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#304 : Maux de Coeur

Scénario : Allan Heinberg - Réalisation : Dan Lerner
Guest stars : Fred Ward, Tina Holmes, Stephanie Faracy, Alan Blumenfeld

Quand Mark est embauché à l'hôpital, Addison perd ses moyens et se sent dépassée. Mais Miranda la rassure. Par ailleurs, la présence du beau docteur perturbe aussi Derek. Burke reprend ses activités de chirurgien et, avec l'aide de Cristina, parvient à cacher que sa main droite tremble. Meredith est prise de vomissements et tout l'hôpital l'imagine enceinte de Derek. Mais elle souffre d'une appendicite et doit être opérée d'urgence. Izzie rencontre le père de Denny qui la prend pour une coureuse de dote. Une fois rassuré, il lui donne une enveloppe qui contient un chèque de 8,7 millions de dollars. Callie rompt avec George qui l'a, une fois de plus, plantée pour soutenir Izzie. Pour se consoler, elle passe la nuit avec Mark. Derek décide de s'éloigner de Meredith de peur de la faire souffrir. Cette décision pousse la jeune femme à rompre avec Finn et à choisir enfin Derek.



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What I Am

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Maux de Coeur

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Derek Shepherd

Derek Shepherd

Izzie et Mr Duquette

Izzie et Mr Duquette

Izzie et Mr Duquette

Izzie et Mr Duquette

Meredith et Finn

Meredith et Finn

Meredith, Derek et Finn

Meredith, Derek et Finn

Meredith et Derek

Meredith et Derek

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Meredith dans le lit, Derek et Finn viennent la voir

Le père de Denny Duquette

Le père de Denny Duquette

Derek et Meredith

Derek et Meredith

Izzie et le papa de Denny

Izzie et le papa de Denny

Izzie et Mr Duquette

Izzie et Mr Duquette

Plus de détails

MEREDITH: At some point during surgical residency, most interns get a sense of who they are as doctors, and the kind of surgeons they're going to become If you ask them they'll tell you. They're going to be General surgeons. Orthopedic surgeons. Neurosurgeons. Distinctions that do more than describe their areas of expertise. They help define who they are. Because Outside the operating room, not only do most surgeons have no clue who they are, they're afraid to find out.

(Everyone gets ready for the day in the locker room, and Meredith, looking very sickly, swallows down a big gulp of Pepto. )

BURKE: Time me.

CHRISTINA: I've been timing you.

BURKE: My last time was off by 6 seconds.

CHRISTINA: Well it's not about speed, it's about accuracy. And your sutures are fine.

BURKE: My sutures are textbook. The edges are perfectly aligned.

CHRISTINA: You're ready.

BURKE: I need more chickens.

CHRISTINA: No more chickens. It's bad enough that Meredith is dating a vet, I'm not dating a chicken surgeon. Stop second guessing. it's not like you. Your hand is fine and Shepherd will clear you for surgery.

(Burke looks to his hand which is trembling)

BURKE: Christina?

CHRISTINA: Yeah baby?

BURKE: Nothing.


GEORGE: So Izzie left the house this morning. That's a good sign.

ALEX: Yeah.

GEORGE: Are you okay?

MEREDITH: I'm just... not feeling like myself.

ALEX: O'Malley has that effect on Women. Ask Dr. Torres.

GEORGE: What's that supposed to mean?

ALEX: You threw her out on her ass.

GEORGE: I did not. Who told you that?

ALEX: Torres. Don't worry. I get it. She's hot... but she's not for you.

GEORGE: Why is that?

ALEX: Cause she's hot.


GEORGE: Callie!


GEORGE: Come on, Wait. Before you start yelling...you were right. I should have told you about how I felt about you moving in. Not that you were moving in. Its just.. I'm not good at the whole talking about feelings thing.

CALLIE: I bet you told Meredith how you felt though, didn't you? And Izzie? You don't seem to have any trouble talking to them George, but me?

BAILEY: Let's go people. I've been in surgery since 2 AM. I'm in no mood.

MEREDITH: George....

George (as he's walking away) I miss you...

(He runs off to join the group)

CHRISTINA: No cutting... No cutting!

ALEX: Yang you're late.

CHRISTINA: Hey I got here before George.

GEORGE: I'm here! I was here!

BAILEY: Nice of you to join us Yang.

CHRISTINA: Oh what are you smiling about? Arent you supposed to be on the Gynie Brigade

ALEX: Yeah, whatever.

CHRISTINA: (to Meredith's pained expression and hand on her stomach) Woman troubles?

