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#320 : Passé Pas Simple

Scénario : Stacy McKee - Réalisation : Christopher Misiano 
Guest stars : Mare Winningham, Steven W. Bailey, Elizabeth Reaser, Melissa Fitzgerald, Roger Rees, Craig Tsuyumine, Suzanne Cryer, Marc Vann, Brent Jennings, Randy Thompson, Dee Wallace-Stone, Tim Hopper, Zibby Allen, Kate Anthony, Liv Hutchings, Nichelle Hines 

Cristina se bat pour sa relation avec Burke alors que Colin Marlow fait tout pour la pousser à ne pas se marier. Depuis la mort d'Ellis, Susan se sent responsable de Meredith et tente de se faire passer pour une deuxième mère, ce que Meredith va lui reprocher. Suite à son opération, Ava se retrouve avec un nouveau visage. Un couple se présente comme étant ses parents, mais en réalité, ils ne le sont pas et c'est à Alex d'annoncer la triste nouvelle à Ava. Izzie voit sa vie chamboulée lorsque les parents de sa fille qu'elle a fait adopter 11 ans plus tôt arrivent à l'hôpital pour lui annoncer que'Hannah a une leucémie et a besoin d'une greffe de moelle. L'entretien de Derek avec le chef s'est mal passé, il en rend Meredith responsable.



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Time After Time

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Passé Pas Simple

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Izzie et Bailey

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Les médecins au bloc

Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)

Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl)

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Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson)

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Izzie Stevens

Cristina et Burke dans la chambre d'un patient

Cristina et Burke dans la chambre d'un patient

Cristina et Burke dans la chambre d'un patient

Cristina et Burke dans la chambre d'un patient

Cristina et Burke dans la chambre d'un patient

Cristina et Burke dans la chambre d'un patient



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Une opération

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Les médecins au bloc

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Meredith Grey

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Callie et George

Callie et George

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Cristina et Meredith

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Izzie Stevens

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Les médecins au bloc



Plus de détails

(Cristina and Burke are in the OR)

MVO: A patient's history is as important as their symptoms. It's what helps us decide if heartburn's a heart attack, if a headache's a tumor. Sometimes patients will try to rewrite their own histories. They'll claim they don't smoke or forget to mention certain drugs, which in surgery can be the kiss of death.

(The patient starts flatlining and blood is squirting everywhere)

MVO: We can ignore it all we want.

(Cristina looks up and sees Colin in the gallery)

MVO: But our history, eventually, always comes back to haunt us.

(Burke looks up at Colin)

(Meredith's house. Susan and Derek are in the kitchen)

Derek: Meredith, she'll accept a certain amount of help and then she starts to feel suffocated.

Susan: Oh! Is this...am I suffocating?

Derek: Oh no, the groceries are just right. It's me. I sometimes overdo it.

Susan: Well, who can blame you? With...after Ellis died, I gave her some time but I wanna be here. I wanna help make things easier...

Derek: Good, yeah. Just try to keep it light, you know? Be helpful...

(Meredith enters)

Derek: Good morning.

Meredith: Morning.

Derek: You want some coffee?

Meredith: Yes. This all you?

Susan: I just picked up some things to restock your fridge.

Meredith: You bought groceries last week.

Derek: Yeah, you have to do it every week, if you want more.

Meredith: Well, thank you. It's unexpected and you didn't need to do all this.

(Alex walks in)

Alex: This for everybody?

Susan: Absolutely.

Derek: I'm gonna run, I gotta talk to Richard before things get to busy at the hospital. I'll see you.

Meredith: Are you gonna talk to him about the uh...

Derek: Yeah. Wish me luck.

Susan: You don't need it. Just make him listen to you. You deserve to be chief.

(Richard and Mark are in the elevator when a woman enters)

Woman: Nice sweater.

Richard: Yeah...my wife...

Woman: What?

Richard: My wife, she gave it to me...the sweater. Actually, it's my ex-wife. It's amicable.

Woman: I'm sorry?

Richard: The divorce, it's amicable. Very friendly. I'm a friendly guy.

(The woman and another passenger get out leaving Mark and Richard alone)

Mark: I'm a friendly guy?

Richard: Sloan!

Mark: She pressed five and got off at three. She'd rather walk up two flights of stairs then flirt with you. Hell, she'd rather climb up the outside of the building.

Richard: I wasn't flirting.

Mark: You're telling me. There's no need to be embarrassed. It's time for you to shake off the rust and get back in the game. You need a wing man.

Richard: I have patients to see.

