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#307 : Une Affaire d'Hommes

Scénario : Mark Wilding - Réalisation : Daniel Minahan
Guest stars : Clare Carey, Alexandra Holden, Alexandra Billings, Jack Yang, Jim Parrack 

Les hommes du Seattle Grace partent camper, Addison et Callie doivent travailler ensemble sur un patient, Meredith aide Mark sur une opération qu'elle n'a encore jamais faite, et, suite à ses actions plutôt douteuses, Bailey affronte Cristina. Une femme enceinte de 25 ans arrive à l'hopital après être tombée en prenant sa douche. Elle ne veut pas de médicament contre la douleur de sa blessure même si cela met en danger la vie de son bébé. Les médecins s'occupent de Daniel, un homme qui a recemment subi une opération chirurgicale pour changer de sexe et se fait désormais appeler Donna. Daniel est accompagné de sa femme depuis 10 ans, qui est surprise de voir qu'il veut cette opération, mais reste tout de même à ses côtés. Un enfant de 9 ans arrive aux urgences après avoir avalé des pièces du jeu Monopoly.



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Titre VO
Where the Boys Are

Titre VF
Une Affaire d'Hommes

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Alex Karev assis (Justin Chambers)

Alex Karev assis (Justin Chambers)

Meredith et Mark

Meredith et Mark

Meredith et Mark

Meredith et Mark



Derek qui pêche

Derek qui pêche

Preston Burke qui pêche

Preston Burke qui pêche

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd

Preston et Derek qui pêchent

Preston et Derek qui pêchent

Alex, Richard et George

Alex, Richard et George

Richard, Preston et Derek à la pêche

Richard, Preston et Derek à la pêche

Burke qui part pour une journée en nature

Burke qui part pour une journée en nature

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)

Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)

Izzie Stevens

Izzie Stevens

George et Alex qui pêchent

George et Alex qui pêchent

Alex et Richard

Alex et Richard

Alex et Richard

Alex et Richard

George qui pêche

George qui pêche

Alex et George en viennent aux mains

Alex et George en viennent aux mains

Duel pour George et Alex

Duel pour George et Alex

George et Alex qui se battent

George et Alex qui se battent

Les hommes qui soignent le compagnon de Joe

Les hommes qui soignent le compagnon de Joe

Les hommes qui soignent le compagnon de Joe

Les hommes qui soignent le compagnon de Joe

Les hommes qui soignent le compagnon de Joe

Les hommes qui soignent le compagnon de Joe

Sydney et Izzie

Sydney et Izzie

Derek qui pêche

Derek qui pêche

Preston et Derek qui rigolent

Preston et Derek qui rigolent

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd

Derek et Preston assis dans la forêt

Derek et Preston assis dans la forêt

Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd

Preston Burke

Preston Burke

Richard Webber

Richard Webber

Derek Shepherd qui pêche

Derek Shepherd qui pêche

Preston Burke qui pêche

Preston Burke qui pêche

George O'Malley

George O'Malley

Richard qui pêche

Richard qui pêche

Les hommes à la pêche

Les hommes à la pêche







Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd

Preston Burke

Preston Burke

En route pour la rivière

En route pour la rivière

Preston qui prépare sa canne à pêche

Preston qui prépare sa canne à pêche

Alex qui pêche

Alex qui pêche

Preston Burke

Preston Burke

George O'Malley

George O'Malley

Preston Burke

Preston Burke

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)

Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey)

Joe et son compagnon

Joe et son compagnon

Les hommes qui vont pêcher

Les hommes qui vont pêcher

Plus de détails

(Seattle Scenes)

MVO: As surgeons we're trained to look for disease.

(Burke is at his apartment, packing)

Cristina: You're going camping?

Burke: With Shepherd, yes.

Cristina: With the camping on the ground and everyone peeing behind the same bush.

Burke: With the fresh air.

MVO: Sometimes, the disease is easily detected.

Cristina: We have back-to-back CABG’s. I booked the OR’s.

Burke: I cancelled the OR’s.

Cristina: Why?

Burke: 'Cause I'm going camping with Shepherd.

Cristina: But why?

