything moves around her)

MVO: No one believes their life will turn out just kind of ok. We all think we're going to be great. And from the day we decide to become surgeons, we are filled with expectation. Expectations of the trails we will blaze, the people we will help, the difference we will make. Great expectations of who we will be, where we will go, and then we get there.

(Derek and Meredith are having dinner at Burke and Cristina's house. Cristina is up on the counter eating cereal while the rest are at the table with good food and wine)

Burke: Meredith, would you like seconds?

Meredith: I'm great. Maybe Cristina would like some. Cristina would you like some?

Burke: I only made dinner for 3.

Meredith: You just said there was seconds.

Derek: This is...awkward.

Meredith: You know, we could go, and you two could talk.

Cristina: We're talking.

Meredith: To each other. You're enjoying your meal at the international house of silence? Burke, you have to feed Cristina. She doesn't cook and she will starve.

Cristina: I've got cereal!

Meredith: You two live together. Someone has to be the first to speak.

Burke: I am giving a dinner party. If she wants to sit there she can sit there. Let's just enjoy our evening and talk about something else.

Derek: I heard a crazy rumor today from one of the scrub nurses that Richard was retiring.

Burke: It's an interesting rumor.

(Cristina snorts in disbelief)

Derek: What? It's true? Richard's going to name a new chief of surgery?

Cristina: He asked Burke. But Burke took himself out of the running which apparently is my fault for being part of the team.

Derek: He asked you?

Burke: Who wants desert?

(Seattle scenes)

(Derek and Meredith are at her house)

Meredith: It's so sad. She's not talking to him. He's not talking to her either.

Derek: He said that when he retired I would become Chief. No, no. He asks Burke.

Meredith: I don't think they're going to make it.

Derek: He said "Shep you're my man". Not Burke.

Meredith: How can two people be in a relationship and not talk?

Derek: I am supposed to be chief.

(Izzie knocks on George's door)

Izzie: George. Can I come in? I made you some cookies and brownies and muffins of course. I always make muffins.

(Callie comes out of George's room)

Callie: Thank God you're here. I can't take any more. Three times already tonight and he's getting ready for a fourth.

Izzie: Are you talking about...oh.

Callie: Yeah I'd get it if he were all crying and depressed. Everyone deals in different ways but this is not grieving. This is my legs being bent in ways my legs do not go. And i know. I know his dad died. I know. I get it. I feel horrible, but ow ow ow.

Izzie: I'm going to give you guys some privacy.

Callie; No. You stay. You take over for me ok?

Izzie: Callie Torres!

Callie; No. Not like that. I am giving him to you ok? You are now officially on George Watch 2007. You are his friend. Yay. I need a break. And I need to heal I need to heal.

Izzie: No. What am I supposed to do?

George: Callie?

Callie: Thank you. Goodbye.

(George comes out naked)

George: What is taking you so long...oh. Where is she?

Izzie: She had to go. Are you hungry?

(Seattle scenes)

(Alex walks up to Addison in the hall)

Alex: Hey.

Addison: Oh. Dr. Karev. Hello.

Alex: What's wrong with you?

Addison: No I'm good. I'm good?I'm...all good.

Alex: You've been avoiding me for a week.

Addison: No. I have not.

Alex: Ok, fine. Forget it.

(He leaves and Callie passes Addison on the stairs)

Addison: I kissed Karev.

Callie: George has become a sex machine.

(Locker room)

Izzie: George has turned into a sex machine. Are you hearing me? A machine of sex. We have to do something. What's wrong with you people?

Meredith: Derek kept me up all night with his ranting. Cristina and Burke still aren't speaking to each other.

Cristina: Oh you know what? I'm fine. I'm just not going to be the first one talking. He's going to be the first cause I'm in the right. Talking first is for losers. I'm winning.

Meredith: And Alex. I don't know what's wrong with Alex.

Alex: Nothing wrong with me. I'm all good.