(He gets out of the elevator)

Mark: We'd make a great team.

(Colin enters the room where Cristina is)

Colin: Nothing like a quick ventricular reconstruction to jump-start your morning, eh?

Cristina: Ok, you've officially become creepy, creepy and stalking. Burke and I have set our date; we're getting married next month.

Colin: We both know you're not the marrying kind.

Cristina: Well, you don't know that. You don't know me anymore.

Colin: Just to be sure you're fully aware of what you're passing up. I'd like you to assist me on my hetrotopic heart transplant today.

Cristina: What? A piggyback transplant, seriously?

Colin: Burke will want to scrub in too, I imagine. See how it's done.

(Cristina and Meredith enter the locker room)

Cristina: Hetrotopic transplant, he is upping his game. I need a gambit. I need to force him into the defensive, take his queen. (Meredith just looks at her) You've never played chess?

Meredith: I'm not a geek.

Cristina: I've gotta crush him. I've gotta annihilate him at his own game.

Meredith: So, it's weird, right? That Susan keeps stopping by like this? I mean, we just became friends or semi-related or whatever you call your estranged father's wife.

Alex: You may be confused since you were basically raised by wolves but this is what mother's do. They stop by, they stock the fridge. Dude, you think she might do our laundry?

Meredith: Hey! Get your own fake mom.

(George enters)

George: Hey. (To Callie) Bad night on call?

Callie: Yeah, one my patient's gooey abscess exploded all over me at 4 am...

(Izzie enters holding a rosary)

Izzie: Holy Mary, mother of God. Pray for us sinners now and in the...

Alex: (Whistles) Iz, you look nice.

Meredith: Did you just come from confession?

Izzie: Holy Mary...

Meredith: In a church?

Izzie: Shut up.

Alex: Izzie Stevens does penance. You did something bad.

Callie: I smell like poo. Did you think I can make it through today without falling asleep?

George: Do you want to make a coffee date? 3 pm, you could use a little pick me up.

Callie: Yeah. Sounds nice, really nice.

George: Good.

Callie: Ok.

(Jane Doe's room)

Alex: (Taking a picture of her new face) Smile. Aww, come on man, that's not a smile.

Jane Doe: Can I see? It's me? Oh my god. I know this is gonna sound terrible but I'm not bad looking.

Meredith: Beautiful is the word you're looking for.

Izzie: I was gonna say hot.

George: I was gonna too but I think I would've gotten in trouble.

Bailey: You would have.

Mark: Still a little swelling. In a day or two I'll raise that hot to smoking.

Jane Doe: Then shouldn't we wait to take the after pictures?

Bailey: We could but the sooner we take them the sooner we get them out there.

Mark: Your picture's gonna be everywhere. The police, the news, the internet.

Jane Doe: But if my face looks completely different then what good would pictures do?

Mark: I was able to maintain aspects of your bone structure so your face bares some similarities to your old face. Plus, your hair and your eyes are the same.

Jane Doe: You think? Do you really think someone will finally recognize me?

Alex: I think you should smile.

(Izzie and George are in the clinic)

Izzie: I'm telling you, this confession thing. It really works. It's like we have a do-over. Our sin is gone. So you don't have to keep avoiding me.

George: Yeah, I do. Until this thing blows over, I do. (Loudly) Javier Rugero. Javier...uh...Rugero.

Izzie: Blows over? What does that even mean?

George: When Meredith and I, uh...eventually, you know, blew over, passed.

Izzie: You mean the sad sex? The sad, tragic, depression inducing sex you had with Meredith is the same as what...

George: Ok...ok, back off. Just for now, back off. (Loudly) Javier Rugero

(George walks away and Caroline and Dustin Klein walk up)

Dustin: You're Dr. Isobel Stevens?

Izzie: Yes. If you're Mr. Rugero, you're with Dr. O'Malley.

Dustin: Dr. Stevens...

Caroline: We, um...our daughter has leukemia...and needs a bone marrow transplant.

Izzie: You're uh...you're looking for hematology. It's third floor west, through these double doors, second set of elevators on the...on the right.

(Caroline starts sobbing)

Izzie: I'm so sorry about your daughter but Seattle Grace has one of the best bone marrow transplant centers in the country. If you'd like I can take you up there myself.

Dustin: No, no. It's just that...you look so much like our daughter. We're Dustin and Caroline Klein. We're Hannah's parents. We're her...we're your daughter's parents. You're Hannah's birth mother.