(Derek is picking up Burke)

Derek: Ah, men being men. Mountain men. Men in the wild.

Burke: Ah the road not taken. The uncharted course. Terra incognita.

MVO: Most of the time, we need to go step by step. First, probing the surface, looking for any sign of trouble.

Burke: But we do have to make one stop...

(They pick up Richard)

MVO: A mole or a lesion, or an unwelcome lump.

Richard: Mountain men in the wild. Terra incognita. You know, this is my first camping trip.

Derek: Oh you don't say. So Preston, any other little surprises?

(They all go to pick up George)

Izzie: Ok, sunscreen, your insect repellent, and you're going to need a shovel to bury your poop.

George Izzie, I'm not five. (Referring to his jacket.) Zip me If Callie calls... tell her... I'm a mountain man... man of the wild, right Dr. Burke?

Burke: Ok, him I invited.

George: Izzie baked us treats!

Meredith: Have fun with your... space... or whatever.

(They are at Joe’s, Joe is bringing his boyfriend along)

George: I just said we needed an extra tent. Do you think Joe misunderstood?

Joe: Do you want to follow us, or should we follow you?

(Derek mumbles something.)

(Alex enters)

Alex: Hey guys.

George: That wasn't me, I swear.

MVO: Most of the time, we can't tell what's wrong with somebody just by looking at them. After all, they can look perfectly fine on the outside, while their insides tell us a whole different story.

(Seattle scenes)

(The boys are now in the wilderness)

(Callie, Mark, and Addison have an exchange of glances as Mark gets coffee in a break room.)

(Izzie, Cristina and Meredith are standing near the Or board)

Meredith: Derek's camping. Taking time, getting space.

Cristina: Prestons do not go into the woods. A guy named Preston is going to get his ass kicked by a squirrel.

Izzie: It's basically a slumber party. We do it inside, they do it outside. That's the only difference.

(Mark walks up)

Mark: Have you seen what's his face?

Izzie: Alex Karev.

Mark: Poor bastard seems to get a thrill out of tagging along after me.

Meredith: He's camping.

Mark: Well in that case how would you like to get a thrill out of tagging along after me?

Meredith: Dr. Bailey makes the assignments.

(Bailey walks up)

Bailey: Dr. Bailey says it's fine. Go. Stevens conference room. You're spending the day with your peer counselor.

Izzie: Is that a shrink? The hospital is already making me see a shrink.

Bailey: Stevens, go meet your peer. Get counseled. Exciting procedures on the board today Yang.

Cristina: Yes, Dr. Bailey... which one would you like me to start with?

(They enter a boys room)

Bailey: Are those monopoly pieces?

Eric: 21 of them to be exact. Mostly houses and hotels. I also swallowed the thimble, the racecar, oh, and the shoe.

Mom: Eric and his older brother don't always get along.

Eric: He wouldn't let me play monopoly with him and his friends. This way, nobody could play.

Bailey: Yang, what do you recommend?

Cristina: Is this even surgical?

Bailey: Yang.

Cristina: Track and inventory the pieces, measure the progress in x-ray. And keep examining the stool.

Bailey: Very good. Enjoy.

(Outside Eric’s room)

Cristina: Dr. Bailey, isn't this more of a nurses job?

Bailey: Are you too good to help that boy?

Cristina: Yes. (Then, at Bailey's look) No. Definitely not. I just think I'd me more help if I was assisting in a surgery with you.

Bailey: No surgery for you.

Cristina: I'm sorry I don't understand.

Bailey: I don't understand why you erased my name from the OR board.

Cristina: I don't know what...

Bailey: No don't do that. Don't give me that fake confused look. It irritates me. You know exactly what I'm talking about. You erased my name from Burke's humpty dumpty surgery, you know it, I know it. What I don't know is why.

Cristina: I... have no comment.

Bailey: No surgeries Yang.

(Meredith and Mark are in the elevator)

Meredith: Ok, before you start, there are rules to this friendship thing or whatever.

Mark: The dirty mistresses club has rules? Gosh, you think a club of dirty mistresses would be a little less uptight about things like rules.

Meredith: Number one, no flirting. Second, no talking about Derek. And C, no giving me the face.

