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#323 : ...Des Autres

Scénario : Shonda Rhimes - Réalisation : Michael Grossman 
Guest stars : Jeff Perry, Mare Winningham, Elizabeth Reaser, Diahann Carroll, Merrin Dungey, Becky Wahlstrom, Raphael Sbarge, Amy Brenneman, Timothy Daly, Taye Diggs, Chris Lowell, Paul Adelstein, Stephanie Niznik, Bellamy Young, Garon Grigsby, Tsai Chin, Mary Joy, David Anders, Cameron Watson 

Derek prévient Ava qu'il va devoir l'opérer au cerveau, qu'elle sera consciente mais que cela lui permettra peut-être de retrouver la mémoire. Susan revient à l'hôpital, elle ne se sent pas bien. De son côté, Addison aide Lisa à accoucher et se fait draguer par Pete, le psychothérapeute d'Oceanside. George et Burke doutent tous les deux de leur mariage. Callie parle à Izzie du fait qu'elle est demoiselle d'honneur, de George et de Mercy West, mais Izzie n'est pas très enthousiaste. Burke  justifie l'attitude de Cristina auprès de sa mère, mais celle-ci lui fait voir les choses sous un autre angle. Susan doit être emmenée d'urgence en salle d'opération, elle ne survivra pas et Thatcher s'en prendra à Meredith. Izzie avoue à George qu'elle ne veut pas qu'il s'en aille et ils s'embrassent à nouveau avant qu'il ne rejoigne Callie.


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Titre VO
The Other Side of This Life (Part 2)

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...Des Autres

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Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)

Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo)

Pete et Addison

Pete et Addison

Addison et Naomi

Addison et Naomi

Sam et un patient

Sam et un patient

Des nouveaux parents

Des nouveaux parents

Des parents et un nouveau bébé

Des parents et un nouveau bébé

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Une maman et son bébé

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Richard et Bailey

Les médecins de la clinique

Les médecins de la clinique

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Les médecins avec une femme et son bébé

Addison et une patiente

Addison et une patiente

Addison et Pete

Addison et Pete

Tatcher Grey

Tatcher Grey

Meredith, son père et Susan

Meredith, son père et Susan

Les femmes à la clinique

Les femmes à la clinique

Les femmes à la clinique

Les femmes à la clinique

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Will Parker

Will Parker

Will Parker

Will Parker

Will Parker

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(LA Scenes)

(Addison and Naomi are sitting in the waiting room of Oceanside wellness)

Addison: I just never thought about it. What I would do, you know? What the dream would be if I couldn't have my dream.

Naomi: Empty office.

Addison: Okay, what are we doing? I thought we were going to lunch. Why are we still sitting here?

Naomi: We're doing what I do when I get depressed. Just wait. What time do you have?

Addison: It's 5 to 1:00. You know what? I'm glad I can't have a child. With my luck, I'd probably have a kid with two heads. It...it's actually better. I'm grateful. I don't have to think about it. The option is...off the table.

(Violet walks up)

Violet: What time do you have?

Naomi: 5 to 1:00.

Addison: You people are obsessed with time.

Violet: Here he comes.

(Dell walks by in only a pair of shorts with his surf board)

Naomi: Hi, Dell.

Violet: Have a nice... surf.

Dell: I'll see you guys after lunch?

Addison: You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

Naomi: Admit it. You feel better.

Violet: And if not, there's another showing in an hour, and it's wet.

(Seattle scenes)

(Jane Doe's room)

Jane Doe: My brain is bleeding? How could my brain have been bleeding since the accident?

Derek: Well, it could be from the trauma, but it also could be from one of your surgeries.

Jane Doe: Dr. Shepherd, I've been living in this hospital long enough to know when there's something one of you isn't saying.

Derek: Because of the location of the bleed, you need to be awake during surgery. You'll be sedated, alert, but, but it can be a really dangerous process. There's a lot about the brain we don't know.

Jane Doe: So... I could potentially get my memory back?

Derek: Mm. It's possible. Amnesia can be a symptom, but I think it's a long shot. I'll do some brain mapping and see if anything happens, but...