MEREDITH: Men troubles. I think this dating two guys thing is getting to me. The stress of it. Finn, Derek. Derek, Finn. I think I'm getting an ulcer.

CHRISTINA: McDreamie and the vet are making you sick?

MEREDITH: I just need to make a choice and get it over with.


GEORGE: Shawn Sullivan. 62. Had minimally invasive bypass surgery two days ago to remove a blockage from his LAD.

MR. SULLIVAN: I'm all better now, thank you George. So what do you think Miranda? Can I stop being a burden to you good people and go home?

MRS. SULLIVAN: You need to stop interrupting the Doctors Shawn. You need to listen to what they say.

MR. SULLIVAN: I need to get back to the dealership. They're going to can me if I'm gone to long.

MRS. SULLIVAN: They can't can you sweetie, you're the best salesman they've got.

BAILEY: What do you sell?


MRS. SULLIVAN: My Shawnie could sell....anything.

BAILEY: I believe he can. What he can't sell me on is going back to work before he gets his oxygen levels up. So put that oxygen back on Mr. Sullivan before I even think about letting you out of here. And if I do, I want your word: nothing fried, no alcohol and no cigarettes.

MR. SULLIVAN: Oh you're tough Miranda.

BAILEY: I need your word Mr. Sullivan or I'm not going to sign those discharge paper.

MR. SULLIVAN: I give you my word.

BAILEY: Alright then. Mrs. Sullivan you need to go to the front desk to fill out some paper work. Maybe you can take your husband home.


ADDISON: How we doing guys?

ALEX: She's at 8cm. But the baby's still at minus 3 station.

Husband: So what do we do? Pattern breathing? Squatting?

ALEX: Dude... Squatting?

ADDISON: Dr. Karev, how do we normally proceed in a situation like this?

ALEX: We monitor the baby's progress, If the descent stops entirely during active labour, then we perform a c-section.

WIFE: Not on me you don't. I'm sorry Dr Karev, but Jeff and I have a natural birth plan. And Dr. Montomery promised us...

ADDISON: I promised we would do what we can. But if your labour intensifies and the baby doesn't descend...

WIFE: Well then we wait until he does. Right? I'm not having a c-section.

ALEX: A c-section is actually the safest way...

WIFE: To what avoid a lawsuit.

ADDISON: We don't have to decide right now.

WIFE: I'm not going to miss out on an experience my body was made for just because it's more convenient for you.


BAILEY: You alright Dr. Grey?

MEREDITH: Yeah, Dr. Bailey, I just need to make a choice is all.

(She looks to an approaching Derek)

DEREK: Karev. Dr. Grey, I am clipping a basilar tip aneurism. Any interest. (He sees Addison, and pauses)

ADDISON: Dr. Bailey can I get...

(And she sees Mark.)

ADDISON: Oh my God.

(Derek follows her view and also notices Mark)

DEREK: Oh...my...God.

MEREDITH: Oh my God....

GEORGE: Is that...


(Meredith throws up on the floor and Bailey runs to her)


GEORGE: No Mr. Sullivan don't light that!

(Mr. Sullivan has lit a cigarette, which causes an explosion as he is on Oxygen. Thus, the top half of his body is set on fire.)

DEREK: Somebody get a fire extinguisher!

BAILEY: Call a code red!


MARK: Make sure he has an airway. Sir can you hear me?

BAILEY: No he's out. Hit his head. Small hematoma in the occipital region.

MARK: Get him to the burn unit until he's stabilized and get a CT. GO!

BAILEY: Right away Dr. Come on.


DEREK: You're burning up.

MEREDITH: I'm fine.

DEREK: You don't look fine.

(Christina hands her a glass of water)

DEREK: You look beautiful but you don't look fine.

CHRISTINA: Now I'm going to throw up.

MEREDITH: Go. You have aneurisms to clip. And surgeons to confront.

DEREK: You going to be alright?


DEREK: Will you look after her, please?

CHRISTINA: Mmm hmm. (Derek goes after Mark) You think I'd miss this?


CHIEF: What kind of idiot lights a cigarette in a hospital.

DEREK: Apparently people do idiotic things all the time.

(Derek, Chief and Mark exchange a glare and Chief walks away, going up the stairs. Derek follows)
DEREK: Chief. Chief!

ADDISON: I thought you were going back to New York.

MARK: I thought it was time for a change.

ADDISON: You can't do this. You can't be here.

(Meredith, Christina, and George watch, pointing and giggling)

MARK: Sure I can. It was easy. Sublet the apartment. Sold the practice.


DEREK: He is a liar. And a cheat.