Mark: The face...

Meredith: The McSteamy face. It doesn't work on me. I'm immune.

Mark: You know, if I had gone off to the woods, I'd have invited you to keep me warm.

Meredith: Breaking rules one, two and three.

(Izzie enters the conference room and Sydney is there)

Izzie: Sydney, you're my counselor?

Sydney: Peer counselor. We're equals. So how are you? (She gives Izzie a hug.)

Izzie: I'm fine.

Sydney: That's outside Izzie talking. How's inside Izzie?

(Mark and Meredith exit the elevator)

Mark: So you and Derek. You guys together or...just answer the question and I'll quit asking.

Meredith: Derek and I are taking some space.

Mark: You're taking space from each other. Or he's taking some space from you?

Meredith: Derek and I, there's just a lot of water under the thing or whatever.

(They enter Donna and Vicky’s room)

Donna: My knight in shining poly-cotton.

Mark: Good morning, Donna. Vicky. How was the trip?

Vicky: Smooth, perfect.

Donna: Speak for yourself.

Vicky: She's still having some penis issues.

Meredith: I'm sorry...am I missing something?

Vicky: I think you're missing the fact that Dr. Sloan is planning on removing my husband's penis this afternoon.

Meredith: Oh and your husband is?

Donna: Right here.

Meredith: Daniel Gibson, 34, in for sexual reassignment surgery.

Mark: Donna, not Daniel. She's been living as Donna for 2 years, come on Grey.

Meredith: So essentially, today we are inverting his...um her...uh..

Vicky: Her penis. That's okay. You'll get it.

Mark: You know the steps for a vaginoplasty?

Meredith: Not exactly.

Mark: Well if you want to get in on this surgery today, you better learn.

Donna: Don't pay any attention to him, you're doing very well.

Vicky: Better than I did when I first found out.

Mark: We just need to run a few pre-op labs. Make sure everything's in working order.

Donna: Then surgery today?

Mark: Big day Donna. You excited?

Donna: Excited doesn't begin to cover it.

Mark: You're going to do great.

(The boys set up camp. George gets rocks to go around the fire, Richard makes himself lunch, Alex sets up a tent.)

George: That is a nice looking picnic basket.

Richard: Thank you. The concierge at the hotel put it together. We've got crackers, pate, and an assortment of Seattle soft cheeses. You want some?

George: No thanks.

Alex: Dude, he brought silverware.

George: You should talk. Have you ever been camping before?

Alex: What?

George: A t-shirt and sneakers? You'll freeze your ass off.

Alex: So what I'm wearing a jacket.

George: Do me a favor, don't come crawling to me in the middle of the night when you want to huddle for warmth.

Richard: It's a good-looking tent Joe. You and Walter got room for one more?

Joe: We thought you'd be sleeping with one of the Doctors.

Richard: Well Preston's already got O'Malley for a room mate. But just between you and me, these other tents are kind of puny.

Joe: Well Walter and I were hoping to share this one. You know... just the two of us. But I guess if you really want to...

Alex: Chief... I don't think you really...

Richard: They've offered Karev.

George: They want to be alone...

(Realization dawns on Richard.)

Richard: Oh! So you are um...

Burke: Chief.

Richard: Wonderful... man love. It's beautiful, beautiful.  My cousin's gay...so I'm hip. Brokeback mountain and all that.

Burke: Who's ready to go fishing?

Richard: I am!

(Meredith is talking to Cristina at a nurse’s station)

Meredith: Guess what I'm doing today? Removing a man's penis.

Cristina: You got an S. R. S? Seriously?

Meredith: He...She is one of Sloan's patients.

Cristina: Oh that should be me. I should be turning a penis to a vagina. That should be my penis.

Izzie: I have to hide. Sydney is my peer counselor. "Heal with LOVE" Sydney.

Meredith and Cristina: Oh eww.

Izzie: Yeah I'm supposed to shadowing her and dialoguing all day unless I can come up with a medical reason not to. Anybody? Anything?

(Eric’s room. Izzie is going through Eric's feces.)