Jane Doe: But I could. get my memory back?

(Meredith enters the room where Bailey, Thatcher and Susan are)

Meredith: You're back? What happened?

Bailey: She's got a fever, and I think I hear a small murmur.

Thatcher: A heart murmur?

Susan: Don't be dramatic. At least it's not the hiccups.

Bailey: Could be complications from the endoscopy.

Meredith: Bacterial endocarditis?

Bailey: You'll have to get tests, and if they come back positive, you'll be admitted for I.V. Antibiotics.

Meredith: ...which should knock it right out.

Susan: See? I told you. Don't be dramatic.

(Alex catches up to Jane Doe who is in the hall walking)

Alex: Hey, hey. You're supposed to wait for me.

Jane Doe: I'm going crazy just sitting there.

Alex: Hey, look, I'd be freaked out, too, if somebody was about to open up my head, but Dr. Shepherd, he's the best.

Jane Doe: I can't hold my baby, right? She's...she's in that incubator. And so the nurses told me to talk to her. And I try. Guess what. Right now, I have nothing to say. You know, I don't even remember what it feels like to be outside, to have the wind in my face or rain or...I know the surgery is dangerous, but...I'm not freaked. I can't wait.

Alex: Well, there's no guarantee the surgery's gonna bring back your memory.

Jane Doe: But there's a chance. It's better than nothing.

(Sam and Violet are walking through the hall)

Sam: Good news. Uh, Paul's lack of sex drive comes from a hormone imbalance.

Violet: So Paul still likes sex?

Sam: Yeah, well, he's a guy and he's not dead, so I'm guessing yeah. He just...he just can't do anything about it.

Violet: And that's good news?

Sam: The bad news is that there could be many causes to this imbalance, some more serious than others. So final diagnosis and treatment could be a lengthy process. We're gonna have to run more tests.

Violet: So it might be a while before Paul can help Kathy...take the edge off.

Sam: Tell her to try swimming. It's easier on the knees.

(Addison enters Pete's office)

Addison: So...you're the quack.

Pete: Uh, I went to med school. I'm also a licensed herbalist, and I spent five years in china learning alternative medicine.

Addison: Like I said... quack.

Pete: Come here. Unless you need to go tell someone you saw goody Johnson with the devil.

Addison: Okay.

Pete: Lie down on the table.

Addison: Why?

Pete: I wanna show you that I'm not a quack.

Addison: I'm not taking my clothes off.

Pete: Did I ask you to take your clothes off? N ow...you carry a lot of tension in your shoulders and above your right eye.

Addison: What do you mean?

Pete: You're blocking some serious emotion. Hang on.

Addison: What...what are you doing?

Pete: Stop saying "ow." It doesn't hurt. Okay, I'm done.

Addison: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Where are you going? You can't leave me here like this.

Pete: Lie there. Don't move. Breathe. You're going to experience a rush of emotion, a release of...psychic pain.

Addison: Hello? Hello? I don't feel anything...except stupid for...letting a cute hippie boy put needles in my face. Hello! Yeah, Pete...I...this isn't working. I don't have any...psychic pain. I... I'm great. Barren, but...fan-freakin'-tastic. You can come back now. I am not feeling any, you know, rush of emotion or anything. I don't feel... anything. I don't feel anything at all. I don't feel anything at all. I hate L.A.

(Derek sits on a bench outside with Meredith)

Derek: Hey.

Meredith: Hey.

Derek: I heard Susan was back. Is everything okay?

Meredith: Oh, an infection. She'll be fine.

Derek: Oh, good, 'cause I figured if anything was wrong, you'd tell me.

Meredith: If it was serious, I would, in a very "letting you in" sort of way. You know, it's weird.

Derek: What?

Meredith: My father...we're almost talking.

Derek: Really?

Meredith: How's the trailer?

Derek: It's freezing. Y ou want to eat later? I'll bring something over.

Meredith: Are you using me for central heating?

Derek: Among other things.

Meredith: Okay.

Derek: All right.