Dustin: Hannah was diagnosed a few months ago with acute myeloid leukemia. We, um...we looked you up and we know that that's wrong but...

Caroline: She needs the transplant. We were set to go. We had a donor.

Dustin: Her donor died, registry called Hannah's oncologist last night.

Caroline: Cause apparently Hannah hasn't had enough bad luck.

Dustin: We'd never ask. I mean, we had no intentions bothering you...ever.

Caroline: But last night everything changed.

Izzie: No, of course. Of course I'd donate. It's just...a biological parent isn't usually a good donor. I'm only a half match. Hannah would probably do better getting back on the donor list and waiting.

Caroline: I know when you gave her up, we promised to take care of her, to keep her safe. But I can't protect her from this. It's genetic. You have to take care of her.

Dustin: Every day we wait she gets sicker.

Caroline: And if we're lucky, you could be better than a half match.

Izzie: Yeah. Is she...she's here? (They nod) God, she must be scared.

Dustin: She's upstairs with my mother.

Izzie: Can I...um...I'd like to meet her.

Dustin: Well, we'd have to check with Hannah...

Caroline: But if she agrees, of course, we'd be ok with it. Isobel...our daughter could die.

(Cristina, Burke, and Colin enter Charles' room)

Colin: Charles, this is Dr. Burke. I've invited him to assist on the surgery.

Charles: How do you do Dr. Burke? (Playing chess)

Burke: You playing yourself?

Charles: It distracts me from the fact that you're gonna have your hands in my chest in a few hours.

Colin: This...Charles, is a former student of mine, a formidable chess player herself. Dr. Cristina Yang.

Cristina: Soon to be Dr. Cristina Burke. We're getting married. (She puts her hand on Burke's chest) Next month.

Charles: Congratulations!

Cristina: Thank you, sir.

Colin: (Looking sick) Perhaps, you'd like to explain the procedure, Dr. Yang?

Cristina: Absolutely! (She grabs Burke's hand) Mr. Redford, instead of replacing your current we're going to attach it to the new heart essentially piggy backing it. The two hearts pump together, sharing the workload. It's, uh...it's a perfect team.

Colin: More accurately, the new heart will circulate blood to the body while the native heart will pump blood to the lungs. More of a divide and conquer approach, wouldn't you say, Dr. Yang?

Charles: Sounds risky?

Burke: All surgeries carry a degree of risk but Dr. Marlow pioneered the procedure.

Cristina: And Dr. Burke is one of the foremost cardio-thoracic surgeons in the country.

Colin: Well, I'll be the one on point, of course. So, you've nothing to worry about. You've picked the best man for the job.

(Outside the room, Cristina and Burke are walking in the hall)

Burke: What was that?

Cristina: That was my smug, passive-aggressive whiny ex-boyfriend trying to show me I picked the wrong guy.

Burke: Oh, I know. I'm fine with it as long as I'm learning something. I was actually talking about you. What was that?

Cristina: You're gonna have to put up with me being nice and sweet for a little while.

Burke: That'll be a nice change of pace.

Cristina: Shut up.

Burke: That's more like it.

(Addison walks up to Alex in the hall)

Addison: Hey. I saw Ava. She looks terrific.

Alex: Yeah, yeah she does. Sloan kicked it out.

Addison: Yeah, well, you had something to do with that too.

Alex: Just doing my job.

Addison: Geez, you cannot take a compliment.

Alex: I just...don't wanna get people thinking...

Addison: What? You're trying to build the perfect woman?

(A nurse walks up)

Nurse: Dr. Montgomery, the police just called. They're on their way over. They think they found Jane Doe's family.

(Derek and Richard are in his office)

Derek: I'm sure you felt that you needed to be even handed when you announced that you were looking for someone to take over as chief. Give everybody a shot at the brass ring.

Richard: I did.

Derek: Cam we drop that rouse soon?

Richard: It's not a rouse.

Derek: You promised me the job when I came here. It's why I came.

Richard: No, you came because you're marriage fell apart and you had to get the hell out of...

Derek: We had an understanding and now you're having me jump through hoops with every other attending in this hospital. I hear you're giving Marlow special privileges to do a piggyback surgery.

Richard: This is a teaching hospital, Derek.

Derek: Yeah...my interview didn't go as well as I had hoped. I would like your support with the board. You have my credentials; you know I'm ready.

Richard: I only have one vote.

Derek: It's a strong vote.

(Izzie walks past Bailey in the clinic)

Izzie: Ok. I'm not feeling well.

Bailey: (To George) What's wrong with that girl?