Izzie: Couple of houses and the dog. That's nine pieces so far. I love the dog. I'm always the dog when I play monopoly.

(Callie enters Jamie’s room where Addison is already)

Callie: I got a page...

Addison: Jamie Carr. She slipped and fell in the shower this morning.

Jamie: I can't see my own feet. I did this

Callie: Nasty break. She doesn't have any meds for the pain?

Addison: She refused. She's toughing it out.

Callie: Oh don't tough it out. Just say yes.

Jamie: But the baby... I know Dr. Montgomery said it was all right, but I'll suffer. Is he ok? He was kicking like crazy, and now...

Addison: It's possible that he's just sleeping.

Husband: See... our son sleeps. He's sleeping Jamie.

Jamie: Do I need a cast?

Callie: Definitely. But first we need to straighten the bones out. Then we'll put your arm in this fancy sling. And use gravity to help align the bones.

Addison: Will you excuse me? I just need to...

(Addison has seen something on the ultrasound.)

(Meredith is near the waiting room)

Vicky: I'll trade you.

Meredith: Vicky...

Vicky: Insurance forms. Donna gets the surgeries and I do the forms. Super fun.

Meredith: You seem to be handling this remarkably well.

Vicky: Well I left at first. When she...when he told me. You plan a life together you know? Kids and...suddenly that's all out the window. Suddenly your husband is this other girl in your house who's borrowing your eye liner and waxing her legs.

Meredith: But you came back... why?

Vicky: Honestly, right now... I have no idea. I'm really going to miss the penis.

(Addison is in a bathroom stall crying. Callie enters.)

Callie: You ok?

Addison: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm ok. I'm good.

Callie: Don't make me climb over the stall. I'll do it but I'll be pissed 'cause I don't know you that well.

(Addison lets her in.)

Callie: You're not ok.

Addison: I don't know why. There's no reason that this should affect me this much. I'm used to this I am but…

Callie: Used to what?

Addison: That woman, yesterday, she's just as healthy as can be and today her baby's dead.


Richard: So uh...how long have you and Walter been together?

Joe: Ten years. On and off. But now, definitely on. Thinking about kids.

Richard: That's a big step.

Joe: You have kids?

Richard: No. I work a lot. Adele and I...well she always said she didn't want to raise kids alone.

Joe: Walter says the same thing.

Richard: He does?

Joe: Well I'm always working at the bar. But what are you going to do right? If I'm not there who's gonna run the place.

Richard: Exactly.

Joe: But Walter...if I have to make a change, I'll do it. Can't imagine my life without him you know?

Burke: Very nice O'Malley.

George: At least once a month my dad would take me and my brother to white river.

Burke: Your dad taught you well. How are you and Dr. Torres doing these days?

George: Good. She doesn't know it yet, but we are. Excellent even. For a while, I don’t know, she wanted a certain level of commitment, and I just didn't feel... I was... now I am though.

Burke: So you're stepping up?

George: I'm stepping up. You knew right? That it was time with Christina?

Burke: Right.

(Burke tries to bait the hook and his hand tremors. George sees this.)

George: You ok?

Burke: Absolutely.

George: Cause uh?

Burke: We're here to fish, remember?

George: Right.

Burke:  I'm going to see if I can get a bite downstream.

George: Ok.

(Seattle scenes)

(Donna’s room)

Mark: I'm sorry Donna. The labs don't lie.

Donna: Breast cancer?

Mark: I'm sorry...I'm really...the needle aspiration showed abnormal cells in your tissue. Rare, but it happens.

Donna: So the hormones I've been taking are essentially giving me  cancer?

Mark: Yes, that's why we need to stop the hormone therapy and start the treatment.

Donna: Or the cancer will get worse. The operation?

Mark: There would be no point. Once we stop the hormones your breasts will shrink, your facial hair will grow back...

Vicky: She'll be a man again.

Donna: What if we do the operation? I keep taking the hormones, what…what happens then?

Mark: Donna you really want to treat this now while it's still in its early stages.

Donna: So if I keep taking the hormones?

Meredith: You'd be feeding the cancer.

Donna: I could die? Are you saying if I become a woman, I could die?