Izzie: Let me just remind you that I'm still recovering from the death of my fianc鬠the demise of my surgical career, the fact that I was forced to deposit an $8 million check that I was saving for a good cause even though I haven't found a good cause. I'm the only one here under the care of a shrink. I could blow any minute. Now, George's dad has died. He's turned into a sex machine. I'm going to need a little help with that so one of you better pull it together.

(George walks in all frantic)

George: Hey anyone seen Callie. I kind of need to see her for something.

(George and Izzie are walking through the hall)

Izzie: Last I heard, perpetual sex was not one of the five stages of grief. Denial is though.

George: That's not what I...You shouldn't be listening at other people's doors.

Izzie: You were in the hallway naked. I saw you.

George: I blocked that out.

(They walk up to Addison)

Izzie; Denial. Dr. Montgomery is sex another form of denial?

Addison: What do you know?

George: That you have a GYN patient here that you want us to see.

Addison: That's right. That's right, I do. Shall we.

(Richard enters the elevator)

Derek: Chief!

Bailey: Chief!

Derek: I gotta talk to the chief.

Bailey: So do I and I was here first.

Richard: I have a meeting to get to. A very important meeting.

Bailey: I'll talk quickly.

Richard: You can get in too Shepherd if you're fast.

Derek: Mine's not fast, mine's epic.

Richard: Then it'll have to wait.

Bailey: Why are you wearing a tie? And why are you smiling like that?

Richard: You have the length of this elevator ride Miranda. Use it well.

Bailey: I have two words for you Chief?free clinic.

Richard: What?

Bailey: I want Seattle Grace to open a free clinic. I know, it's a big undertaking...

Richard: This isn't even surgical,

Bailey: I've done all the research.

Richard: Miranda, there's all kinds of hoops to jump through. Funding, you have to get the departments heads ok.

Bailey: Well if I get the support, will you consider this?

Richard: I'll think about it. I can't imagine why you want to take this on. You're a surgeon. I've go to get to my meeting.

(Jillian's room)

George: Your chart says you've been having some pain and bleeding?

Rachel: She has, for weeks.

Jillian: It's not a big deal.

Rachel: I had to drag her in here.

Jillian: On our one day off from the restaurant.

Rachel: Just let the doctors check you out. A lot of doctors. She needs three people for a pap smear?

Addison: Actually it's not a pap smear. It's a pelvic exam. And since this is a teaching hospital I was going to have one of the interns do the exam, but if you're uncomfortable with that...

Jillian: No it's fine. I'm helping you guys learn something right?

Addison: Stevens?

Izzie: Ok, Julie. I'm just going to warm the speculum for comfort, so if you'll just relax your knees.

Jillian: You don't have to stay here if you don't...

Rachel: Of course I'm staying. We do everything together. Might as well do this.

Jillian: Rachel and I were born two days apart.

Izzie: It's nice that your friendship has stayed so strong.

Rachel: Cradle to grave right?

Jillian: Cradle to grave.

Izzie: Just relax this muscle for me. You're going to feel the speculum. Dr. Montgomery.

Addison: Ok uh...

Rachel: Jilly...

Jillian: Wait. He didn't get to look.

George: I don't have to.

Jillian: This is a teaching hospital right? He should learn.

Addison: Dr. O'Malley.

Rachel: Ok, what do you have up there? Is she pregnant? Oh my god, if you're pregnant.

Jillian: No I'm not pregnant. Am I?

Addison: No.

(Outside Jillian's room)

George: I could see the tumor. With my naked eye, I could see the tumor.

Izzie: I've never seen a cervical tumor that large.

(Rachel walks out)

Rachel: Does she have cancer?

Izzie: It'll take hours to get the biopsy results back.

Rachel: If she has cancer, you need to tell me. Cause if you tell me in front of her, I'll start crying. And when I cry, she cries.

George: If she has family, parents...you should call them. You should call them now.

Rachel: Her parents...we left home. We both left home when we were 16, and we haven't been back. We don't speak to them. It's complicated.

Izzie: It's just that Jilly...in situations like these, she might change her mind. She might want her family.

Rachel: I am her family. She is my family. I am not contacting her parents and neither are you.