(Bailey enters that bathroom where Izzie is hiding in a stall crying)

Bailey: Look, I can't talk to you when you're making all that noise. So, pull it together and get out here. Now!

Izzie: (Comes out) I have an 11-year-old daughter. She needs a bone marrow transplant. I'm potentially a good match. Please don't tell anybody, please. This isn't a chapter in my history that...

Bailey: I understand.

Izzie: She's here...my kid...and I'm supposed to go up to pediatrics and meet here. Right now and...I've thought about this moment. What I would look like. What I would say. But I thought I would be older. More together, more mature. I thought she would be older. I never thought that she would be sick. Oh god, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. What do I do?

(Conference room, Alex and Addison are sitting with Joan and Frank Waring, Jane Doe's potential parents)

Joan: We love are daughter but we never got along with her husband.

Alex: So, she has a husband?

Frank: Had. One day while she was at work, he packed up and disappeared.

Joan: He didn't want a baby but she went after him, even pregnant like that.

Frank: We hadn't heard from her in months and then today we saw her picture on TV.

Addison: Mr. and Mrs. Waring, the woman we found, if she is your daughter...

Joan: (Pulling out a picture) Her nose is different and her chin but they'd said that her face had been...you know, changed.

Alex: Do you happen to know your daughter's blood type?

Joan: She's b positive.

Addison: Any medical conditions, surgeries we should know about?

Joan: She had her tonsils out when she was 12.

Frank: It's her, isn't it? It's Shannon.

(Susan is walking through the hall and Meredith sees her)

Meredith: Susan?

Susan: Meredith, hi. So glad I found you.

Meredith: Twice in one day.

Susan: Is this a bad time? I mean, I know you're always busy but...

Meredith: Yeah, no, I'm just at work.

Susan: Ok, I was, um...you know I'd really just love to talk with you. I'd love to find a time for you and me to sit down...

Meredith: I'm sorry. This is too much, way too much. You keep showing up. I cannot be your daughter or your charity case or the thing that you need to fix.

Susan: I'm not trying to...

Meredith: No, no, stop talking, ok? Stop mothering. Just stop.

(Alex enters Jane Doe's room where she is watching herself on the news)

Jane Doe: My glamour shot's been on the news at least ten times already. Bet you're gonna miss me when my fancy family shows up to take me away.

Alex: You don't know they're fancy. Open up.

Jane Doe: Why what's wrong with my throat?

Alex: How do I know, I haven't even seen it yet. Now open up.

Jane Doe: No, not til you tell me what...wait...someone has recognized me, haven't they? Alex, Alex, you have to tell me who it is, please?

Alex: Their daughter's blood type is b positive. She's your age, she's pregnant, you're height, you're hair color and she has no tonsils. So now you gonna open up?

Jane Doe: Yes, please tell me I have no tonsils.

Alex: Say ahh.

Jane Doe: Ahh.

Alex: No tonsils.

(Mr. and Mrs. Waring enter)

Jane: Shannon?

Alex: Mr. and Mrs. Waring, I asked you to wait. I have tests to complete.

Jane Doe: Alex, it's ok.

Jane: Your name is Shannon Marie.

Frank: Marie was my mothers name, your grandmother.

Jane Doe: Shannon Marie

(Bailey enters the clinic and gives instructions to George. Izzie is in the hallway nearby)

Bailey: Ok, discharge beds 1 and 3. 2 needs a social worker and hold this down for me O'Malley. I'm gonna be out for awhile.

George: Why? What's going on with Izzie?

Bailey: What's going on with Stevens is none of your concern. What is your concern, sick people, all these sick people, until I get back, understand?

(Meredith walks up)

Meredith: Dr. Bailey. Just did a consult in trauma one, guy has a perf, can I scrub in?

Bailey: No you cannot scrub in. You're here with O'Malley for now.

Meredith: (To George) Hey, what's wrong with Izzie?

George: Beds 7 through 13, start with number 8. He doesn't have much bladder control.

(Charles' room)

Burke: First Mr. Redford, while Dr. Marlow is preparing the surgical area, I will be examining the donor heart.

Colin: Actually, I'm sorry, I'll examine the donor heart. I want to be sure the IVC orifice is open, so...Carry on.

Burke: Then I'll open your chest and put you on bypass. At which point, we will connect the left atrium and the right atrium...

Colin: The superior vena cava. It simplifies the subsequent cardiac biopsies. You didn't read my article in the cardio-thoracic monthly last year, did you? Well, I think Cristina has a copy of it. Cristina, may I?