(Outside of Jamie’s room)

Addison: They are a happy couple. Look at them. They love each other. They should have everything. Happy people should have...happy things happen to them. I have to tell them…

Callie: Wait. The moment you tell them they won't be happy any more. Give them a few more minutes. Let them be happy. A few more minutes.


Alex: So you getting back with Callie?

George: Yeah.

Alex: Trust me man I don't think you really want to do that.

George: Really?

Alex: Really.

George: So when I get back with her I'm going to tell her that we shouldn't see each other any more, and when she asks why, I'm going to tell her, "Alex Karev thinks our relationship isn't such a good idea."

Alex: You think that'll do the trick? Fine suit yourself.

Derek: This was my camping trip. I was going to come alone.

Burke: So why did you invite me?

Derek: Because. It's a guy trip. You know...mountain men.

Burke: You don't have any friends do you?

Derek: Of course I do.

Burke: Guy friends?

Derek: Yes. I just need peace. Space. I have a right to space. And you go and invite half the hospital.

Burke: That's because I have guy friends.

(Sydney finds Izzie in Eric’s room)

Sydney: There you are! I have been looking all over.

Izzie: Dr. Yang needed some help with this patient. She needed help.

Sydney: Oh, patient care always comes first. (She sits down.)

Cristina: Oh what...

Sydney: Oh I'll just wait.

Izzie: Wait?

Sydney: Wait until you're finished. Then we can dialogue.

(Mark and Meredith are at a nurse’s station)

Meredith: So what happens with Donna now?

Mark: She goes back to being an unhappy man who's stuck with a penis. There are millions of us out there.

Meredith: You're unhappy with your penis?

Mark: I could be a lot less unhappy. Maybe it's good that he's taking some space. Maybe you two aren't meant to be together. Look, Derek... on the outside he holds it all together, but he's damaged goods Meredith. It's my fault. I damaged him. Maybe forever. You really want to drink from a poisoned well do you?

(Vicky walks up)

Vicky: Dr. Sloan? You have to talk to her... she wants to go through with the operation.


Richard: Joe and Walter got tired of not catching any fish. They went for a hike. What do you make of that?

Burke: Joe and Walter?

Richard: No, no. Joe and Walter are great. I meant that we hadn't caught any fish. Any theories.

Derek: Just one. Fish generally don't like to go where there's a lot of noise.

George: Did you notice anything going on with Burke?

Alex: No.

George: 'Cause before I thought I saw...what are you doing? You don't use bait when you're casting! It's going to fall off when it hits the water. Here. What you want to do...

Alex: She's sleeping with Sloan dude.

George: What?

Alex: Callie, she's sleeping with Sloan.

George: No she's not.

Alex: Torres is doing Sloan.

George: You better take that back.

Derek: People moving, chatting. laughing, that sort of thing. That sort of thing that lets the fish know they're not alone.

Burke: So I invited other people.

Derek: This is not a frat party.

(They look behind them to see Alex and George fighting.)

Richard: Oh, for God’s sakes. Hey what are you guys doing? Break it up!

(After the fight has broken up)

Richard: I don't condone fighting. I don't like fighting. I think it's foolish. But you two idiots seem determined to beat the hell out of each other. So if you're going to do it, you're going to do it by my rules.

George: Rules?

Richard: Yes, O'Malley, rules, to protect your hands.... so you don't do irreparable damage.

Alex: You're dead.

Richard: Damage that would end your careers before they even started. So with that in mind, we're going to do open handed combat.

Alex and George: A slap fight?

Richard: Open handed combat. No scratching...

Derek: This is ridiculous. Karev will kill him.

Burke: Not necessarily.

Richard: No punching no kicking, no wrestling moves of any kind. Are there any questions?

George: That doesn't leave us with much.

Richard: All right.

Burke: O'Malley's a scrapper.

Derek: A scrapper? He's going to destroy him.

Burke: He's tougher than he looks. Silent but deadly.

Derek: This is immature and stupid. I think you'd agree with me.

Burke: They're letting off some steam. This is why you don't have any guy friends.

Derek: This is why I should have come alone.

(Donna’s room)

Donna: I've wanted this since before I can remember. I've waited forever. I'm not stopping now.