(Lisa and Jim enter the clinic)

Dell: Lisa?

Lisa: I think something is wrong.

Jim: She's in pain.

Addison: Lisa?

Lisa: Addison, something is not right. Oh, my god. I think I just wet my pants.

Addison: No, your water broke. She's in labor, and it's coming fast.

Naomi: I'll call an ambulance. Uh, go get Cooper.

Addison: And let the hospital know we're coming and call the chief. I don't want any problems when I try to scrub in.

(The ambulance arrives at the hospital)

Addison: Breathe

Lisa: I need to push!

Addison: Don't push. Get her into labor and delivery right away. Jim, check her in.

Carol: Lisa! Is she okay? Are they okay?

Keith: What happened? It's too early.

Rick: She's not due for another month.

Addison: Well, I'm guessing that the stress of you all fighting and crowding her, declaring yourselves the father didn't help. Move!

(Violet's office)

Violet: Any word on Lisa and the baby?

Pete: We're still waiting.

Violet: Therapy sucks.

Pete: Said the shrink.

Violet: No, I mean my particular brand of therapy might actually be...full of crap. People talking about their problems endlessly, telling people to think positively, visualize their destiny.

Pete: It doesn't work?

Violet: I think positively. I visualize my destiny. And look, just look.

Pete: What am I lookin' at?

Violet: Me...my pathetic, miserable existence. He left six months ago. He was a loser! Do you know he peed a little bit every time he coughed? Like an incontinent old woman. He smelled like pee. And there I was, in the car, crying, and I'm a serious feminist. Not to mention, my no-sex couple? Turns out it was a hormone thing. It's physical. In the old days we would've talked and talked and talked as Paul got sicker and sicker. My profession's becoming irrelevant. Maybe it's a good thing.

Pete: People should just tell the truth to the people in their lives.

Violet: They can't. If they could, we'd all be healthy.

Pete: Like me.

Violet: You're not healthy. You're in denial.

Pete: I am not in denial.

Violet: You're in denial, and you're angry. You're the angriest man I know.

Pete: Is that why you won't sleep with me?

Violet: You're in denial, you're angry, and you use sex as weapon to deflect it.

Pete: Oh.

(Jane Doe's OR)

Derek: Now stimulating area 11.

Alex: Ava, can you name this object?

Jane Doe: Flowers, pink and blue.

Derek: Avoiding area 11. Moving superiorly. This will be area 12.

Jane Doe: Una cara con los ojos azules y el pelo rubio.

Alex: Was that Spanish?

Jane Doe: Was it?

Derek: Okay, I'm going on to 13.

Jane Doe: Il maison avec des galets rouge.

Alex: All right. Now you're just showing off.

Derek: Each language is stored in a different area of the brain. And as I stimulate them...this will be 14.

Alex: So this isn't from the surgery? She actually speaks Spanish and French?

Jane Doe: Alex...das ist noch das haus.

Alex: And German?

Derek: She's hypoventilating. Let's put her under and work on the bleed.

Alex: Can't we keep going just a few more minutes? Maybe she can get her memory back along with the languages.

Derek: If we don't control this bleed, she'll lose a lot more than her memory. She'll die.

(Lisa's OR)

Lisa: Why is this happening so fast?

Nurse: Uh, doctors?

Addison: Cooper, she's crowning.

Cooper: All right, just don't push, Lisa.

Lisa: Oh, push? Okay.

Addison: No! No, don't push, Lisa. The cord's wrapped around the baby's neck.

Lisa: Oh, I'm sorry! I can't help it! God! Oh!

Cooper: I'll hold her. You clamp and cut.

Addison: Okay.

Cooper: Is she okay?

Addison: Hang 20 of oxytocin. 8 French suction catheter.

Lisa: Why isn't she crying?

Addison: Dr. Freedman's gonna be working on her. We need to focus on your right now, Lisa. Fortunately, you're not bleeding that much, so we should be able to remove the placenta by...

Lisa: By...by what? By what?

Addison: Put her under, now.

Cooper: What's going on?