(Jim's room)

Mark: Jim, annoying interns. Annoying interns, Jim. Jim is semi-comatose and has stage three decubitus ulcers.

Alex: Bedsores?

Mark: Right. So he's going to need to be debrieded, have his dressings changed, and have his position changed every two hours.

Meredith: Every two hours? By the time we finish we'll just have to start again.

Mark: I'm crying on the inside.

Alex: Can't the nurses help?

Mark: They could but I like nurses. They're helpful and smart and already good at their jobs. So as a going away gift to them, I'm going to let you hang with Jim while I go do one last rhinoplasty at Seattle Grace. I do like to leave a city a little prettier than when I came.

(Mark leaves)

Alex: Did he just say he was leaving? As in quitting?

(Bailey walks up to Derek)

Bailey: Dr. Shepherd?

Derek: Dr. Bailey. how was your meeting with the Chief?

Bailey: That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about. There's a project I'm trying to get off the ground. I'd like to open a free clinic.

Derek: Why?

Bailey: Because I want to. And I could use your support.

Derek: Ah, see that kind of project requires logistical, strategic and administrative components. Something the Chief does. Apparently I'm not cut out for that kind of work. So, you're going to have to take it to someone else.

(Callie walks up to Cristina)

Callie: How's George?

Cristina: Dealing I guess.

Callie: Well he sure has a voracious appetite.

Christina: You know, some people bake, others eat.

Callie: No not that appetite, I mean the other appetite.

Cristina: Whoa. Ok. We're not friends, you and I. We're not friends. Please don't talk to me about what George eats.

Callie: Ok I was just concerned and I thought you'd be concerned. But you know what? Forget it. I don't like you

Cristina: Oh, now me feelings are hurt.


Cristina: Steve Beck, 32. Right patellar dislocation secondary to a fall while running a marathon.

Steve: Paramedics told me I blacked out.

Callie: Any theories as to how Mr. Beck here passed out?

Cristina: No sign of head injury. his BP was low in the field. 80/60.

Callie: Athletes have low BPs.

Cristina: Well in that case it's probably dehydration.

Steve. I drank a lot along the way.

Callie: What else did you do today?

Steve: Ate a couple of protein bars. Took a couple of aspirin for this cold I'm fighting. I got another race next month. OH!

(Callie's snapped his leg back in place.)

Callie: All right, put him in a patellar brace, get a couple of post-reduction films and run some labs. Make sure he's not too dehydrated. And Steve, next time you have a cold, you might want to skip the race.

Steve: Never.

(Izzie and George are walking through the hall)

Izzie: You gonna be ok with this? Working on a cancer case?

George: Yeah. Why?

Izzie: Cause of your dad.

(He sees Callie in the hall)

George: Callie! Hey.

Callie: Hi. Uh, sorry. Busy. Izzie.

(Callie rushes off)

George: Is she avoiding me?

Izzie: Maybe. I don't know. But I'm here. If you want to talk. I know you're sad.

George: I don't want to talk about that.

Izzie: George I'm your friend. I'm trying to help you.

George: Why are you making this about you?

Izzie: It's not about me. It's about me wanting to talk about you needing so much sex that your girlfriend's vagina is broken.

George: Puritans.

Izzie: I'm not a puritan.

George: Izzie...

(He turns her around to see a man and woman that appear to be from some devout Amish community)

George: Do you need some help?

(The man replies in Pennsylvanian Dutch)

George: Pardon?

Man: Our daughter is here somewhere.

Izzie: What's her name? We'll look her up for you.

Woman: Jillian Millar. Jilly.

(Jillian's room)

Rachel: Don't worry, if this was something serious, I can switch my shift at the restaurant. Maybe work nights instead of days.

Jillian: Mom? Dad?

Mom: Hello Jilly.

Rachel: What are you doing here? You called her parents? I told you not to.

Izzie: No, I didn't.

Jillian: It's ok Rach. She meant well.

Rachel: (speaking Dutch) She's fine. We're fine. We don't need you.

Jillian: They can't talk to you remember?