CHIEF: The man is one of the finest plastic surgeons in the country. His department will generate twice the revenue neurosurgery does.

DEREK: Money, is that why he's here?


MARK: Why do you think I'm here?

ADDISON: This...this is why I left you.

MARK: I thought you left me for Derek.

DEREK: I left New York because of him.

CHIEF: He was your best friend. For years.

DEREK: Right up until the point where he had sex with my wife.

CHIEF: We all make mistakes.


(Meredith again, vomits)

CHRISTINA: Holy crap. Are you pregnant?

(Everyone takes a break from arguing to stare)

ADDISON: Oh this is just perfect. (Derek runs down the stairs to get to Meredith) An adulterous love child.

DEREK: (to Addison) Goes along with an adulterous sociopath. (to Meredith) Meredith...

BAILEY: Uh uh, you've done enough already.

DEREK: Meredith...

MRS. SULLIVAN: Oh Dr? I finished filling out the paper work. When do you think I can take Shawnie home?

BAILEY: (looking rather nauseous herself at all that's going on) Uhhh...


CHRISTINA (who is poking around Meredith's stomach): So who's the father?

MEREDITH: I'm not pregnant

CHRISTINA: I didn't think I was pregnant when I was pregnant either. But the fever, abdominal pain, non-stop vomiting?

MEREDITH: I'm not pregnant.

CHRISTINA: You don't know who the father is, do you?

MEREDITH: It would have to be Derek's. There's no way it could be Finn's.

CHRISTINA: You haven't had sex with the vet yet? You gotta get out of that relationship immediately.

MEREDITH: I can't be pregnant, can I?

CHRISTINA: With McBaby! (She pokes too hard and Meredith squirms.)

MEREDITH: Was I this mean to you when you were pregnant?

CHRISTINA: I thought you said you weren't pregnant.

BAILEY: She's not. We'll have to run more tests.

MEREDITH: In that case can I have some morphine?


ADDISON: I want you checking the foetal monitor every thirty minutes.

ALEX: What's the point? The baby's no where near where he needs to be and you know you're going to have to cut her open. So why not get it over with.

ADDISON: That's not what the patient wants and it's our job as doctors to balance the desires of the patient against the risk of complication, so if the patient wants a natural birth...

ALEX: So if the patient wants a natural birth, it's not surgical. So why not just cut me loose and let me in on a surgery I might actually learn something in.

ADDISON: Like Sloan's burn case?

ALEX: I'm going into plastics anyway

ADDISON: Do you think that Mark Sloan has anything to teach you? He's just like you. He's only looking out for himself.

ALEX: So what? The patient's looking out for herself. You're looking out for yourself...

ADDISON: No I'm not actually.

ALEX: Well maybe you should be.

ADDISON: Go. Go find Sloan. Do whatever you want just get out of my face Karev. Go!


(Derek is examining Burke's arm, but just gracing through it, not really paying attention)

DEREK: I'm not saying he's a bad doctor.

BURKE: Of course not....listen...

DEREK: I'm saying he's a bad person. The man has no morality. No ethics.

BURKE: But there's no pain, no numbness but um...

DEREK: The question is do we really want our interns learing from someone like that?

BURKE: Derek my arm?

DEREK: Oh, yeah. It's good. It's great. You have great range of motion. I can clear you for surgery.
BURKE: Really? You're sure?

DEREK: Yeah. Absolutely. Complete recovery.(Christina walks in) You're not having any problems right?

CHRISTINA: No! I've been doing his physical therapy with him every night. He's perfect. He's Burke.

DEREK: Good. Glad to hear it. Welcome back, Dr. Burke.

BURKE: Yeah.

CHRISTINA: Dr. Bailey wanted to know if you still needed an intern.

DEREK: No I'm fine. How's Dr. Grey?

CHRISTINA: Oh, she's not pregnant...with anyone's baby... so... yeah (she leaves)


JOE: Izzie. Good to see you. You want some lunch?

IZZIE: Actually I'm meeting somebody.

JOE: Do I know him?

IZZIE: Actually I don't even know him.

JOE: You've never met? Know what he looks like? (She nods no) So for all you know he could be an older, rugged ex-marine looking dude?

(The man Joe describes walks into the bar and over to Izzie)

MR. DUQUETTE: Dr. Stephens?

IZZIE: Mr. Duquette.

MR. DUQUETTE: Please... call me Denny.


MR. DUQUETTE: You're a pretty girl. Not Denny's type at all.

IZZIE: Really. What was his type?

MR. DUQUETTE: Dark haired girls. Smart. Not that you're not smart. You're a doctor, obviously.