Addison: Her uterus must have ruptured because of the placenta accreta. We have to open her up.

Lisa: No, no, no, no, no. The baby's not crying.

Nurse: B.P.'S 58 over 32.

Lisa: Don't put me under till the baby cries.

Addison: We don't have time, Lisa. We have to put you under right now.

Cooper: Go, Addison.

Lisa: Okay.

Addison: Hang two units of b-positive and make sure we have plenty on standby. She's gonna exsanguinate if we don't move quickly,people.10-blade .

(Addison goes outside to where the others are waiting)

Addison: Lisa lost a lot of blood, we had to put the baby on oxygen, but they are both stable.

Doug: Who's the father?

Jim: What?

Rick: You said you sent off for the paternity test. Which one of us is the father?

Carol: Did Lisa say anything, her decision about the baby?

Addison: Lisa lost a lot of blood, we had to put the baby on oxygen, but they are both stable. I say it again

because it seems like you didn't hear me the first time. They almost died. Lisa almost died. And so I didn't have time, what, with, um, trying to save her life, to pause and check on the paternity test or ask her about the baby's future. What is wrong with you people?

Carol: Can...can we see the baby?

Addison: No. None of you go near Lisa or the baby until I say so. The child is not a possession that you fight over. And by the way, not that you asked, it's a girl...6 pounds, 9 ounces.

(Jane Doe's room)

Jane Doe: I don't remember.

Alex: Hey. We got it, the bleed. You're gonna be fine. By the way, uh, you rocked that surgery. You spoke three languages.

Jane Doe: I don't remember anything.

Alex: The surgery was sup...

Jane Doe: I th...thought I would...what am I gonna do? What if... what if I never remember anything?

(The clinic, George is laying on a gurney)

Bailey: You sick, O'Malley? You feel fine. Take an aspirin and get off my clean bed.

George: You been married a long time, right?

Bailey: O'Malley, I do not have time to answer...

George: Did you have doubts...about your marriage? I don't mean, uh, insecurities. I mean really serious doubts.

Nurse: Dr. Bailey, I need you to sign this before I can discharge bed ten.

Bailey: No. He's supposed to get an I.V. Dose before discharge. Why don't people listen?

(Susan's room)

Susan: Someday you'll have to explain to me how antibiotics actually work. They are miraculous.

Richard: Good afternoon. Uh, Dr. Bailey asked me to look in. Everything looks good. We are going to take you to radiology to get a central line to continue your I.V. Antibiotics outpatient.

Susan: Okay. Hey, will you show your dad the cafeteria?

Meredith: Sure. We're on to you, you know?

Susan: What?

(The clinic, Burke is hiding behind a curtain)

Burke: Dr. Bailey. I was...looking for some privacy, and, uh, I didn't think anyone would come looking for me down here. I apologize.

Bailey: No problem. Take your time.

Burke: Uh, Dr. Bailey.

Bailey: Yeah.

Burke: Um, you've been married a long time now, right? Do you think it matters if one person...is...is more ready?

Bailey: O'Malley!

George: Yeah.

Bailey: Come here.

George: Yes. Hi, Dr. Burke.

Bailey: I want the two of you to talk to each other. I want you to talk to each other and leave my marriage out of it. I also want you to leave my clinic out of it. And by that, I mean get out. I need the space, I need the peace,

I need the quiet, and I need it now.

George: Sorry.

Burke: Yeah, right, sorry.

(The kitchen at Oceanside wellness)

Violet: Cooper, you're blocking the caffeine.

Naomi: He's blocking the caffeine.

Violet: Cooper, if you move, I'll give you a cookie.

Naomi: Hey, did something go wrong with Lisa's surgery?

Cooper: No, uh, we handled it. Addison...she is, pretty excellent. She's pretty excellent.

Violet: Okay, only because you've sighed twice...what's the matter, Cooper?

Cooper: I don't go to hookers. I don't go to strip clubs. I meet women on the internet that want to meet me.

So I like 'em a little younger and a little dirtier. Is that wrong? It's wrong?

Naomi: You need to meet a grown-up. You need to date someone your own age.