Rachel: Right. I'm shunned. Can't give an inch can you? All these rules.

Addison: Jilly, I have your test results. I'm sorry, you are?

Jillian: My parents.

Father: It is?it is cancer?

Addison: We'll have to perform a radical hysterectomy.

Rachel: Surgery?

Jillian: It's ok Rach.

Mom: But how did...how does it get this badly?

Rachel: Jilly doesn't want you here ok?

Jillian: Rachel it's ok.

Rachel: They're just here to make you go back with them. Is that what you want? Do you want to go back there?

Jillian: Mom, Dad. You should go.

Mom: But you're having surgery.

Jillian: I know but?you coming...was a mistake. Please go home. (In Dutch) This pains me.

(Meredith is talking with Mark at the nurse's station)

Meredith: You're quitting?

Mark: As soon as I find the Chief and hand him my letter of resignation.

Meredith: Why?

Mark: I hate it here. I hate the town. I hate the weather. I hate the people. They're mean. They're unforgiving.

Meredith: Uh huh. The people of Seattle are unforgiving or are Derek and Addison?

Mark: What's your point?

Meredith: What about your contract?

Mark: My non-binding verbal agreement with Richard? Yeah. I'm breaking that.

Meredith: Well it's not as if he's going to be around to enforce it so...

Mark: What do you mean?

Meredith: Well rumor has it he's stepping down so?

Mark: The chief? Well who's going to take his place?

Meredith: Why do you care? You're leaving anyway.

(Addison and Derek are talking)

Derek: When Richard asked you to come out here, what did he use for bait?

Addison: He told me I would have the foremost neonatal intensive care unit west of Manhattan.

Derek: Ok, he didn't say anything about being Chief.

Addison: What do you know?

Derek: Nothing. I know what you know.

Addison: You're lying.

Alex: Dr. Montgomery.

Addison: I'm busy now Karev.

(She walks off)

Alex: (Loudly)When you get a minute I'd like to talk about the kissing.

(Cristina enters Jim's room)

Cristina: Who'd you piss off?

Meredith: Sloan.

Cristina: Nice.

Alex: You got anything good?

Cristina: Not even a fracture. You think a guy that passes out while running, I'd at least get a fracture.

Burke: Anyone available to assist me on a truncus arteriosis surgery?

Alex: Yeah.

Meredith: Yes absolutely.

Burke: Good. Then the first one of you to accurately describe the condition will get to scrub in. No one knows the answer. That's too bad. It'll probably be years before we see another one like this. Oh well.

Cristina: It's a single arterial trunk coming from the ventricles. How could you not know that?

Alex: How could you not say it?

(Burke and Derek are in the scrub room)

Burke: I'm sorry you had to find out about that chief thing that way.

Derek: You mean after the fact? It's not the first time.

Burke: I couldn't go to anybody about my hand. I didn't know who I could trust. I was stuck.

Derek: Yeah. Well now you're not. Hand's all better and you can operate. You can even run for Chief. Life is good again.

Burke: No, I'm not going to try for Chief. I'm looking for...answers.

Derek: Well the Chief asked you once already. I don't see why he wouldn't do it again.

Burke: Look I couldn't take the job. It wouldn't be...it wouldn't be right.

Derek: Well if something's right or not, it doesn't seem to matter in this place.


Cristina: Your labs show that you are significantly dehydrated and your muscles are breaking down a bit. We just want to make sure that the fluids help get everything back to normal before we send you home.

Steve: Well my knee's going to be ok right? Cause I blew this race, I gotta win the next one.

Cristina: Your x-rays look fine. Your knee should be ok in about 3 weeks. You might want to try some PT.

Steve: It's really sore.

Cristina: The knee?

Steve: Yeah, my calves too.

Cristina: Oh well... your brace is probably a little too tight. (She lifts the covers to reveal his two HUGE legs) You've got extreme swelling in both legs. Get Torres now.

Callie: What the hell happened?

Cristina: He was complaining of leg pain.

Steve: Please just make it stop.

Cristina: I can't find a pulse.