Mark: Donna listen to me.

Donna: If you don't do the operation, I'll go to New York and find another doctor.

Meredith: You're going to have a hard time finding a surgeon....

Donna: I will find one

Mark: Donna I'm trying to save your life.

Donna: As a man. I am not a man. I'll fight the cancer, I'll just fight it as a woman.

Vicky: For God's sake, wake up Daniel.

Donna: My name is Donna.

Vicky: I'm not going to stand by and watch you kill yourself.

(Vicky leaves)

Donna: I need Vicky to love me. But I need her to love...ME.

(Jamie’s room)

Jamie: Oh, please tell me it's going to stop hurting soon.

Callie: You're almost done.

Ted: When our son's 15 and he's yelling you've never done anything for him, you can guilt him with the wrist.

Addison: Ted, Jamie, I need to talk to you. About the baby.

Ted: Dr. Montgomery....

Jamie: You have to say it. I won't believe it unless you say it. You have to SAY it.

(Eric’s room)

Cristina: Thanks for this Izzie...thank you. No good deed goes unpunished.

Izzie: Good deed. You're making me dig through crap. It's not like I asked her to spend the day with me.

Sydney: Oh. Oh wee. How's it going in there? Any luck?

Cristina: Ok, I can't have that grinning puppet head stare at me another second so just go.

Izzie: Christina...

Cristina: Hey, this is my crap. This is my crap. Bailey assigned me to this crap, you get Sydney.

Izzie: Fine. Come on Sydney, we can go.

Sydney: Okey dokey smokey.

(Sydney and Izzie leave)

Eric: Man, I thought my brother and I had problems. But you two are just idiots.

Cristina: Oh and swallowing monopoly pieces? Wasn't exactly a genius move. You could have really hurt yourself.

Eric: But I didn't did I? And now mom's going to let me play all the monopoly I want. I get to play. That's all that matters, getting to play.

Cristina: And that makes you smart?

Eric: You're fishing through my poop, how smart are you?

(George and Alex are going at it.)

Burke: That’s right, Karev, whatever it was , don't take it back.

Derek: We don't even know why they're fighting.

Burke: Arms, O'Malley, don't drop your arms!

(Then they attack each other.)

Richard: Hey! No wresting!

Derek: This is stupid.

Burke: George is defending his honor. Karev says that Sloan's been sleeping with Torres.

Derek: What?

(Joe and Walter walk up.)

Walter: Next time we are not going camping with straight guys

(Alex grabs George and starts pushing him, and they land against Walter, who is knocked down and hits his head on a rock.)

(Meredith and Cristina are talking at a nurse’s station)

Cristina: So basically, you're getting paid to study penises all day?

Meredith: I'm studying for McSteamy's reassignment surgery.

Cristina: You like McSteamy?

Meredith: Yes. NO! Not like that! It's just... he thinks I'm better off without Derek's baggage. He says there's too much history there. Maybe in his own sick twisted way, he's trying to protect me.

Cristina: Protect you? Maybe. Hey, um...when your mother was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's, why didn't you tell anyone?

Meredith: She asked me not to. Why?

Cristina: So you think it was right to keep her secret?

Meredith: Yes. Why?

Cristina: Even if it meant you had to fish crap out of a toilet all day and probably for years to come.

Meredith: Ok, rewind. Start at the beginning. Whose secret are you keeping?

(She gets paged to Eric's room.)

Cristina: What happened?

Nurse: He was fine one minute, then...

Cristina: Eric, lay down, ok? Abdomen is rigid. There's blood in his vomit, He's perfed. Page Bailey.

(Camping, everyone is gathered around Walter who has a head lac)

Burke: There's a lot of blood, but it didn't penetrate the Gilia.

Walter: Is that a good thing?

Derek: Yeah, it means we don't have to do deep stitches.

Joe: Using a fishing hook?

Burke: Don't worry. We sterilized it, and clipped off the barb. It's as good as a needle.

Derek: All right. Wound's clean. Just keep some pressure on that chief. Walter, we're going to do some stitches.

Walter: Is it going to hurt?

Derek: Yes.