IZZIE: I was. I was a doctor. I'm not anymore

MR. DUQUETTE: That's right. Dr. Webber said you quit.

IZZIE: You talked to Dr. Webber?

MR. DUQUETTE: Yes. He said if I wanted to hear the whole story I should talk to you. So if you don't mind Dr. Stephens...

IZZIE: Izzie.

MR. DUQUETTE: Izzie... if you don't mind. I need to hear the whole story.


ALEX: Dr. Sloan?

MARK: You my intern?

ALEX: Yeah. I'm your intern.

MR. SULLIVAN: My face...

MARK: No need to talk Mr. Sullivan. Now, it's going to be painful for a while.

MR. SULLIVAN: My face...

MRS. SULLIVAN: He wants to know that you can fix his face. He needs to know that you can fix his face.

MARK: I'm going to remove the burned tissue and bandage your face with a dressing of live cells.

MRS. SULLIVAN: And that'll do it? His face will be back like it was. Cause his face...such a nice face......He's a salesman.

MARK: I'm going to do absolutely everything I can Mrs. Sullivan. We'll need a neuro consult before we operate.

ALEX: Anything else? I mean I can do debriedment or...

MARK: Actually, there is one more thing.....bone dry cappuccino. Make it a double.


MEREDITH: You're a good friend.

CHRISTINA: You're so high right now.

MEREDITH: Actually, you're my best friend in the whole entire world.

CHRISTINA: Now I just feel sorry for you.

MEREDITH: Why? Cause I could die today?

CHRISTINA: This is why I hate being around stoned people.

MEREDITH: If I did die today, I'd only be remembered as the slutty intern who dated two doctors.

CHRISTINA: One doctor. One vet.

MEREDITH: Derek, Finn, Derek Finn. I'd die as the girl who couldn't make a choice, right?

CHRISTINA: Probably, but none of that matters cause you'll be dead.

BAILEY: Dr. Grey, you've got a fever, high white count. And tenderness over McBurney's point which suggests...


MEREDITH: (a little behind the rest) Appendicitis....

BAILEY: Dr. O'Malley, prep Dr. Grey for surgery. You're scrubbing in.

GEORGE: I am? For Meredith's appendectomy?

MEREDITH: Uhh... Am I the only one who remembers last time George scrubbed in on an appendectomy? He almost killed the guy. Sorry George.

GEORGE: I don't have to scrub in, Dr. Bailey. I could just... uh... unless you want me to... not going to happen again.

BAILEY: That good enough for you Dr. Grey?

MEREDITH: You're pretty. (They all go to leave) George! Ice chips.



CALLIE: I heard Meredith's having an Appy.

GEORGE: It wasn't my idea to scrub in.

CALLIE: George....i just thought maybe we could have a late supper at the archfield.

GEORGE: Why would we have dinner at a hotel?

CALLIE: Cause they bring it to your room.

GEORGE: You're staying at the Archfield. How are you affording that?

CALLIE: I still have some secrets O'Malley. And if you come see me tonight, I might just show you one or two.


BAILEY: Dr. Sloan. I was just checking on the Sullivans, and... how is he doing?

MARK: And you are?

BAILEY: Dr. Bailey...we met this morning. I was the resident on Mr. Sullivan's bypass.

MARK: Well I don't need a resident on this case.

BAILEY: Excuse me, I wasn't asking to be your resident. I was asking how my patient was doing.

MARK: He's not your patient any more.

CHRISTINA: Congratulations. I told you.



BURKE: Shepherd shouldn't have cleared me.

CHRISTINA: Burke you're back. You're back and you're fine. Burke?

BURKE: What?


BURKE: He just... shouldn't have cleared me.

NURSE: Another contraction, Dr. Montgomery.

ADDISON: You're fully dilated, but the baby is only at minus 2 station.

REBECCA: We just need more time.

ADDISON: We don't have it Rebecca. His heart rate is slowing with each contraction. If he starts having late decals...

REBECCA: Is he having late decals?

ADDISON: Not yet but...

REBECCA: Then stop trying to scare me into having a surgery I don't want. I have a birth plan. Look I....I'm not going to be one of those weak-ass women who give all that up the minute things start to get scary.

ADDISON: Rebecca, a birth plan is just that....it's a plan.

Jeff: I think she's just trying to be cautious...

REBECCA: Get out! Get out get out!


BAILEY: Since when do you get out?

ADDISON: Apparently I'm not myself today.

BAILEY: Never would have figured Mark Sloan to be your type.

ADDISON: He's not...he's not! What is he doing here? He's not supposed to be here. I can't have him here. He's supposed to be in New York. I can't...i can't function with him here. I'm professional here, people respect me here. But when he's here I'm just... I'm...