Callie: Ok, open a cut-down tray. Gloves. All right I need you to do everything exactly as I do ok? Steve? Listen to me. This is going to hurt. If you want to keep your legs I need you to hold them still. Can you do that? Alright Hold his legs.Follow my lead.

(Callie takes a scalpel and cuts a line down his calf while he's still awake, and Christina follows suit. Steve cries out in pain)

(Steve's room)

Richard: His kidneys are failing. Why in the hell is this progressing so rapidly?

Callie: Damn it.

Chief: What?

Callie: The aspirin. Because of the marathon and his dehydration his muscles are breaking down and the aspirin is accelerating the process. His whole system's crashing.

Richard: The toxins in his system are gonna kill him. I need to put in a dialysis under fluoro. Lets get this man to an OR now people.

(Izzie and George are at the nurse's station)

Izzie: You wanna grab lunch?

George: Actually I was just hoping I could grab lunch with Callie. Have you seen her?

Izzie: No but...

George: I think I'm going to page her.

Izzie: George...

George: Izzie.

Izzie: They're still here (Jillian's parents)

George: They're her parents. Where else are they going to go? Actually I'm going to find Callie.

(Alex walks up to Addison in the hall)

Alex: Dr. Montgomery.

Addison: Now's not a good time Karev. (He drags her into a closet) Karev what are you doing?

Alex: Listen all right. You kissed me. You kissed me and ever since you've been avoiding me.

Addison: Alex...

Alex: You've been avoiding me because you just assume that I want you. You expect that everyone who you look sideways at is pining after you right? Has it even occurred to you that maybe I'm not even interested.

Addison: You're not interested?

Alex: You think I want to be just another intern sleeping with an attending?

Addison: You kissed me back.

Alex: You're my boss. I mean, what did you expect me to do? Look Sloan's had me changing bandages all day and I would way rather be scrubbing in on one of your surgeries. And if you keep avoiding me, then I don't get to scrub in. So stop avoiding me. It happened. And it doesn't have to happen again.

Addison: All right.

Alex: All right.

(Derek walks up to Mark)

Derek: Rumor has it you're headed back to New York.

Mark: Where'd you hear that?

Derek: Good news travels fast. Actually I was going to ask you to scrub in on a peripheral nerve reconstruction. But since it's your last day?

Mark: It isn't and I'd love to.

Derek: What?I thought?

Mark: I was going. Now I'm not. Rumor has it there's a race for Chief.

Derek: Where'd you hear that?

Mark: Good news travels fast. Especially when you have a chatty girlfriend. Anyway, see you later.

(Cristina and Callie in the scrub room)

Cristina: Have you done that before?

Callie: Sliced a guy's legs open while he was awake? No.

Cristina: Impressive.

Callie: You too. Not that we're friends or anything.

Cristina: So you said I should be concerned. About George...

Callie: He doesn't talk...about his dad. We don't talk about anything really.

Cristina: Talking's overrated.

Callie: So you and Burke still aren't...George told me.

Cristina: So you talked about that.

Callie: Yeah a week ago. If this keeps up, you and Burke might be the last thing we ever talk about. So what's the last thing you and Burke talked about? Silence is overrated.

(Jillian's room)

Izzie: Where's Rachel?

Jillian: She went to go make some phone calls. Try to get her shifts covered.

Izzie: You know Jilly, your parents are still here.

Jillian: They are?

Izzie: And I'm not the one who called them.

Jillian: Yeah.

Izzie: You called them right? And I'm guessing they had to fly in from somewhere. So you called them what...yesterday, the day before?

Jillian: I went to the ER a while ago. And they told me to see an oncologist. But, I couldn't afford my rent let alone pay a bunch of medical bills. But, then I got scared.

Izzie: You called your parents.

Jillian: I didn't know what else to do.

Izzie: You sent them away because...

Jillian: Rachel's my best friend. And after she was baptized, she decided to leave the community. Which means she's shunned. But I couldn't let her go out in the world all by herself.

Izzie: So you're shunned too?

Jillian: No. I hadn't been baptized yet. But Rachel, she'll never...