Cristina: Oh, of course. (She hands him the magazine and her nails are painted a rainbow of colors)

Colin: Oh, what on earth?

Cristina: Oh, testing colors.

Colin: For the big day I assume.

Cristina: I'm thinking...coral?

(Mark walks up to Richard in the hall)

Mark: Hey, chief, come here I want to show you something.

Richard: I'm busy, Sloan.

Mark: I need an update on my patient in room 3129.

Nurse: Uh...hi.

Mark: Hi.

Nurse: Ok. I have that right here.

Mark: I like those sneakers. You a runner?

Nurse: Yeah.
Mark: Me too. Maybe we should go running sometime.

Nurse: Sure. Anything else I can help you with, Dr. Sloan?

Mark: Nope, all good. (Nurse walks away) Wing man.

Richard: Wing man.

(Outside pediatrics, Bailey and Izzie are standing together)

Izzie: Hannah's in there right now.

Bailey: She is. You see her, you'll know what to do. Must be nice to know she has parents like this, who fight for her. Think about what she wants; try to make her happy, like you would have. Doesn't mean, you don't want that girl to want you.

Izzie: Yeah.

(Caroline and Dustin come out)

Caroline: I'm...she's so, so tired.

Dustin: We left it up to Hannah and she's just not ready. I'm sorry.

Caroline: We don't wanna force it, maybe another time.

Dustin: When she's feeling better.

Izzie: Of course. I understand.

Dustin: I'm sorry, but...the transplant?

Bailey: Stevens? Hey, look at me, look at me. Your girl...you can want her to want you all day long but she has to be here if she's ever gonna have that chance again.

Izzie: I'm sorry. Of course, yeah, I'm ready. Lets get started.

(Alex enters Jane Doe's room where she is sitting with Frank)

Jane Doe: Hey, guess what? I'm a teacher. I teach second grade at North Bend Elementary. Or at least I did.

Frank: You can get your job back whenever you want. They love you there. When will we be able to take her home.

Alex: You...you wanna take her back to...

Frank: North Bend. We've got a room all set up for her. Your mom's got all of your books and your letters and diaries.

Jane Doe: I kept diaries?

Frank: About 800 of them. So even if you don't remember everything now, you will.

Jane Doe: You hear that? I can go right?

Alex: Well, you're still getting IV antibiotics and we're monitoring the baby very closely right now.

Jane Doe: Yeah, but you can make it happen, right? Come on Alex don't doctor me. Help me get out of here.

Alex: Dr. Montgomery's got you on strict bed rest until your delivery. But I'll ask, maybe you can do it from home.

Jane Doe: Home...

(Derek walks up to Meredith in the hallway)

Derek: Hey.

Meredith: Hey.

Derek: You ok?

Meredith: Horrible...I'm in a horrible mood. I yelled at Susan. I think I scared off my fake mommy forever.

Derek: Hmm...need cheering up?

Meredith: No.

Derek: Me either. It's gonna be ok.

(They hug)

Meredith: You think?

Derek: Yeah, Susan will be ok.

(Richard walks out and sees them hugging)

Meredith: How'd it go with the chief?

Derek: Uh, about as well as you and Susan.

Meredith: We make a good team.

Derek: Hmm...

(Meredith enters the clinic)

Alex: Been waiting for you in really old guys room for 20 minutes. What gives?

Meredith: Sorry, we decided to eat down here today.

Alex: Nobody told me.

George: Anybody...move. Anybody know what's going on with Izzie? Something's going on.

Meredith: Why don't you just ask her yourself?

George: Fine. I would if I knew where she was.

Cristina: I bought you lunch.

Meredith: You've got stuff on your hands.

Cristina: I'm trying to scare away cardio god.

Meredith: With pretty fingers?

Cristina: You take his bishop. Hey pouty head. Aww you so sad cause no face girls family taking her home.

Meredith: Really? Someone claimed Ava?

Alex: Yeah, her parents.

Meredith: She must be so relieved.

Cristina: Yeah, unless they suck. Can you imagine? You can't remember a family and then they show up and it turns out they're psycho killers.

Meredith: Yeah, or over sharers.

Alex: Whatever. She's a patient. I don't give a crap who her parents are or where she goes. Can we move on?

(Another part of the clinic)

George: (To a patient) One second. (To Bailey) What's up with Izzie?

Bailey: I told you it's none of your concern.

George: No, it is my concern. I demand to know.