Joe: It's ok.

Richard: Karev, you want to sew him up?

Joe: No…I want an attending.

Alex: Thanks dude.

Joe: You're doing some crazy MacGuyver surgery in the middle of the woods. I want what's best for my guy. No offense.

(George is watching Burke try and thread the needle)

George: Don't worry Dr. Burke's really good at doing this. You are, right?

Burke: Right. There's still a little bleeding there.

Richard: Hold on Walter.

Derek: Got it?

Burke: I always have it.

(George had been watching Burke's hand the entire time... waiting for a tremor.)

(Bailey is scrubbing in for Eric’s surgery. Cristina clears her throat.)

Bailey: You want something?

Cristina: He is my patient. I've been with him all day. If there's any possibility...

Bailey: Why'd you erase my name from the board?

Cristina: I don't know what you're talking about...

Bailey: You really want to go head to head with me on this? You really want that? Right now? This second? You chose your own fate.

(Bailey enters the OR and starts the surgery)

(Izzie and Sydney are watching from the gallery)

Sydney: So tell me about Denny.

Izzie: What?

Sydeny: Yeah it helps to talk about what happened. So, as much as you can.

Izzie: Ok, we are done here.

Sydney: Izzie, really... it helps to share.

Izzie: No, I don't want to share. You know what I've been doing all day? Sifting through feces. I would rather sift through feces than talk to you. And now you bring up Denny like you want me to gossip with you?

Sydney: I understand this must be difficult...

Izzie: What you cut someone's LVAD wire, you fell in love with a man and he died?

Sydney: Well no, but...

Izzie: Well then how in the hell could you possibly know?

(Donna’s surgery)

Mark: Grey, what's our next step?

Meredith: Continue the primary incision in the ventral side of the shaft. I am surprised that you agreed to do the surgery.

Mark: People don't come to me to fix what's on the outside, they come to me to fix what's on the inside. And if that means giving someone a straighter nose, or bigger breasts, or...if that helps a person get by…I don’t run. I don't hide. I don't take space.


Alex: Well don't look at me, I didn't start it.

Richard: Karev....

Alex: Look I just came out here to have some fun. Then he starts jumping all over me about what I'm wearing. He just rubs me the wrong way.

Richard: You're on a camping trip. You're supposed to be enjoying the great outdoors.

Alex: You know I grew up in a bar? Literally, in a bar. My dad was always doing one of two things in there. Playing music or drinking. Dude never even took me to the park. I just figured this was my chance to get out with they guys. The one time I try...

Richard: You wanted to be a different person. (Referring to Joe and Walter.) They're a happy couple.

Alex: Yeah.

Richard: I miss my wife.

Burke: You have high standards.

George: You have high standards.

Burke: Your standards are too high. You... make people out to be...and people make mistakes. Your standards are too high. You see a flaw, you attack.

George: You're saying that if Cristina did something like...

Burke: Cristina and I are a team. We are a team. You're either a part of the team or you play alone for the rest of your life.

(Jamie is delivering her dead baby)

Addison: Good, push Jamie. (Jamie gives up.) I need you to push one more time. Jamie. Ted. One more time, push. Push, push, push, push. Good, we got it.

(Addison hands her the dead baby, and Callie gives Addison a supportive pat on the shoulder.)


Burke: So that Mark Sloan... He's bad news.

Derek: Like a cancer. He infects everything. What are we, 3 hours out of Seattle and still he infects everything? You know I thought that if I just got away for a while by myself, I'd get some answers...a fresh start.

Richard: Fresh starts, no such thing.

Derek: Any other words of wisdom there Chief?

Richard: I'm living in a hotel. I buy most of my clothes from the hotel gift shop and my wife won’t speak to me.

Burke: Well don't look at me. I came out here for the same reasons you did. I have no wisdom. There is no wisdom here.

Derek: So in other words, we're all a bunch of idiots.

Burke: Yes...

Richard: Who wants to go home.