Izzie: Do you want to go back?

Jillian: I think about it. It's my home you know? If I'm dying, I want an Amish funeral. I want to be buried in the white dress and I want everybody to be there.

Izzie: It's your home.

Jillian: But...I made a promise to Rachel. Cradle to grave.

(Jillian's surgery)

Izzie: How did Jilly let it get this far?

Addison: It's frustrating isn't it? And it's entirely preventable. And treatable if you catch it in time, but you've got to catch it.

Bailey: Which is why I want to open a clinic. If she'd had access to a free clinic she probably would have had a pap smear every year and she wouldn't be dealing with infertility and premature menopause at the tender age of 23.

George: You want to open a free clinic?

Izzie: At Seattle Grace? Why?

Bailey: Illness caught early means fewer unnecessary surgeries. Fewer unnecessary deaths.

Izzie: But why?

Bailey: Because. And if I can get the support that I need?

Addison: I need suction. Oh no.

Bailey: My God.

Izzie: What?

Addison: The tumor's invaded through the cervix and into the bladder.

Bailey: Which means she's a stage 4.

Addison: We're not doing this operation today.

Bailey: We've got to close her up. There's nothing more we can do here.

(George freaks out a little and leaves the OR.)

Addison: O'Malley?

Izzie: It's his dad.

(Izzie walks into the hall and sees Jillian's parents, hugging)

(Steve's OR)

Richard: How far did he run before his body had the good sense to pass out?

Cristina: 12 miles.

Richard: You got to be out of your mind.

Cristina: Well he couldn't have expected a head cold and a couple of aspirin to do him in.

Callie: He probably felt dizzy for miles before he passed out. He should have stopped and sat his ass down.

Cristina: I get it. I can understand that.

Richard: You can, can you?

Cristina: Well surgery is the most competitive field in medicine. We're all here to win.

Richard: It's a long road Dr. Yang. And when you get to the end of it, you're not going to care about winning. You're just going to be relieved that you made it to the finish line.

(Derek enters the room where Meredith is)

Derek: You told Sloan?

Meredith: What?

Derek: Mark Sloan. You told him Chief was stepping down. That I wanted the job.

Meredith: I didn't know that was a secret.

Derek: He was leaving Meredith. He was leaving town.

Meredith: Ok, and now he's not?

Derek: No, he's not. And you gave him a reason to stay.

(He walks out and slams the door)

Meredith: Derek....

(Burke and Bailey are walking in the hall)

Bailey: The commitment I'm asking for is only a few hours a week.

Burke: I'm sorry, but I can't do with any more distractions right now.

Bailey: You owe me.

Burke: What?

Bailey: When you had that tremor. You cut me out of surgery after surgery. Made me feel like I was the one who couldn't do her job. Made me doubt myself. You owe me this.

Burke: You need someone who can provide leadership. Direction to the project. I'm not that man.

Bailey: Not any more. If that's what you want to believe.

(Jillian's room)

Izzie: Over the next few months, Jilly's going to go through a lot?Radiation, Chemo. It's likely her condition will get worse. A lot worse. And she's going to need a lot of help.

Rachel: Ok, well can you give me some names of doctors and medications cause I want to be ready. I want to know everything so I can do this. Do this right for her.

Izzie: Rachel...you can't be everything. It's too hard. Jilly has parents who love her. They love her and they're here and she wants to go home.

Rachel: No she doesn't.

Izzie: She called them, not me.

Rachel: She called?

Izzie: Jilly is dying.

Rachel: But I promised her. Cradle to grave. She's Jilly, I love her.

Izzie: It's possible that the best thing you can do for her if you love her is to let her go.

(Seattle scenes)

(Outside of Richard's office)

Burke: Are you waiting to see the Chief?

Addison: Yes, you?

Burke: Yeah.

Addison: About?

Burke: Oh you know...just...admin stuff.

Addison: Yeah, me too.

(Derek walks up)

Derek: What are you doing here?

Burke: Waiting to see the chief.

Derek: You too?

Addison: Yes, Derek. Both of us.

Derek: Unbelievable.