Violet: Someone without a porny internet name and...and perhaps no criminal past.

Naomi: A nice girl.

Violet: A viable girl.

Naomi: Someone with whom you can have a relationship.

Violet: You're a respected doctor.

Naomi: Go out in the real world, meet a woman your own age and ask her out.

Violet: Be a man, cooper. Be a man.

(LA scenes)

(Addison is in the stairway crying and Pete enters)

Pete: There you are. I just stopped by to see how Lisa and the baby are doing. You okay?

Addison: Yeah. I just...I...I had a little too much surgery today. But I'm...I'm good.

Pete: You look good. You look... beautiful. Sam told me that I had to stay away from you because you're Naomi's friend, but...

Addison: Stop it.

Pete: What?

Addison: You're flirting.

Pete: What's wrong with flirting?

Addison: What's wrong with it? What's wrong? What's wrong is that I don't have time for it. I am... out of time. I missed my chance. And now I have two eggs left. I might as well have no eggs left. I am egg-less. Naomi says that she's dried up? I'm the one who's dried up. I'm all barren and dried up. And I have clearly been wasting my time on men. I mean, I might as well take up hobbies, like needlepoint or, um, collecting those little ceramic dolls, you know? Because that's what dried up women do. They do needlepoint. They do not waste their time flirting with men who clearly just want to get laid. They do not waste their time...telling overly personal...information about their eggs to total strangers. Oh, my god. I'm sorry. What are you doing?

Pete: I'm gonna kiss you. I'm gonna kiss you with tongue. I'm gonna kiss you so you feel it. Okay?

Addison: Okay. (They kiss) Why'd you do that?

Pete: To remind you...that you're not dried up. If you need me to remind you again...let me know.

Addison: Okay.

(Susan's room)

Meredith: When did the cramping start?

Susan: A little while ago.

Thatcher: What is it? Is it...

Meredith: Probably nothing serious. It could just be a reaction to the antibiotics. We may have to switch to another one, but it may mean another night here.

Susan: It's okay, it's okay.

Meredith: It's okay.

(Addison walks into a hallway where Carol is)

Carol: Wait. I know...I know that you think we're awful, and I think that we're awful. I just, um...I just wanted a baby so badly. I just wanted a baby. And I don't care who the father is, I don't care if the baby's mine. All that matters is the baby. Is...is she gonna be okay? Just tell me that she's gonna be okay.

Addison: She's gonna be okay.

Carol: Thank you.

Addison: You're welcome.

(George and Burke are in the hallway)

Burke: I hear Callie's going to be a bridesmaid.

George: Yeah.

Burke: Would you, um, say that you were the one that needed more urging to get married?

George: Oh, I hadn't...really been thinking about it. I...it just, uh, seemed like a good idea at the time. You and Cristina have been together for a while.

Burke: You got married pretty fast.

George: So in theory it's better to know someone pretty well. Way better than...

Burke: Still, no guarantees.

George: I...I don't...believe in divorce.

Burke: Neither do I.

George: Is it possible...do you think, to love two people...at the same time?

Burke: I, uh...I'm still hoping it's possible just to love one person.

(Callie walks up to Izzie in the hall)

Callie: Hey. So, uh, it's not gonna be too weird, right? Me as a bridesmaid?

Izzie: No, no, it's fine.

Callie: Cause I can tell Cristina...

Izzie: I said it's fine. Really, no worries.

Callie: So, um...did George tell you he's thinking about transferring to mercy west?

Izzie: Yeah. Sounds like a good idea.

Callie: So we're fine?

Izzie: Oh, we are. Fine.

(Izzie leaves and Cristina walks up)

Cristina: Hey, that last dress was ok, wasn't it? I mean, it was too tight and I couldn't breathe, but...a wedding's just one day, right?

Callie: Yeah.

Cristina: Yeah.

(Sam's office)

Sam: We got Paul's M.R.I. back, and I've consulted with Dr. Straley at Sloan-Kettering. We found a tumor on your adrenal gland. All right? It sits right on top of the kidney, and it's what's been causing your low sex drive.