BAILEY: A woman who gets the hots for man candy and cheats on her husband?

ADDISON: That is rude. And unkind, and completely true. What am I going to do?

BAILEY: For starters, you can keep your knees closed in his presence.

ADDISON: Miranda...

BAILEY: You asked. And also, you can remember that no man... not Derek, not Mark, defines who you are.


DEREK: Well let's see. Your complexion is flushed. Abdominal wall is tender. Aren't you happy to have a boyfriend who works in the hospital?

MEREDITH: You are just one of many men I happen to be dating at the moment.

DEREK: Really? How many of us are there?

MEREDITH: Well...there's you.... and Finn... and...

DEREK: Well forgive me for pointing out the obvious, but I don't see any practitioners of veterinary medicine at your bedside.

FINN: You would if you turned around.

DEREK: Finn.

FINN: Derek.

MEREDITH: Oh, can I just say how much it helps that I am on drugs right now.



DEREK: So how's life in the animal kingdom?

FINN: What about you Derek? Slow day?

(Derek's pager goes off)

FINN: If you need to take off it's...

DEREK: No, I can stay.

FINN: Great


DEREK: Great

GEORGE: Okay let's get you prepped and ready for surgery.....Oh. Dr. Sheppherd. Dr. Finn.

MEREDITH: Now all my boys are here. So handsome. And such good kissers.

GEORGE: Oh God...

FINN: Excuse me?

GEORGE: She's on drugs.

MEREDITH: He's an excellent kisser.

FINN: You two dated?

DEREK: You didn't know?

MEREDITH: It wasn't a date so much as a.....disatrously uncomfortable sexual experience.

GEORGE: Oh..i can't..be here.

BAILEY: None of you can be here, this woman's being prepped for surgery. Which means all of you need to leave.

GEORGE: Gladly.

BAILEY: Now! Not you O'Malley.

MEREDITH: Dr. Bailey, all my boyfriends are here.

BAILEY: Not for long. Say goodbye Dr. Grey.

DEREK: I'll be here when you wake up.

FINN: So will I.



Christina looks around for Burke, and finds him with a corpse.

CHRISTINA: What are you doing?

BURKE: What does it look like I'm doing?

CHRISTINA: You're not in med school, you don't need to practice procedures on a corpse.

BURKE: Better than on a real patient.

CHRISTINA: Your hand is fine.

BURKE: Right.

CHRISTINA: Are you mad at me? You are mad at me!

BURKE: Just.....forget it. Don't worry about it. You have patients

CHRISTINA: I'mon call for the pit.

BURKE: Christina!

CHRISTINA: I'm not leaving.

BURKE: Time me.


IZZIE: The transplant went better than anyone expected. He was better. So much better. But Denny, before the surgery, he was hooked up to a machine...

MR. DUQUETTE: You're not answering my question.

IZZIE: I'm trying. I'm getting there. It's complicated, and his heart.......

MR. DUQUETTE: I don't give a damn about the medicine. I know what killed my son. He had a bad heart. He had a bad heart for a long time. I get that. What I don't get is how a girl like you goes from being my son's doctor to being his......fiancé on the very day he was supposed to get a new heart. What I don't get is how you got him to propose to you hours before he died.


DEREK: Mr. Sullivan...i want to recommend a night of observation in the ICU before Dr. Sloan proceeds with your surgery.

MARK: Is that really necessary Dr. Shepherd? The longer we wait, the higher the risk of infection.

DEREK: I think it's important that we attend to potential life threatening injuries before moving on to cosmetics, Dr. Sloan.

MARK: He's not here for a face lift Derek. He's a burn victim.

DEREK: Why did you ask for a consult if you've already established a course of action.

MARK: Because I thought you were good enough at your job to put aside the personl and do what's best for the patient.

DEREK: My job? You're telling me how to do my job?

MRS. SULLIVAN: Please, I'm sure it's complicated. And I know Shawnie's sorry for lighting that smoke. He was trying to keep his word to Dr. Bailey. He told her he wasn't going to smoke when he got home. And he was just trying to keep his word. He knows he did wrong. But he's...he's a salesman, that's who he is. So could you just fix his face? Could you do that for us please?

MARK: If what happened between me and Addison is so unforgivable, than how do you justify what happened with you and Meredith?

DEREK: What the hell are you talking about?

MARK: You want me to be the bad guy, fine. But I'm not the only bad guy here Derek. You and me....we're the same.


MEREDITH: Addison? Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd?

ADDISON: You bellowed Dr. Grey.