Addison: I'm unbelievable? The chief steps down and automatically you assume it's between you and Burke?

Derek: You think that he's going to pick you?

Addison: Well the fact that he hasn't tapped either one of you yet means he's got some other candidate in mind.

(Mark walks up)

Mark: What no one invited me to the party?

(Richard walks up and they storm him, all throwing questions out at the same time)

Richard: Stop, stop, stop. One at a time here. You, what's this all about?

Mark: They all want to be Chief. And for the record, so do I.

(They start arguing again)

Richard: Ok Button it. All of you. I have had a perfect day. I went to the board this morning, and told them I was retiring. I saved a life. And now I'm off to see my wife. It has been a perfect day until you four fools tried to ruin it. A man can't be happy he's retiring around here without you vulture picking my bones."

(Bailey walks up)

Bailey: Chief...you're stepping down?

Richard: As soon as they find a replacement for me, I'm stepping down as Chief of surgery. But I don't know when that'll be because at this point I don't see any front-runners. Excuse me.

(They all start to argue again as he walks off as Bailey stands there mystified)

(Bailey is at a nurse's station with Richard)

Bailey: You didn't think to tell me this morning that you were planning to step down instead of sending me on this wild goose chase?

Richard: Dr. Bailey, you need those clowns to sign off on your proposal because one of them may be chief of surgery in a month. It's hard to imagine, me more than anyone, but because you're not ready for the job, one of them's going to have to do it for the next few years.

Bailey: Me?

Richard: It's you in the chair eventually. That's who you are. You're going to have to get a new chair because you're short. You have short legs. But someday you are going to be chief of surgery. I wasn't sending you on a wild goose chase. I was trying to get you in the habit of doing things without me.

(Mark, Addison, Burke and Derek are sitting in the hallway on the floor)

Addison: He's really doing it. He's really retiring.

Mark: One of us could be chief.

Burke: No, one of us could be chief. (Pointing to him, Derek and Addison) You...I don't think so.

Derek: Yeah.

Addison: Yeah.

Mark: Oh I could be chief.

Derek: You're delusional.

Addison: Mark Sloan, chief of surgery. That makes me vomit a little in my mouth.

(Bailey walks up)

Bailey: These are your letters of support for my free clinic. Sign them.

Burke: Why do you want this clinic so badly.

Derek: You're a surgeon.

Bailey: Because I need something more. I know you all have your messy love lives, and your secrets and your silliness, But I want more. I need something to hold onto. I need a reason to believe that medicine can do more than stitch you up and send you away. I need to believe that medicine cannot only save lives, but change lives. I need...I need to believe to believe in something the way I used to believe in you all. Sign the papers. Sign the papers.

Derek: You still need funding.

(She stares him down and he complies. She leaves)

Derek: The nazi's back.

(Jillian's room)

Rachel: Hi. Go home.

Jillian: Rach...

Rachel: They're your parents, you love them and they're still here. You know what a big deal it is for them to get on a plane. Go home Jilly.

Jillian: But I can't just leave you here.

Rachel: Yes you can.

Jillian: Rachel...

Rachel: You can go back home. And you can put on your bonnet and you can get in the buggy and go to church and get baptized. You can die Amish.

Jillian: No I can't do that.

Rachel: Why cause you'll have to shun me? Don't worry about me. I will be living it up here with your curling iron and your cable TV and your entire DVD collection. I'll be okay here in the 21'st century.

Jillian: I can't shun you.

Rachel: You can. And you will. And I won't take no for an answer. Now say hello to your parents.

(Jillian's parents enter)

Jillian: Hi.

Dad: Jilly.

Jillian: Dad.

Mom: (to Rachel) I will tell your parents that I saw you and that you are well and happy. And have grown into a fine woman.

(They hug)

(Seattle scenes)

(Richard's house, He has a bunch of flowers and knocks on the door.)

Adele: Richard, what are you doing here?

Richard: These are for you.

Adele: Richard, what are you doing here?

Richard: I did it Adele. I'm retiring. And I gotta tell you, I didn't think I wanted to do it, but I'm relieved. I'm happy.