Kathy: So it wasn't me? He's got a condition. A...a tumor, that's not too...You can treat that, right?

Sam: These tumors are usually aggressive and found late because the symptoms are so subtle.

Paul: What is that mean?

Sam: Treatment is difficult and risky, but there is hope.

Kathy: Oh, my god, honey, I can't believe I yelled at you. I'm so sorry.

Paul: It's all right, honey. It's okay.

Kathy: No, I'm horrible. I'm so sorry. I love you so much.

(Addison is talking to the elevator again)

Addison: Hello? Hello? Are you there...Elevator god? It's me, Addison.

Voice: What?

Addison: Hi.

Voice: Hi.

Addison: Okay, look, you may be a figment of my imagination, or maybe I'm going completely insane, I don't know. Or maybe...this is payback for my crimes on some ginormous karmic level, I don't know. I just...I just want to tell you I'm sorry for yelling at you. Okay?

Voice: Okay.

Addison: Well...Bye.

(Kathy and Violet are alone in her office)

Kathy: I am such a screw-up...In my life. Up until now, I have been really great at one thing. I am great...at being Paul's wife. And I thought he didn't want me anymore. I thought...I was sure that he was in love with somebody else.

Violet: Of course you were.

Kathy: I lied to Paul. I was with a man that night that I didn't come home. I didn't even find him that attractive.

I just told myself that I wasn't gonna settle for being alone, you know?

Violet: Kathy, you were reacting to what was in front of you. There was no way you could know what was really going on.

Kathy: What do I do now?

Violet: You do what you're great at. You love your husband.

Kathy: You're gonna have to tell me that a lot, okay?

Violet: Okay.

(Dell enters Naomi's office)

Dell: Hey, everyone else is gone. I was heading out. Uh, unless...I was gonna get some food. You want something?

Naomi: Oh...No. I...I ate. Thanks for asking.

Dell: Another night?

Naomi: Dell, are you...

Dell: Asking you out on a date? Yes.

Naomi: You can't ask me out.

Dell: Yes, I can.

Naomi: No, you can't.

Dell: I asked.

Naomi: You're...you're a fetus. You could be my fetus.

Dell: Coo coo cachoo, Mrs. Robinson.

Naomi: You can't use "the graduate" as a defense. You can't use a movie made before you were born as a defense.

Dell: Go out with me. I like you, and you like me.

Naomi: Dell.

Dell: Yeah.

Naomi: Never gonna happen.

(Addison is at a bar with the other doctors)

Addison: I'm starting to think L.A. is like New York, but with a beach.

Pete: Why do you think we moved here?

Sam: Uh, Pete. Uh, isn't it time for you to get some refills?

Pete: Thanks.

Sam: Thanks, buddy.

Sam: Okay, Pete is my friend, don't get me wrong, but...

Addison: Why are you warning me about him? What, is he like a serial killer? Is he a felon? Is he secretly my ex-husband's best friend?

Sam: His wife died eight years ago.

Addison: Now I feel shallow.

Sam: No, it's just...He can't connect with women. He's a good man, but if you want someone who's gonna be there, then Pete's not that guy.

(Violet and Cooper are at the bar)

Cooper: This is nice, huh?

Violet: It is.

Cooper: Yeah.

(He leans in for a kiss)

Violet: No, no. Oh, no.

Cooper: What?

Violet: That's not nice.

Cooper: Oh, you s...Hold it, hold it, hold on. You said, "be a man."

Violet: Oh, Cooper, I commend you. You're making an effort. But I'm...I'm...but I'm your friend. You can't be a man with your friend. Isn't that settling?

Cooper: Kinda, yeah. Yes.

Violet: Okay.

Cooper: Settling.

Violet: Great.

Cooper: Thank you, yes.

Violet: But we're good?

Cooper: We're very good.

Violet: Okay.

(Naomi walks over to Addison and Sam)

Naomi: Hey, ex-best friend. Hey, ex-husband.

Addison: You are drunk.

Naomi: Ten more minutes, and I start dancing, and I require company.