(They all pack up and head out)

(Seattle scenes)

(Sydney enters the locker room where Izzie is sitting)

Sydney: I lost a kid...my first year. It was my fault. And I just couldn't ...so I had a breakdown, they gave me time off, and when I came back I put a smile on my face, and everybody thought I was fine. I lost a kid. It comes in waves Izzie. There's a lull and then another wave hits you. I wasn't trying to pry. I just wanted you to know...it's ok not to be fine sometimes.

Izzie: I miss him. All the time I miss him. It's not waves it's constant. All the time. And I walk through the doors of this hospital, and I want to be here I do. But I don't know...if I can be a surgeon again. And I can't talk about it because it scares me too much. Ok?

Sydney: Ok.

(Donna’s room)

Meredith: You came back

Vicky: I was heading home. I was on my way to the airport...then...you asked before why I came back the first time. I tried not to. I went on dates. I had a lot of great first dates with guys who were planning to stay guys. And you know you have a great date and you want to tell your best friend about it. My best friend is Daniel. Donna. And then you have a few bad dates and…she's my best friend. She knows me. She loves me. She's my husband. At the end of the day, it's Donna...even when she hurts me. Even when I hate her…

Meredith: She's who you want to talk to.

MVO: Not all wounds are superficial.

(Callie and Addison are sitting in the hallway on the floor)

Addison: So you're sleeping with Sloan?

Callie: Was.

Addison: Me too was. Which is just a hailstorm of self-loathing and misery.

Callie: Yeah.

Addison: You want to get a drink or something?

(Callie's pager goes off.)

Addison: Some other time then.

Callie: Definitely.

MVO: Most wounds run deeper than we can image.

(Bailey is talking with Eric’s mom)

Bailey (Referring to Eric): He'll make a full recovery

MVO: You can't see them with the naked eye.

(Burke walks up)

Cristina: You're back.

Burke: Yes.

Cristina: I'm glad you're back.

Burke: Me too.

(George walks up to Callie)

Callie: George we need to talk.

George: Yeah, I think we do. My dad?

(The curtain behind Callie opens and George’s dad is laying in the bed)

MVO: And then there are the wounds that take us by surprise.

(Seattle scenes)

(Mark and Meredith are sitting at a table at Joe’s having a drink)

Mark: So this could be just a drink. Or this could be more than a drink.

Meredith: I could not start something with you.

Mark: You could. Start over Meredith. Start fresh.

(He gets a page.)

Mark: Saved by the bell. Order me another beer.

(Meredith is at the bar ordering a drink when Derek enters and walks over to her)

Derek: Hi. I'm Derek Shepherd.

Meredith: What are you doing?

Derek: We met at this bar, do you remember? We met and you said "I'm just a girl" and I said "I'm just a guy" and we started this thing. We started this thing. You didn't know anything about me. The good ,the bad, the wife. You didn't even know my name. You didn't know me. I want you to know me. I want to start over, from the beginning. So hi, I’m Derek Shepherd.

Meredith: You walked away, and now it's too late. There's too much water under then thing or whatever.

Derek: Meredith. Please

(Meredith looks up and sees Mark nearby)

MVO: The trick to any wound or disease is to dig down deep and find the real source of the injury.

Meredith: Hi. I'm Meredith Grey.

Derek: Nice to meet you too.

Meredith: Nice to meet you too.

(They lean in for a kiss.)

MVO: And once you've found it... try like hell to heal that sucker.

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labelette  (22.10.2020 à 20:52)

L'épisode du camping entre hommes ! Je m'en souvenais aussi. Derek voulait être seul avec Preston, mais il y a George, Alex, Richard (qui vient en camping avec une valise !), Joe et son copain. Ca tourne à la bagarre puisqu'Alex dit à George que Sloane se tape Callie...

Et la fin d'épisode est inattendue, car George va voir Callie pour lui parler, elle lui répond effectivement qu'il faut qu'ils parlent car... son père est hospitalisé.

Meredith qui travaille avec Mark (le seul mec resté à l'hôpital), c'est assez sympa. Il essaye de la draguer  (notamment en faisant sa tête de Dr Glamour / McSteamy comme dit Meredith) mais ça ne marche pas. Et en fin d'épisode, dans le bar, elle embrasse Derek (pour faire enrager Mark, car il arrive à ce moment-là ?)


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