Adele: When I told you I didn't have any more time to wait, I meant it.

Richard: I know you did...

Adele: That was months ago. Months ago I said "You are out of time with me."

Richard: Adele...is there a man in my house?

Adele: I'm so sorry Richard. But what did you expect?

(She slams the door)

(Izzie enters the room where George is)

Izzie: I'm sorry.

George: Why...I'm angry. What's wrong with having a lot of sex if it makes me feel better?

Izzie: Do you? Feel better?

George: You know how you felt when you were lying on the bathroom floor.

Izzie: Maybe you're not supposed to feel better.

George: Iz you can't help me. I know you want to. But you can't. You can't help me.

Izzie: I have to let you go.

George: Yeah.

Izzie: Just one last thing. (She gives him a big hug) Life is short George. Life is short and it sucks a lot of the time. If being with Callie makes you happy then go be with Callie.

(He leaves and Bailey comes in)

Bailey: Hey. He going to be ok?

Izzie: I think so. How's your clinic going?

Bailey: I got my signatures. Which is a start. The Seattle Grace Free Clinic will exist.

Izzie: The Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic.

Bailey: What?

Izzie: I have $8 million dollars.

Bailey: Izzie Stevens.

(Meredith's room, Derek enters)

Derek: You left without me. And now you're not talking to me. I was a jerk. Sometimes boyfriends can be jerks. Doesn't mean you stop talking to them. You get that I'm saying I'm sorry right?

Meredith: You yelled at me for no reason, then you walked away, and now you show up here.

Derek: Of course I showed up. Why wouldn't I? You don't trust me?

Meredith: I do.

Derek: Ok well this is how it works. You fight sometimes, and somebody apologizes.

Meredith: Well how am I supposed to know that?

Derek: You've never done this before.

Meredith: No, I've never done this before.

Derek: Hmm. Ok, all right. Well this is?from now on, you can expect that I'm gonna show up. Even if I yell. Even if you yell. I'm always going to show up ok?

Meredith: Ok. You are going to make an excellent Chief.

Derek: Yeah.

MVO: We all think we're going to be great. And we feel robbed when our expectations aren't met.

(Addison walks up to Alex in the hall)

Addison: Karev, I've got an ovarian torsion that needs emergent surgery. You in?

Alex: Yeah.

MVO: But sometimes our expectations sell us short.

(Burke's house)

Cristina: I was right. I swear, I really believe what I did was right. I don't want you to forgive me. Frankly...I'd...find it patronizing if you did because while I know I was right, you think I'm wrong. Which doesn't matter. Because, I'm in this. I'm in this for the long haul, and I'm in this to finish the race. So if that means I don't win this one, then fine. I don't win. You win. I'm talking. See I'm talking first, you win.

MVO: Sometimes, the expected pales in comparison to the unexpected.

Burke: Marry me.

(Callie's hotel room)

George: I don't want to waste another minute.

Callie: I can't have sex with you again, George. I can't I just...enough with the sex.

George: Since my dad died, I uh...I feel like someone ripped out my stomach and filled the hole with asphalt. I laugh every time that I remember I'm never going to talk to him again because it just sounds like the stupidest thing I ever heard. I can't believe it's real. But...every time I look at you...I feel better. It shocks me. It knocks my wind out but it's the truth. And I don't have to have sex with you. I'd be happy just to look at you from across the room. And even that?any piece of you, I mean hopefully all of you, that'd be the best thing...because I love you.

Callie: George....

(He kneels)

George: Marry me. Will you marry me?

(Burke and Cristina's)

Burke: Marry me, Cristina Yang.

MVO: You gotta wonder why we cling to our expectations, because the unexpected is just what keeps us steady...standing...still.

(Callie's hotel room)

George: Marry me.

MVO: The expected is just the beginning. The unexpected is what changes our lives.

(The scene flips back and forth between Callie/George and Burke/Cristina)

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Le Chef a dit à Miranda que c'est elle qu'il imagine Chef dans plusieurs années... Génial !


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