Sam: I don't think I've ever seen her drunk before.

Addison: Sam...Did you cheat on her?

Sam: Over the years, there have been temptations, but, no...I didn't.

Addison: Was there a lot of fighting or...

Sam: Hardly ever. Honestly...It was bad, what I did. I have no good reason. I woke up one day...And I couldn't do it anymore. It wasn't even a choice. I had a thought...Next thing you know...I'm burning it all down. I left her.

I don't know why. I don't know why. What kind of a person does that?

Addison: Hell if I know. And I did it, too.

(At the bar)

Violet: So I ran into Allan...At whole foods. Wanna hear something funny? He said he didn't believe in marriage, that marriage wasn't for him. But I guess that was wrong, because it only took him four months.

Four months after we broke up, he got married, to someone who can't be more than 25 years old. Isn't that funny?

Cooper: It heads off rejection.

Violet: What?

Cooper: That's why I like the internet. I can't stand the...It's horrible, being rejected.

Violet: It is.

(Preston enters his apartment where is mom is)

Jane: Preston, I thought you had a late surgery.

Burke: You know all that..."I trust you" crap? You've been pulling that on me since I was this high.

Jane: Preston, language.

Burke: No. "I trust you" is code for "learn from your mistakes." This is not a mistake.

Jane: I never said it was a mistake.

Burke: Cristina never knows what's good for her. That's who she is.

Jane: Preston...

Burke: She hates change. I lead. I have to. And then she's grateful. That's how it was with dating, with moving in. Then I'm pleased for you. Look, I am going to make her happy, mama. The wedding is a huge step, and she's being a great sport. You know why? Because she will be happy someday.

Jane: If you are so sure...Why are you yelling at me?

(Susan's room)

Meredith: What happened?

Richard: She's septic. The sooner we can get her to an OR, the sooner we can help her. Let's move. Move.

Thatcher: Richard, what...what happened?

Richard: Extremely rare complication. Toxic mega colon with a perforation. Can you get your dad out of this room, please?

Thatcher: This fast? How could...

Richard: Sometimes it progresses this rapidly. Very rarely, but sometimes. We booked an O.R.

Thatcher: You're going into surgery right now? I...I didn't sign a consent form.

Richard: She needs surgery right now, Thatcher. Not tomorrow, not later today. Right now.

Susan: Thatcher...

Thatcher: Honey, listen...

Meredith: We need you to stay back, okay?

(Outside the OR)

Meredith: You're gonna be okay. This happens. You're gonna be okay. We're losing her pulse she's coding. Richard: Okay, let's go. Let's move. Move.

(Lisa's room)

Lisa: She's okay, huh? I mean, after all she went through, she still looks pretty awesome.

Cooper: Lisa, we need to know what you want to do with the baby.

Lisa: Carol...she wants this so bad.

Naomi: This is about what you want. We did find out the paternity.

Lisa: No, no. I don't wanna know. She's awesome, though.

Addison: You don't have to decide right now.

Lisa: No. I know what I want to do.

(Carol and the others are in the nursery while the doctors watch from outside)

Pete: Lisa gave the baby to Carol.

Cooper: On the condition they'd all be part of her life.

Sam: So it turns out the baby will have three dads anyway.

Naomi: And two moms.

Violet: Lisa did a good thing. They look happy.

Naomi: They look like a family.

(Izzie is in the elevator with George)

George: Izzie, look...

Izzie: Look, I don't want you to go. To Mercy West...I don't want you...It's not fair. I know we can't help what happened, and I know that we didn't...I stood in that bridal shop with your wife, and I smiled and I talked, and I felt like...It's not fair. I don't want you to go to Mercy West because I'm losing my best friend, and it's not fair.

It's just not fair.

(They hug and then begin kissing)

George: We can't.

Izzie: I know.

(The elevator doors open and Callie is outside them)

Callie: Hey. I was looking for you. You ready to go?

(Alex is taking Jane Doe for a walk outside)

Alex: A lot of folks would kill for what you have, you know? A clean slate. So you don't remember? So what?