Bailey: I hope I didn't just hear you say you demand. Are you her father? Are you her husband? Then stay here and keep your mind on your job, you hear me?

(George walks off and Meredith walks up)

Bailey: Grey? Uh, look...I need to be upstairs. So, do not let this out of your sight. Walk this to the lab, watch the lab run the test bring the test results directly to me. Nobody else.

Meredith: It's Izzie. What's the matter?

Bailey: You will be discreet and not ask a bunch of questions. Now this is a private matter. She needs these results, now.

Meredith: Ok.

(Izzie is in a room getting ready for her donation)

Izzie: Wow. That's a big needle.

Doctor: It's standard. You should start to feel numb about ten minutes after I inject the lidocaine, ok?

Izzie: Yeah, I know. I've given epidurals before. I know that's the needle. It's just that somehow it seems so much bigger now that it's going into my spine.

Doctor: Little stick.

Izzie: Oh, god.

Bailey: You sure I can't call someone? One of your friends? You're gonna need somebody to hold your hand.

Izzie: No thank you.

Bailey: You sure? Yeah well I can take a lot of pressure. It's rough as sand paper.

Doctor: Little pressure.

(Meredith is in the ambulance bay and George walks up to her)

George: Meredith, tell me where she is.

Meredith: I can't. If she wanted you to know, George...

George: She does. She just...we're just having one of our stupid fights. Do you know how wrong it is if she's really in trouble and I'm not there because we're being idiots. Come on. Meredith, please.

Meredith: She's upstairs in procedure room a. That's all I know.

George: Thank you.

(Outside Jane Doe's room, Joan is outside and Alex walks up. Frank is inside with Jane Doe.)

Alex: So...Dr. Montgomery says you can take your daughter home. But she wants to talk to her local OB/GYN. There's some things she wants to go over before we release her.

Joan: I can't.

Alex: Ok...I can go through all this with your husband, if...

Joan: No, you don't understand. I can't take her home. That girl is not my daughter. She does look an awful lot like Shannon. Sometimes she even sounds like her.

Alex: Well, with the surgery and the loss of memory...

Joan: A mother knows her own child, Dr. Karev. And that is not my child.

Alex: But your husband, he...

Joan: Look if that's not Shannon, we still don't know where our girl is. Do you understand? He needs it to be her. How am I supposed to tell him? How do I tell either of them?

Alex: Mrs. Waring...

Joan: Dr. Karev, would you ask my husband to meet me in the lobby?

Alex: You have to face her.

Joan: Please tell her I'm sorry.

(Richard's office)

Richard: Things have changed.

Derek: No, no, nothing has changed. I deserve your support, Richard. Tell me I have it. Tell me I didn't move to Seattle for nothing.

Richard: You moved to Seattle to start a new life and you did. You have a fantastic woman who loves you...

Derek: This is not about my personal life. This is about my career...

Richard: Do you know what being chief will do to your life? Why the hell do you think I'm getting a divorce? Or dying my hair? You can't do it all. Not if you wanna be chief.

Derek: You couldn't do it all.

Richard: And neither can you.

Derek: Don't put your mistake on me. Don't. I am the best candidate for the job. You know it and I know it. And that is the only factor you need to take in consideration. You know, I don't need your protection Richard and I don't want it.

Richard: I'm not trying to protect you Derek. I told Ellis...I promised her that I would look after her daughter.

(George enters Izzie's procedure room)

Bailey: O'Malley, did Stevens ask for you here?

Izzie: No, no I did not!

Bailey: Then you need to turn yourself around and go...

George: You're giving bone marrow.

Bailey: This is a private matter.

George: I'm not leaving.

Izzie: George!

George: No...(To Bailey) Make me.

Izzie: Hey!

Doctor: Sorry, I'm starting now.

Izzie: Just let me know when you're gonna do stuff, ok?

George: Hey, you're ok. (To Bailey) I got it here.

Bailey: Fine. Stevens, I'm going unless you need me to call security.

Izzie: I'll manage. Thank you. You said back off.

George: You didn't tell me you were having a bone drilled in your damn hip. For who? What's this private matter?

Doctor: Ok, I'm going in when you're ready.

George: Yeah.

(Callie enters the clinic)

Meredith: Hey, Callie.

Callie: Hi.

Meredith: Hi. So, if you could just take these two then that'll free me up to do...

Callie: Oh, no, no, no. No, I'm not here to work. I'm um, I'm um, I'm um, I'm sorry. I haven't slept in like two days and I'm actually looking for George. We're supposed to meet up for coffee.