ADDISON: You're certainly aren't you? (Addison looks at her chart) But you're not pregnant.

MEREDITH: No. Are you okay?

ADDISON: Fine. How are you?

MEREDITH: I'm trying to choose between two men.

ADDISON: Okay...well good luck with that.

MEREDITH: How did you know Derek was the one?

ADDISON: Excuse me?

MEREDITH: I know you hate me and all, and you don't owe me anything. Nothing. No... thing. What was I saying?


MEREDITH: Right. I want him to be the one. But I would know he's the one right? You knew, right?

ADDISON: You don't.. I didn't know....i just....Derek's the kind of guy...i just knew he wouldn't hurt me. Not on purpose anyway. Not the way I hurt him.

MEREDITH: He hurt me...when he chose you.

ADDISON: I should have let him go. I should have stepped aside, been a better person. I should've......a lot of things.

MEREDITH: Me too. A lot of things.

ADDISON: I don't hate you.

MEREDITH: How come we never talked like this before?

ADDISON: The only reason we 're talking like this right now is because I know you won't remember a single word of this when the drugs wear off.


NURSE: Dr. Karev, you need to see this.

ALEX: I'm off the case, page Dr. Montgomery Shepherd.

NURSE: We did... but...

ALEX: Oh man...

DEREK: Were you just talking to Meredith?


DEREK: What?

ADDISON: Don't um... don't hurt her again.

ALEX: You planning on killing a woman today?


ALEX: The C-section you should have performed on Rebecca this morning? At this point it may be too late. For her and the baby. Nice work Doc.

ADDISON: Get an OR and an anaesthesiologist. We're doing a crash C-section right away.


ADDISON: He's in distress. We have to get you into the delivery room and get him out right now.


ADDISON: This is no longer a conversation. I am your doctor and I am responsible for your life, and your baby's life. And I am not about to lose either one of you. Are we clear? (to alex) You just going to stand there Karev or are you going to do this?

(Alex follows her to the OR)


IZZIE: Mr. Duquette, Denny... he was my patient for months...

MR. DUQUETTE: And the minute he died you quit your job.

IZZIE: Because I couldn't just...

MR. DUQUETTE: Four years of medical school, that's a whole lot of debt. How were you planning on paying that back? Did you think that Denny wouldn't pay for everything?

IZZIE: Why are you... what are you talking about?

MR. DUQUETTE: I'm talking about protecting my son.

IZZIE: But where were you when he needed you? I was there. I was working 80 hour weeks and I was still always there. He had so many surgeries. So many procedures. He was so scared. Where were you then? Where were you? You may not get me, but you don't have to, cause I don't get you either. I don't get how a father abandons his dying son.

MR. DUQUETTE: Wait! Is that what he told you? That I... that his mother and I abandoned him? Well he didn't tell you the truth?


CHRISTINA: What? What? (She sees his shaking hand) Oh Burke. I thought that....you told me that...

BURKE: I can't hold it still long enough to attach the graft.

CHRISTINA: You told me that....

BURKE: I can't......

CHRISTINA: You told me that your hand was fine.

BURKE: But it's not fine! You wanted to believe it was fine. You wanted it to be fine. You wanted....i wanted.....damn it! My hands are the only things that I have that are of any value to me. To you.

CHRISTINA: Not to me.

BURKE: Yes, to you! You want Preston Burke. My hands...these are who I am. If I can't do this....if I can't finish this surgery, than....

CHRISTINA: What if I held the vessel? What if I hold the vessel. Come on. Burke, if I hold the vessel....

BURKE: Then I can attach the graft.

CHRISTINA: So if I put my hand....(she holds the vessel and Burke sews it up seamlessly)

CHRISTINA: No one has to know. ( he nods his head in agreement)


CHIEF: I know you're mad at me, but Mark Sloan is the best in his field. Any surgical unit in this country would be lucky to have him.

DEREK: You did what you thought was best for this hospital

CHIEF: I did. Are you alright?

DEREK: Can I ask you a personal question? Why did you leave Meredith's mother?

CHIEF: I could have left Adele. I could have gone away with Ellis. But I would have had so much baggage...so much guilt. Ellis couldn't see it but i...i never would have made her happy. Not like she deserved to be happy. I was a better man for walkig away. I loved her enough to walk away.


MEREDITH: Ohh on the table keep me draped. Too many people have seen me naked already. I'd like to keep whatever dignity I have left. McSteamy. McSteamy WOO HOO.

MARK: Is that what they're calling me?

MEREDITH: Yeah, but I don't think you're supposed to know that.

MARK: How's my favorite dirty mistress?