You'll make new memories. Oh, wow. Look at that. It's so beautiful.

Jane Doe: How can you be so...You're so good with me. What's wrong with you that you can't be this good with someone you have feelings for? What happened to you, Alex?

Alex: Maybe I don't remember. So what?

(Meredith, Richard and Bailey walks into the hall where Thatcher is. Derek is also nearby)

Meredith: We...we did everything...we could.

Thatcher: You...you said it was really simple and that it was this...small thing.

Meredith: It was.

(Thatcher suddenly slaps Meredith in the face)

Thatcher: She had the hiccups. She came here...Because...because she trusted you. I trusted you.

(Meredith runs off)

Derek: Meredith, just stop...okay, just stop.

Meredith: No, don't. Don't.

MVO: At some point, maybe we accept that the dream has become a nightmare.

Thatcher: She had the hiccups. Oh, god. The hiccups.

(Burke and Cristina are finally alone)

Burke: They've left. It's just us.

Cristina: Oh, thank god. Ohh. I got a dress.

Burke: Yeah? You happy?

Cristina: Yeah. Are you...happy?

Burke: Yeah.

MVO: We tell ourselves the reality is better.

(Meredith, Alex and Izzie are at the house)

Alex: Limes!

Meredith: Limes.

Izzie: Limes.

Alex: So what are we drinking to this time?

Izzie: Friends. Crappy friends.

Meredith: Family. Crappy family.

Alex: Again?

Meredith: Again.

Izzie: Again.

Meredith: Who wants another?

(Derek is outside and once again is left alone)

MVO: We convince ourselves it's better that we never dream at all. But the strongest of us, the most determined of us, we hold on to the dream.

(Addison is preparing to leave LA)

Naomi: You're ugly and old.

Addison: I'll miss you, too. Okay.

Naomi: There is an empty office.

Addison: Don't tempt me.

Naomi: Think about it.

(Addison enters the elevator)

MVO: Or we find ourselves faced with a fresh dream we never considered.

Pete: Hold the door.

MVO: We awake to find ourselves...Against all odds...Feeling hopeful.

Addison: This is gonna sound...when no one else is around, the elevator kind of, uh...Talks to me.

Pete: Hi, Tilly.

Tilly: Hey, Pete.

Pete: That's Tilly. She works security. The camera is right there.

Addison: Oh. Hello, Tilly.

Tilly: Hey, I get my kicks wherever I can.

Pete: You goin' home?

Addison: Yeah...Home.

Pete: You get what you came for?

Addison: I honestly...don't know.

Pete: Do you want me to kiss you again?

Addison: I think...not.

Pete: Because of the elevators where you come from? Those horny, aphrodisiac elevators?

Addison: Yeah, that, and, um...I'm not interested, so...

Pete: Oh. You're interested.

(Pete gets out of the elevator and slowly Addison does too. Addison drives her car back to Seattle.)

MVO: And if we're lucky, we realize...In the face of everything, in the face of life...The true dream...Is being able to dream at all.

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stephe  (02.11.2020 à 22:19)

Le père de Meredith est en effet un nul ! c'est horrible ce qu'il lui a fait : déjà pendant son enfance et ensuite là ! dur dur !

ah je me souvenais plus que le spin off était en 2 épisodes dans greys !! en effet, quand elle bave devant Dell... !

labelette  (02.11.2020 à 22:06)

Ah ah, encore une scène mythique ! Comme on ne l'a pas vue dans le dernier épsiode, je pensais que c'était dans le 1er de Private Practice, mais non ! Addison et les 2 autres médecins sont très très drôles à baver devant Dell, le réceptionniste qui va faire du surf !

Addison parle à l'ascensur et se confie à Pete à ce propos. Génial aussi.

Au SGH, c'est moins fun, avec Molly qui décède sur la table d'opération. Meredth va l'annoncer à son père... qui la gifle ! Quel gros nul ! Déjà qu'il n'était pas là durant son enfance, mais là son comportement est nullissime. Je comprends qu'il soit triste, mais Meredith n'y est pour rien !


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