Meredith: Oh.

Callie: So, yeah.

Meredith: Ok. He's uh with Izzie. I think, so...if you're not here to work I'm just gonna take these back. Thanks.

(Charles' surgery)

Burke: 15 blade.

Colin: Suction please. Dr. Burke, you're not using the superior transaction approach for the atriotomy are you?

Burke: Is that a problem?

Colin: Not at all...unless your intention is to kill the patient.

Burke: Dr. Marlow, from what I've read...

Colin: Yes, well...reading about a procedure is one thing and performing it is quite another. It was my mistake. I should never have allowed you to scrub in. I think it best from this point on that you simply observe. Suction please. Hurry up.

(Izzie's procedure room)

George: You should use the wheelchair. You're gonna be sore.

Izzie: I'm aware. I'm fine now. Thank you.

George: Uh, you mean, pantless but fine?

Izzie: Uh crap.

(George helps her put her pants on)

George: Stand.

Izzie: I got it.

George: Ok.

Izzie: Hannah, an 11-year-old girl. That's the private matter. She's mine. Don't...don't look at me. My mother wanted me to keep her but I knew even at 16, I knew that baby deserved better then life at a Chalis trailer park. And now she's here and she might be dying and she doesn't wanna meet me. Oh, crap. I didn't think I really cared until she said no. How bout that? I can say hail Mary's until...until I turn into Mary but I still miss you. Not that the sex...it was not tragic but George...but I'll live without it. I won't make it if you can't be my friend. If we can't...

George: What you did today...you should be proud. I'll get an orderly to take you downstairs but I have to go. You understand?

(George leaves the room and suddenly turns back)

(Cristina enters the OR where Burke is)

Cristina: Some surgery. And Colin was...

Burke: Brilliant. He's a gifted surgeon.

Cristina: Listen I have a question. When you move the atrium to the vena cava why did you switch from 3.0 to 5.0 sutures?

Burke: You wanna use the finest sutures you can for vascular structures. A delicate tissue demands a delicate touch.

Cristina: Right. That makes sense. Thank you.

Burke: Of course. See you at home?

Cristina: Yeah.

(Burke leaves and Colin walks in from behind the door where he had been hiding)

Cristina: How long have you been standing there?

Colin: Long enough. We've been playing our little game all day long. But what I just saw...that was real. That question you asked him, the question about the sutures that was from my paper, the one you helped me write. You already knew the answer. Cristina Yang I knew was concerned with excellence. She would've never played the part of helpless girl to build up a grown mans ego. What has become of you?

Cristina: I've learned that sometimes you have to think about other people.

Colin: You compromised yourself.

Cristina: No.

Colin: I'm going home. You're right it's senseless. Coming here, chasing after a job that was beneath me just so I could be near a women who... a woman who apparently no longer exists. Best of luck with the wedding.

(George wheels Izzie to pediatrics)

Izzie: There they are...I can't...I can't...you look. Please, you look for me.

George: Ok. She's getting the infusion. You did it.

Izzie: Is she um...how does she look.

George: You can...you can see for yourself. It's ok; she can't see us from here. She's got your eyes. And your mouth...oh...it means she probably talks a lot and eats a lot then. If she's in pain she's not letting on. Man she's tough.

(Izzie stands up to look at her daughter. There is a bald little girl)

Izzie: That's her George, that's Hannah.

George: Yeah.

Izzie: She's beautiful, she's really beautiful.

George: Yeah, she's a heartbreaker.

(Derek walks into the clinic that is empty except for Bailey)

Derek: You need some help with that?

Bailey: I know you didn't just wander in here to help me change pillowcases.

Derek: You warned me she could become a problem.

Bailey: Who Meredith?

Derek: You know, you love somebody; you think you can handle it all.

Bailey: You've done all right, both of you.

Derek: I came out here to be chief and Meredith complicates that.

Bailey: Huh. If this turns into an either or, you pick the person you love, end of story. Look, all of this means nothing if you're alone.

(Callie is waiting in the lobby for George)

George: Oh, crap. Our coffee. I'm sorry, I forgot. I got so busy.

Callie: Oh yeah with what?

George: The clinic, patients. I mean...you know how it is. Oh man.

Callie: Yeah, I know how it is. I'm tired...I'm really, really tired so I'll see you at home.

George: Ok.

Callie: Ok.

George: Ok, ok.

(Alex enters Jane Doe's room)

Alex: Solitaire.