MEREDITH: Haven't you heard? Now I'm an adulterous whore!


REBECCA (her son has just been born and handed to her): He's so beautiful. So beautiful. Thank you.

ADDISON: You're welcome.


BAILEY: The appendix is out. Now what do I do O'Malley?

GEORGE: You invert the stump into the cecum and pull on the purse strings.

BAILEY: Show me.

GEORGE: Okay. Clamp.


MARK: Where's my coffee Karev?

ALEX: I got pulled into an emergency c-section.

MARK: Too bad. I was going to let you scrub in on a real surgery. Maybe next time. If OB can spare you. See you.



FINN: Derek.

DEREK: She's still in surgery.

FINN: Yeah I figured I'd wait for her here. Meredith tells me that you fish.

DEREK: She does?

FINN: She tells me a lot of things. Have you been up to Cornet Bay? It's mostly Chinook, some rock fish.

DEREK: You fish?

FINN: As much as I can. My wife hated it.

DEREK: You had a wife?

FINN: Yeah. She died.

DEREK: I'm sorry. I didn't know.

FINN: Meredith doesn't tell you a lot of things, only me.

DEREK: Funny.

FINN: You know when I heard she was sick.....people come through appendectomies all the time. Shell be fine right?

DEREK: You really like her don't you?

FINN: Yeah.

DEREK: You're a good guy.

FINN: Yeah I think so. I hope so.

DEREK: Okay.

FINN: See you later.


MR. DUQUETTE: It was Doctor after Doctor. Everybody had a different opinion. A worse opinion. Before that, Denny had never been sick a day in his life. You know the thought of having to bury your own son....his mother and I didn't handle it very well. One day we came home and found a note saying he didn't want us to have to watch him die. And he left. We though he was dead all this time.

IZZIE: I had no idea. Believe me, if I had known....i never would have let him get away with that.

MR. DUQUETTE: I believe it

IZZIE: I worked my way through med school. I paid off my debt.

MR. DUQUETTE: Sorry about before. You don't have to explain....

IZZIE: I do. You're his dad an you're trying to protect him. And I want you to know, that I've paid off all my debt. And when I met Denny, I was going to be a surgeon, so I didn't need his money. I had everything I needed. I had everything I needed until......

MR. DUQUETTE: We miss him. God we miss him.

IZZIE: Yeah. I um... yeah.

(Mr. Duquette pulls an envelope out of his pocket)

IZZIE: What is this?

MR. DUQUETTE: It's for you. It's from Denny.


CALLIE: Hey. Ready to go?

GEORGE: I'm sorry I have to do this. I have to go home. It's Izzie.

CALLIE: It's always Izzie or Meredith. It's never me.

GEORGE: That's not true.

CALLIE: Who am I to you George? Am I your girlfriend? Am I somebody you mess around with? Do you even know? Well guess what? Now you don't even have to bother to figure it out.


BAILEY: How's he doing Mrs. Sullivan?

MRS. SULLIVAN: We're just getting an update now, Dr. Bailey.
MARK: Surgery went well. We removed the necrotic tissue, applied the live cells and if his body responds in three to four weeks

MRS. SULLIVAN: He'll have his face back.

MARK: Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan...your face may never be exactly what it was. Even if everything goes perfectly well, there will be scarring.

MRS. SULLIVAN: But he's a sales man. He has such a nice face.

BAILEY: You have an incredible wife, Mr. Sullivan. And half a dozen car salesman in the lobby waiting to visit you. Your face may be different. But you know as well as I do, it's not about what you look like, or your job or how successful you are. Its about having people in your life who you love, and who love you. That's all that matters.


(Derek walks in on Meredith and Finn laughing)

DEREK: How you feeling?

MEREDITH: Mortified.

FINN: I was just explaining the Meredith on Morphine experience.

DEREK: You don't remember?

MEREDITH: Was it memorable?

DEREK: I'll let Finn tell you. I'll come back

FINN: Actually I've just been sent on a mission to get the patient some ice chips. Be right back.

MEREDITH: How badly did I embarrass myself? What?

(He sighs and sits on her bed)

DEREK: You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy. Someone who won't complicate your life. Someone who won't hurt you. He's the better guy, Meredith. Finn's the better guy. (Her smile fades)

MEREDITH: Derek...

DEREK: I'm walking away.


IZZIE: He left a message....Denny. He left a messge for his parents the night.....His father gave me the number and the code but um....I just couldn't do it alone.

(George grabs her hand)


MARK: Addison, can we talk?