Jane: My dad taught me. That sounds so weird...my dad. Good weird though. So, are you and the redhead gonna let me go home or are you too busy making eyes at each other to even ask. What?

Alex: Ava...

Jane: It's Shannon...

Alex: Listen...

Jane: My name is Shannon, Shannon Marie...

Alex: I'm sorry.

Jane: Those are supposed to be my people. I belong with them, Alex. I'm supposed to go with them.

Alex: You're people...we don't even know who they are yet.

Jane: You don't wanna find them. You wanna keep me all to yourself. Well here I am. Your pathetic captive audience. Isn't it sad that I'm the best you can do?

Alex: Ava...

Jane: My name is not Ava. You made it up. It's not me. Get out, get out.

MVO: Some people believe that without history our lives amount to nothing.

(Richard and Mark enter a bar)

Richard: Sloan, you brought me to a bar. You know I don't drink.

Mark: Which is perfect. Better to keep you mind sharp. Let the ladies do the drinking.

Richard: You think if you get me laid, I might make you chief.

(Mark smiles)

MVO: At some point we all have to choose. Do we fall back on what we know...

(Burke and Cristina's apartment)

Burke: I hear Dr. Marlow's going home.

Cristina: About time.

Burke: The finger nails, the hand holding, well played. Now you can get back to being Cristina.

MVO: Or do we step forward to something new.

(Derek is laying on the couch in his trailer)

MVO: It's hard not to be haunted by our past.

(Derek's phone rings and he ignores it. Meredith is in her house calling.)

MVO: Our history is what shapes us, what guides us.

(Meredith's doorbell rings, its Susan)

Meredith: Seriously?

Susan: Ok, that stops right now.

Meredith: It's just I'm...I'm waiting for Derek and I'm very tired.

Susan: I don't care. Let me in.

Meredith: Excuse me?

Susan: It's freezing out here and I've been working myself up to saying this...well, for a while now. So I need you to let me in now, please. (Enters the house) It's my fault your father didn't fight harder for you. I knew about you. I could've pushed him to be a part of your life. I should've pushed him. You were a child we were the adults. But we were just married and it was new and that's what I carried about. And I know the groceries and stuff are a little much. That's just what I do. I mean, quit looking at me like I'm crazy cause that not fair. I'm just trying to find a way to be there for you, the only way that I know how. And if you can't accept that fine. Just stop being so rude and I...ok...I'm overstepping again, aren't I?

Meredith: As mothers go, I've only ever known overbearing never overprotective. This is all new. It's ok.

Susan: It is?

Meredith: Yes.

MVO: Our history resurfaces time after time after time.

(Mark and Richard are talking with a woman at the bar)

Mark: Not just surgery but chief of surgery.

Woman: Really?

Richard: Oh well...not for much longer really.

Mark: I'm gonna go over there. Hold down the fort chief.

Richard: So, um, you come here often?

Woman: Sometimes, it's on my way home from bio class.

(Addison walks up)

Addison: Excuse me, is this seat taken.

Richard: No. It's was...it was nice talking you. (Woman leaves) Last time I tried to pick up a woman I had a Harvey Wallbanger in one hand and an afro pick in the other.

Addison: Aww, Richard.

Richard: I mean think about it, when you're married you like to think you still have game.

Addison: Practice on me.

Richard: I'm sorry?

Addison: Mark's right. I mean, he's wrong about so many things but he is right about this. You need to get back out there so practice.

Richard: Addison, I wouldn't know where to start.

Addison: Ask me to dance.

Richard: Well look...there's no dance floor.

Addison: So...ask me anyway.

(They start dancing)

MVO: So we have to remember sometimes the most important history is the history we're making today.

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Entre un épisode très moyen. Décidément, cette fin de saison n'est pas terrible !

Le "combat de coqs" entre Burke et Marlow est nul ! Heureusement, Marlow part en fin d'épisode, on en est débarrassé.

Les parents adoptifs de la fille d'Izzie sont assez gonflés : ils veulent qu'Izzie fasse un don de moelle osseuse (ce qui se comprend), mais on a l'impression qu'ils ne veulent pas qu'Izzie voie la petite. Et je les trouve très insistants, à la limite de la malpolitesse. 

Ava, l'inconnue d'Alex, pense avoir retrouvé ses parents (ou plutôt ses parents pensent avoir retrouvé leur fille), mais ce n'est pas le cas. La pauvre, que personne ne la "réclame" doit être super dur à encaisser ! Mais si ça se trouve, elle était sur le ferry avec son conjoint et/ou des membres de sa famille, portés disparus...


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