ADDISON: I don't want you here Mark. I think I've made that abundantly clear so if you insist on staying, just know that we're co-workers and nothing more. (to Alex) Karev! As of right now, you are officially off my service. And for what it's worth...i think you're gonna miss me.


MR. DUQUETTE (his voicemail): Hello, you've reached the Duquettes...

(Izzie punches in the code and listens)

DENNY: Dad, mom it's me. I'm calling from Seattle Grace hospital where the beautiful, talented, and incredibly stubborn Dr. Isobel Stephens has just given me a brand new heart and promised to marry me. I know we've had our differences and I'm sorry we've been out of touch.


CHRISTINA (to Burke chopping up chicken): More chicken surgery?

BURKE: I'm making you dinner.

DENNY: Believe it or not, I was trying to make everything better. I know you're angry but I hope you cn forgive me. Turns out, sometimes you have to do the wrong thing......


Callie(at Joe's): McSteamy right?

MARK: You must be a friend of Meredith's.

CALLIE: Not really. Dr. Torres. Callie.

MARK: Mark Sloan.

CALLIE: Bad day?

MARK: You could say that. You?

CALLIE: Oh yeah..

MARK: So what have you heard about me, exactly?

CALLIE: Mostly things that involve the words dirty and bad.

MARK: Right. I guess there really is no starting over, is there? Can I buy you a drink Callie?

(She finishes off her drink, and walks toward the door)

CALLIE: Only if you have it delivered to my hotel room 'cause I'm off to bed.

DENNY: Sometimes you have to make big mistake to figure out how to make things right.

CALLIE: You coming?


FINN: So what time do they let us visitors start visiting in the morning?

MEREDITH: You shouldn't do that.

FINN: I don't mind.

MEREDITH: No really, Finn. You shouldn't do that.

FINN: So it's Derek?

MEREDITH: I'm sorry.

FINN: Can I ask why?

MEREDITH: You're a great guy, you're a wonderful guy. And you may even be the better guy. But..

FINN: He's the one.

MEREDITH: And I wish he wasn't.

FINN: He's going to hurt you again. And when he does, I won't be here. Take care of yourself Meredith.

DENNY: Mistakes are painful, but they're the only way to find out who you really are. I know who I am now. I know what I want. I've got the love of my life, and a new heart. And I want you guys to get on the next plane out here and meet my girl. Everything's going to be different now.

(George opens the envelope Mr. Duquette gave Izzie. Inside is a cheque to her for $8,700,000.)

DENNY: I promise, from here on out, nothing's ever going to be the same. I love you. Bye.

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stephe  (20.10.2020 à 20:28)

ah  le début de l'aide de Cristina auprès de Burke !

Meredith hésite pour rien si son coeur bat pour Dereck !! mais lui qiu rompt... encore ! 

Mark qui reste, ça c'est une bonne nouvelle pour nous !

labelette  (20.10.2020 à 20:00)
Message édité : 20.10.2020 à 20:51

Il s'en passe des choses dans la vie sentimentale de nos médecins !

Meredith hésite toujours entre Derek et Finn. Elle pense que Finn serait mieux pour elle, mais son coeur bat pour Derek. Derek quant à lui demande à Richard pourquoi il a quitté Ellis, il lui répond parce qu'il n'était pas assez bien pour elle. Du coup, Derek fait la même chose, il quitte Meredith pour qu'elle soit avec quelqu'un de bien... Finn. Qu'elle quitte, une fois que Derek l'a quittée. Pas simple !!

Mark s'installe à Seattle, ce qui énerve Addison mais aussi Derek. Et en fin d'épisode, il part s'envoyer en l'air avec Callie qui lui fait du rentre dedans très ouvertement (entre temps, elle a rompu avec George car elle en a marre de passer après Izzie et Meredith).

En ce qui concerne les patients, le mec sous oxygène, qui a promis à Miranda qu'il ne fumerait pas, s'allume une cigarette... pas très malin ! Mais Mark, le chirurgien plastique, est là... Il a quand même un sacré melon.

Meredith est elle aussi patiente dans cet épisode, car elle a l'appendicite (et non, elle n'est pas enceinte, contrairement à ce que tout le monde a pensé un moment). Comme elle est sous morphine, elle n'a pas de filtre et appelle McSteamy (Dr Glamour), lui dévoilant son surnom. Elle a aussi tous ses prétendants (Derek, Finn, George) dans la même pièce et les met mal à l'aise (surtout George, notamment quand elle raconte leur nuit catastrophique !)

Preston est aussi le patient de Derek. Ce dernier l'autorise à reprendre le boulot, mais il ne sait pas qu'il a des tremblements.... Cristina propose alors à Preston de l'aider.


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